Previously... (1)

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I always miss this, but since I've been rather productive this month, I'm glad I remembered to join!

Previously in Writing

I've been meaning to get back to novel writing for ages, and while I still haven't opened up that doc yet, I've been on a poetry kick. Leave it to me to procrastinate from writing by...writing something else!

In any case, I've written 4 poems in about 2.5 weeks. Finished 3 of them, one of which has been subbed, and am trying to wrangle the last into shape. The poem is currently kicking my butt.

Previously in Reading

Getting back into reading as well and kind of balancing reading novels and comic books. On the comic book front, I picked up Volume 3 of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, and I'm in the middle of reading Mike Carey's LUCIFER series. I'd like to read Holly Black's current run of Lucifer eventually, and I'm watching the not-really-at-all-like-the-comicbook TV series too - all of which has prompted me to finally start Carey's run (which I'd been meaning to do for ages). Lucifer is, after all, my favorite fallen angel. ;)

Books-wise, I just finished the fantastic SIX OF CROWS by Leigh Bardugo (and you should check out the cover for the sequel CROOKED KINGDOM because it is beautiful), and I'm currently reading A GATHERING OF SHADOWS, Victoria Schwab's follow-up to the excellent A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC.

Next Time in Goals

Start working on the novel!
Brainstorm short story ideas!
Finish the poem that is owning me!

A Word of Advice

Sometimes, your muse will take what you're working on in unexpected directions. Go with it. :)


Currently... (15) / 2016: One Word Resolution

"Currently..." updates will be every 2 weeks or so. Going to try to update on Tuesdays when Katy Upperman posts hers.

I found the Currently post at Kate Hart's blog, who got the idea from Amy Lukavics, who found it here. Please join in and link me in the comments if you do!

I missed all of January because I am lame, so there will be kind of a lot to catch up on. (I missed all of December too, but I posted my December activities in my year-end wrap up.)

  • Star Wars everything! This train shows now signs of stopping, neither does our love for Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron. I freaking love the shirts my friend G designed for our "Poe Squadron"!
  • Six of Crows - I'm finally reading this now, and I kind of love everyone. How will it end? When is the next book out?!
  • Meeting up with fellow geeks and talking about fandom! Marlon of Nerd Coolture is posting a cool blog series of personal essays and interviews with other geeks about what fandom is and what it means to them. Marlon was kind enough to reach out to me to be part of this series!
  • Hanging out with Sarah, Kirsten, and Maurene and finally meeting Sarah's cat Hammer. He is as smooshy and sweet as he appears in the photos. I love him!
  • My Star Shoes (xmas gift from the Sis)

  • Six of Crows - see above.
  • Sandman - working on the series.
  • Lucifer - one of my favorite Sandman characters. His spinoff series was always one I wanted to read, and now, my library has it! Also, I have been watching the TV show, which I hear (and can kind of tell) is very different but I still find generally amusing. So.

  • Star Wars 4DX - weird but ultimately fun experience. The moving chairs were kind of cool, the flashing lights and smoke- not so much.
  • Inside Llewyn Davis / Ex Machina - part of our Oscar Isaac movie watch-list. I liked both films, and goodness, can that man sing. *swoon*
  • Shannara Chronicles - I'm not sure if I think this show is good or bad (like sometimes it's pretty good and sometimes, it's like wtf, this pacing is terrible), but it sure does keep me entertained!
  • Making a Murderer - the most frustrating, anger-inducing documentary I have ever seen. Makes you hate many people and fearful about how wrong our justice system can go. The Sis and I can usually binge-watch something like this within days, but this took us a full week because we had to keep stopping during episodes to rage at the TV.
  • Mr. Robot - we'd started it back when it was airing and got behind. We finally finished this up, and ah! That ending! Give me the next season! Also, we have a special fondness for Rami Malek. He's wonderful in the role.

  • Serial - Season 2 is well under way. I have to say I'm not as invested as I was with Season 1, but it's still very interesting.
  • LORE - My friend recommended this one to me by saying "it's like Supernatural but real" because LORE is exactly what its name says it is. It's true life scary stories! I love all the historical accounts and folklore discussed in each episode.
  • Poe Squadron Playlist - this is essentially a playlist of songs Oscar Isaac has sung. Many of these are from the Llewyn Davis soundtrack.


Finishing this pre-Chinese New Year cleaning session. It's a clothes apocalypse up in here, and I am desperately trying to KonMari this ish. I would post a picture here, but it's too horrifying/embarrassing.

Also, Chinese New Year! Food, family, and red envelopes!!


For longer weekends and more storage space.


When I'm going to go to Disneyland this year! This is more abstract. I volunteered at the Disney Star Wars Half Marathon and my reward for pulling an all-nighter and nearly freezing around 4AM is a Disneyland Park Hopper. WORTH IT.

One Word Resolution for 2016 - my word is INTENT, and you can read more about it at the Girl on the Roam blog.

  • Geek Girl hangouts - we had a belated holiday/New Year's gathering with my ConSquad (aka the girls I teamed up with/roomed with/made friends with at 2015 Comic Con, hence the name) where we had Chewbacca donuts.
  • And I had a New Year's karaoke session with my OG girl gang - and this time we had our Raverham Lincoln (we know he's not a Founding Father, but his jazzed up name was the one that sparked all the others) with us!
  • Photo booths - I made it to my company's New Year's party this year, and they had a photo booth! Of course, the Sis and I couldn't resist.

  • Hamilton Musical National Tour was announced, and they're coming to Los Angeles in 2017! So I'm basically going for my birthday that year. Raise a glass! (Here are 2 unrelated pics of me geeking out during Alexander Hamilton's birthday week.)
  • Loki - Can't get over this guy. He is the cutest pilot in the Resistance! And he has a new friend, Mr. Lizard, whom he loves.
  • Poetry - I've been struck by the urge to write it again (it comes in bursts) and am working on a second poem this week. 
    • Also, to my surprise and delight, I found out ACTAEON was nominated for a Rhysling, which is an annual speculative poetry award given by the Science Fiction Poetry Association. I don't know who out there got me on the list, but I am so thrilled, honored, and thankful! I mean, have you read the other people on this list?! They're so good!

What's your Currently? How is 2016 treating you so far?