Geekchic OOTD: Fly Casual

Is it just me or does each year seem to go by faster and faster? I can't believe we're already a quarter of the way through 2019!

This is an exciting week for 2 reason: I'm going on a short trip, and Star Wars Celebration is happening! Unfortunately, I am NOT going to Celebration, though I came close. I will be jet-setting on a different geeky adventure, but given how much I love Star Wars and the many closet cosplay/ geekbound outfits I've styled in that fandom, I wanted to give you an outfit post.

Maybe this will inspire a closet cosplay of your own, or if you're freaking out over what to wear to Celebration, maybe this is a last minute look that will work for you.

Hope you like this very casual X-Wing pilot-inspired outfit I wore to San Diego Comic Con 2018. It was by far the most comfortable outfit I wore all con, and everything was super easy to find!

Even though orange is not the easiest color to pull off, there is just something about those Rebel Pilot flight suits that is so iconic. Thanks to the current resurgence of jumpsuits and overalls in fashion, it's actually not that hard to find cute ones to wear casually. And that's where the idea for this outfit was born, or shall I say, refined?

Outfit details: Mock-Neck Top (Forever 21) // Overalls (Forever 21) // SUNGLASSES (Ray-Ban) // Fake Fangirl pin (Utinni Bikini) // Sandals (Miista)

At Comic Con 2016, my friends did a version of this Rebel Pilot geekbound with orange dresses and white tops. So the general idea of this pilot-bound outfit had been in my head since then.

While at the mall, I saw these orange overalls and it popped into my head that I could do an updated version of the pilot outfit that was slightly closer to the flight suits. Plus, the shade of orange on these overalls was way more forgiving for regular wear. I found a white mock-neck top to wear underneath that would be a call-back to the white flak vests the Rebel pilots wear over their orange flight suits.

The Sister re-used the white crop top she used in 2016 and put it over an orange jumpsuit she already had. We both topped our outfits off with Rebel Starbirds. I used the one we made previously out of the craft foam, and she used an enamel pin from Utinni Bikini.

My accessories were the finishing touches to tie it all together. Besides the Rebel Starbird, I included Utinni Bikini's brilliant "Fake Fangirl" enamel pin; it's written in Aurebesh, the written language seen in Star Wars. The kangaroo pocket in the front of my overalls were the perfect place to hide my co-pilot BB-8. It's sunny in San Diego, so when it came to choosing sunglasses, I went with aviators to tie into the whole pilot theme.

So there it is! My "Casual Friday" Rebel pilot outfit. Just remember for a simple geekbound like this, think in color blocks and themes. Accessories can also really pull the look together.

If you're headed to Star Wars Celebration, have so much fun. I'm so excited for all the news that's very likely going to be dropped this week! May the Force be with you!