Celebrating Galentine's Day

I'm slowly getting back into blogging, and the celebration of Galentine's Day seemed like a good time to start posting again.

For any of you who have spent even a little bit of time here, you'll know that I am about my sisters - the one by blood and the others by the bonds of friendship and geekery. As such, I always love a good girl power experience or product, and I'm also lucky enough to know a bunch of badass women creators. So hopefully, you'll find something for you and your squad on this list or at the very least, some cool AF boss babes to support this Galentine's Day.

1) Chickens are Bitches

We loved the friendship between Pek Lin and Rachel in the romantic dramedy Crazy Rich Asians, and we particularly loved the line about playing chicken. Our ConSquad resident graphic designer, Gennia, indulged all of us by designing two delightful "Bok Bok Bitch" shirts for the entire crew.

Want your own? Check out the PoeSquadron Teepublic page.

2) Get Strong with you Girl Gang

So I am terrible at staying on top of my fitness game, but it helps so much to go with friends. You can keep each other motivated to at least show up! Last year, I signed up for some trial classes with the Sister, and our friend Sherry. Because of that, we've hiked together, nearly died together in a particularly grueling Pop Physique class, and cried over soreness after kick-boxing.

In a similar vein, I just finished Geek Girl Strong's 1Up Wellness Challenge, which was a week of exercise, self-care, and healthy eating prompts led by Robyn. I found Robyn online through Jordanden√©, and she is honestly one of the most badass women I know of. She is constantly encouraging and open with her experiences, and seeing her workout videos in my feed is inspiring

The 1Up challenge was great because it came with a dose of community (remember what I said about it being easier to keep stuff up with friends?), and it was done online. So even though Robyn is literally across the country from me, I could participate! I highly recommend joining Geek Girl Strong challenges when they come around, and if you're looking for a health coach, Robyn offers in-person and online coaching packages!

3) Girl Power but make it Fashion

I know I already talked about dressing your girl gang, but I do love a good outfit, especially if it can be geeky. Plus, I'd be remiss to not share some of the rad things boss babes are doing at the intersection of style and fandom.

Sherry in a Jordandene shirt, me in an Elhofferdesign sweater, and Cat in a Spider-Man shirt.
  • Skylar Yoo - feminist art and apparel, featuring graphic tees with bold hand-lettering and 20% of their profits go to 2 charities benefiting girls.
  • Little Petal - convertible, hand-made dresses with pockets! Very body positive, very feminist.
  • Bombsheller - beautiful, vibrant printed leggings in a huge range of sizes, printed on demand & ethically sourced.
  • The Colorful Geek - one of the very first geek girl-owned tee-shops I went to because of the fun designs and variety of fandoms!
  • ElhofferDesign- body positive and chic AF. Katie is constantly making the clothes of my subtle geek fashion dreams.
  • Logan Arch - fun merch combining 90s nostalgia with modern fandom. Their 13th Doctor Collection is seriously for the Time Lady in all of us.

Obviously, I have to mention Jordanden√© since a big chunk of my everyday geekwear is from there, and there are so many shirts with great, empowering quotes - like Geek Girl Power, Nevertheless She Persisted, and Clever Girl. Not to mention, the 2 designs that debuted this month say "Stay Badass" and "Higher. Further. Faster." - this latter one being a reference to highly anticipated Captain Marvel and it's a limited Shirt of the Month.

Plus, they just brought back sweatshirts in different styles and colors, and they added zip-up hoodies! I just got a cropped Loki hoodie, and I can confirm they are as soft as you remember (if you own one of the old sweatshirts). Full disclosure, I am currently a brand ambassador for Jordanden√©, but that doesn't affect my opinion of the clothes and I've been a fan long before I started getting items for review. Anyway, if you use my code, akangaru, you can get 15% off a $20 minimum purchase, and you help me earn my next review piece!

4) Book Club

From superheroes to hopeless romantics to scientists to artists to women on a mission, the stories of complex female characters and real life women/girls are for everyone. Here are just a few suggestions. I've not read all of these, but if I haven't read it, rest assured it's on my TBR.

These are just a few things to share with your besties this Galentine's Day, besides a fun night out or a nice meal. But of course, the most important part of this day is to celebrate your friends and the amazing people they are. Sisters before Misters and all of that!

Q4U: How do you celebrate Galentine's Day? How do you celebrate your friends?