Geekchic OOTD: Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman movie opens this Friday, and I am so scared and excited for it. Scared because frankly, I've been burned by the DC movies too many times to trust them, but excited because it's Wonder Woman! She's arguably the most famous female superhero, and she's finally getting her own movie and one directed by a woman, too. These milestones in pop culture are something to cheer about (though it's taken shamefully long to get here)!

To celebrate the release, here's a throwback Thursday OOTD post of the casual/closet cosplay Wonder Woman I wore to Comic Con two years ago.

I zip-lined across the Gotham skyline in this outfit. Luckily, I brought a pair of shorts to change into before zipping.
The skirt is what makes it. It was a lucky find at Forever 21; I literally saw it from outside the store as I was walking by. It was the inspiration for the geekbound in the first place. Once I had the skirt, I just bought a red shirt and accessorized appropriately.

The bangles, belt, headband, and ring were all from Forever 21, too, but other than the bangles, everything else I'd already had. The necklace was another lucky find at Papaya (an F21-like store). The Sister did her own geekbound take on Aquaman and DIYed a sea-themed headband for it.

I updated the look a little for Halloween - different headband and belt, red sandals, and I found one of my mom's old belts that conveniently looked like rope for my lasso! For Nerdvember, I put together a simpler (and warmer) geekbounding look. I'll probably wear something similar to see the movie!

I have never hoped so hard for any movie to be good, and the positive reviews coming out now are letting me rest a little easier. I'm seeing it tonight! Keep your fingers crossed that I come back with a glowing review!!

In any case, if you're thinking about seeing it, I encourage you to do it sooner rather than later. As they say, money is the language Hollywood understands best, and it's time the myth that female-led movies (superhero or otherwise) don't sell is dispelled.

Q4U: Are you excited for Wonder Woman?

**EDIT: Saw the movie, and oh my goodness, Diana is everything!! Mini-spoiler-free review taken from my Instagram post today: While the movie had its flaws (the 3rd act was not my fave & probably the weakest part of the film, & the movie could've been tighter in parts), everything else was what I hoped it would be. Gal Gadot's Diana is idealistic & compassionate, vulnerable & strong, & truly just someone out to do good. And her chemistry with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor is 💯. He lets her do her thing without trying to diminish her & he in turn is not diminished by her superheroics.