Randomosity on Fridays: Meme Edition

This weekend, I'll be participating in Write Your @ss Off Day, which is being hosted by Moonrat at Editorial Ass. I'm picking Sunday, Feb. 7, since I think I'm going to a Glee-watching marathon at a friend's and possibly crashing the Borders Percy Jackson Party (because my sister wants to) on Saturday. Yes. Anyone else joining in?

Anyway, I usually do Memes when I'm bored or procrastinating. I'm neither of those at the moment! Instead, I read Amy's post over at Inkfever and decided it's been too long since I last did a meme (been too busy playing Bejeweled to tell you the truth XP).

One Word Meme - where all answers must be one word. This is a challenge because like a certain one of my characters, I'm a babbler.

Your Cell Phone? Old
Your Hair? Straight
Your Mother? Asleep
Your Father? Morning!person
Your Favorite Food? Ice-cream
Your Dream Last Night? Nothing
Your Favorite Drink? Coffee?
Your Dream/Goal? Fulfillment
What Room Are You In? Living
Your Hobby? Eating? (Okay, reading)
Your Fear? Failure
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? Employed (still & happily!)
Where Were You Last Night? Home
Something That You Aren't? Tall
Muffins? Tasty!
Wish List Item? iPad!!!
Where Did You Grow Up? SoCal
Last Thing You Did? Supernatural!
What Are You Wearing? PJs
Your TV? Small
Your Pets? Um.
Friends? AWESOME!
Your Life? Chill (right now)
Your Mood? Sleepy
Missing Someone? Friends
Vehicle? Volvo
Something You Aren't Wearing? Socks
Your Favorite Store? Depends...
Your Favorite Color? Blue
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? 9pm-ish
Last Time You Cried? Uncertain
Your Best Friend? Unanswerable
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Friend's
Facebook? YES.
Favorite Place To Eat? Corner (Bakery)

P.S. You might see a trailer for The Last Airbender during the Super Bowl, and I'm not gonna lie, it looks pretty cool. On the other hand, Racebending asks where's the representation in casting? Asian-based worlds and cultures are cool, but they'd be cooler with, I don't know, some actual Asians populating them. (There's my 30 second soap box spiel.)

P.P.S. Zombies vs. Unicorns. AWESOME. For the record, I'm Team Unicorn, and not just because one of my favorite books of all time is The Last Unicorn.


XiXi said...

i love memes! It's kind of a stalkerish thing, but for some reason, I really like it when people talk about their lives. Ahem. I'm a creeper.

Anyway, I agree with you on The Last Airbender thing, for sure. Aang is not white. Just like Goku wasn't white from Dragonball Z! Gah!

Alz said...

Ooh, Write Your @ss Off Day sounds promising--mayhap I shall indulge therewith as well. And Percy Jackson--IS IT TIME FOR THE RELEASE ALREADY?

And Zombies VS Unicorns, pfft. I wrote a story about a death-god zombie unicorn that killed children and turned them into zombie slaves, and I wrote that over omg 10 years ago...probably more like 12 or 13 years. WHY WASN'T I INCLUDED IN THIS BOOK SOMEWHERE IN MY CHILDHOOD GENIUS?

Krispy said...

Icy- It's like a less creepy way of learning info about people w/o having to ask them and sound like a creeper. :D Haha. Re: Airbender - SRSLY.

Alz- I always knew you were a precocious child.

Danyelle L. said...

Good luck with your writing!

Memes are fun. :D
*grin* I totally agree with you on populating the movies/books/whathaveyou with the actual people from the culture.

Yay! I'm so team unicorn. The Last Unicorn has been one of my favorites for a very long time!

lisa and laura said...

Unicorns! Duh. Who doesn't love a good unicorn. I was obsessed when I was little.

Krispy said...


LiLa- Hah! See, unicorns ARE so cool! :)