5 for Friday

You're probably glad it's Friday like I am. I mean, who isn't glad when the weekend looms so close you can taste it? Let's jump right into the post then: my 5 random things for Friday. Maybe I'll do random fun facts next Friday! What's with this thing for alliteration? Moving on...

1. Watching ice skating (Olympics and otherwise) makes me nervous because I'm always afraid they'll fall when they jump. The outfits have improved a lot over the years. The Japanese-American skater, the girl who skated last yesterday, is from near my area. W00t, represent! In men's figure skating, Stephane Lambiel does the best spins I have ever seen. His spins are like magic. I kid you not.

2. The sister and I started watching Spartacus on Friday nights since Ghost Adventures (arguably one of her favorite shows) hasn't been on. Spartacus is a bit over-the-top, which jives with its 300-esque look and style, and it is entertaining. I just feel like it's trying too hard to be edgy and artsy (while also trying to distance itself from the whole 300 thing). ROME was much better, granted the style and focus of the 2 shows are pretty different.

3. Speaking of "ghost" shows, maybe I've been watching too much Supernatural lately (trying to catch Luce up to current season) because I've started a new short story. It has creepy paintings. I hate creepy paintings. (Supernatural did a fine episode on creepy, creepy paintings in Season 1.) But I do love the look of the Victorian time period, which this story also has. That probably has to do with my finishing Libba Bray's wonderful A Great and Terrible Beauty on Wednesday. (Book reading update to come.)

4. Criminal Minds makes me paranoid, though I enjoy the show immensely. It also results in hilarious conversations with the parentals. Mostly, they say, "Hey, when are you going to make use of that Psych degree and join the FBI, so you can fly around in a private jet?" To which I reply, "Um, I think I need some sort of graduate degree first and maybe combat training. Also, I think the jet is for business use only." The private jet does NOT outweigh the facing serial killers part.

5. Pet Peeve: People who don't use their turn signals when they drive. IT'S NOT THAT HARD. It's also a matter of safety, especially if said people are going to lurch all sudden-like into my lane. I'd like a heads up, thanks. Common courtesy, people.

Since there's a lot of TV mentioned here, what have you been watching lately?

And that's it for my random 5 for Friday. Oh, and be sure to check out Alz's post below on her short story writing process. Catch you later!


Abby Stevens said...

The Gemme Doyle books are amazing! I haven't read the last one yet, though. :-)

Lately, I've gotten into that show that takes CEOs and puts them in their corporation's regular jobs. It's pretty cool to see the CEOs gain a new appreciation for how hard it is to be the little guy and seeing it change their perspective a little. I've also (FINALLY!) started watching The Amazing Race. I've wanted to watch that for years and never got around to it. :)

Danyelle L. said...

I used to love watching the ice skating--that's all I cared about in the olympics. :)

*grin* Yeah, a private jet would in no way compensate having to deal with creepy loonies. *shudder*

And amen about using the turning signal!

Confession: I don't watch TV, but I'm reading a lovely book by N.D. Wilson. O:)

Tere Kirkland said...

Right? How hard is it to use a flipping turn signal? Safety first, people!

Love AGATB! Hope you enjoy the ending!

XiXi said...

Love Gemma Doyle series! I love Libba Bray. She is my life role model and it is in fact on my bucket list that I put up in November to become Libba Bray when I grow up.

Ditto about the ice skating! I get irrationally nervous on their behalf, even though it's not like anything I do would influence them. Ha...too emotionally invested in TV, obviously.

Happy Friday to you!

Krispy said...

Abby- I've requested the next books from the library! :D Also have heard of that show. It sounds interesting, and I think it's a great idea. Haven't watched Amazing Race, though I hear good things about it all the time.

Dani- Oh yeah, def. Ice skating for Winter Olympics, Gymnastics for Summer.

Tere- I can't wait to read the next books!

Icy- I recall that post! I can see the reason for your aspirations now. Haha. I, too, am too emotionally invested in TV.

Elana Johnson said...

Oh, I hear ya on the turn signals. Ha ha! It annoys me when people drive under the speed limit. Yeah, I have road rage issues.

Nayuleska said...

Agree right with you on #5....something my cousin in Australia commented on when he stayed with us the other week (I'm English).