How Resolute was January?

It's February, and I forgot how SHORT this second month of the year is. Yikes! I better get cracking on some of those resolutions. So, at the one month mark, it's a good time to look at how those resolutions are going - and GRADE my progress (because it's ingrained in me to be afraid of grades).

1. Writing habits/schedule: Sadly, I'm having a hard time with this one. I'm having trouble figuring out when is the best time to insert my at-least-15-min of writing time. I'm not a morning person, so getting up early enough before work is 100% out of the question. Grade: F (I'm crying a little inside.)

2. Solaris short stories: I actually have until April to finish at least 2 of these, so... Okay, yeah, I haven't touched them. BUT I have figured out important plot points in one of them. I get points for that, right? Grade: I (for Incomplete because my deadline is still far in the future, and I've done some work on it - just not enough to be graded.)

3. Work on 2009 NaNo story: I'm actually working on this! Even though it's very slow and it involves a complete rehaul of the beginning, which is totally against NaNo rules but it's no longer NaNo, so there! Grade: C+/B-

4. Write down ideas somewhere: I did this! Then again, it's not like I've had many brilliant ideas this past month, so it wasn't hard. Grade: C (Hey, it's average work.)

5. Blog more: I'm doing pretty good with once a week! Not ready to move on to more than once a week consistently, but baby steps! Also, it would help if the OTHER PERSON around these parts would PIPE UP once in a while. She does more writing-related type work on a normal basis than I do! Ahem. Grade: B (For me, I'm doing pretty well with keeping this schedule.)

6. Read more: SO DONE. Actually, I might have to take a break. I think I'm starting to burn out from the unusual amount of consistent reading I've been doing. Don't get me wrong; I'm enjoying the reading and really like most of the books, but it gets tiring! I'll update my List of Books Read in a few days and share. Grade: A+

So um, these are totally some of the worst grades I've ever gotten. Ever. Have to shape up!

How are you doing with your goals/resolutions?


David de Beer said...

Solaris stories?

Tere Kirkland said...

I resolved to read more, so I'm thinking of taking February off for reading (and Mardi Gras) since I'm at a stopping point for all my current projects.

I'll have to finish Hush, Hush soon and move onto The Maze Runner.

Good luck working on your resolutions!

Krispy said...

David- I started some last year and never finished them. All of them involve the character Solaris. Don't know if she was in anything you've read of mine.

Tere- Well, with Mardi Gras happening, I don't know how you could resist NOT taking Feb off to have fun and relax. :) I look forward to hearing about the books you're going to read. Thanks for the luck! (One can never have too much of it.)

Elana Johnson said...

I love how you're giving yourself grades for what you're doing! LOVE THAT.

And I hear you on not being a morning person. I just stay up later and pay for it the next day. Such is life.

David de Beer said...

Krispy, I'm not sure I've read any Solaris stories. Doesn't sound familiar. But, I haven't truly read anything of yours since CC, y'know? Send me some?

Krispy said...

Elana- I stay up and pay for it ALL THE TIME too. *SIGH*

David- Yeah, I think I only ever posted one about her on CC. Oh CC. I need to pop in there more often. I will send you some stories ONCE THEY ARE DONE. D: (Look, you're a source of motivation now!)