Promptly Following Krispy's Friday Randomosity Post

Krispy frequently tells me to blog more and I always tell her that I'm working on something, which I usually am. Problem is that it never tends to get done in a timely manner, so I'm taking a leap on this one and just copy-pasta-posting, more or less.

Today I was healthy and had a brownie for breakfast—mostly because Krispy's post made me think of Valentine's Day, and chocolate, and there was this brownie sitting right there and who I am to resist the seductive siren song of chocolate?

Sunday will be our hard-working long-suffering Val's birthday, and four days afterward on the 18th will be our wonderful blog's marveltudinous second anniversary! I'm currently attempting to write a little drabble for our angel-baby, so we shall see where that goes, and if either Krispy or I can't whip up something else too. Two years—it seems so terribly long and yet so not long at all. In angelic terms, I suppose two earthly years are nothing—but who knows what time angels keep? Maybe it's nearly an eternity for them. (For Val, two years in the company of Nuel is probably less eternity than an eternity in hell, but he would never say that. He'd only think it. Secretly and mostly sub-consciously. Mostly.)

Anyway, here's the same meme stolen from Krispy stolen from Merc. Wow, when I put it like that it sounds like some ancient barbarian introduction of lineage or like those Ogier folk from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

Below the cut are random assorted first sentences (even if the meme says "lines") from WIP and unfinished projects, short stories and novellas and novels and whatever else I dig up. The idea, I guess, is to poke the brain into working on one of them. I just do it for fun. ;)


"Marcel's Flight": Marcel was six years old when he decided to learn to fly.

"The Remnidine Elimination": The Recall Project never lacked for funds.

"The Magical Picnic Story": Once upon a time, it so happened that Krunchy woke up one morning and looked out her window: outside fresh dew dripped like liquid diamonds from the magical plants, a gentle breeze was making the various bright flowers nod their heads as though greeting the rising sun, and the sky was a brilliant blue dappled with fluffy white clouds.

"Bellosse and the Demon": I don't want to alarm you, but if I don't tell you this you're going to die.

"Cinder and Michael" (unrelated to Krispy's story): Cinder was five when she met the Archangel Michael.

"Celestyn the Mighty": The great city of Grandswell Port was a bustling place full of the fresh salt air, imports from all the world over ranging from the mundane to the magical, the ordinary to the exotic, and sailors and brigands and merchants and travelers and more trouble and excitement than you could shake a stick at, which was mostly what the local guard did.


Interregnum (NaNo 2007): At the beginning of time, when the sky was not and earth was not and ocean was not and time was not, there were eight dragons lead by a ninth.

The Lord of Passionate Leaping Flames (A Trashy Romance Novel): Deep in the sultry shadows of a carefully cultured wild garden, there lurked a gracefully slender dangerous figure.

Chronos Sonata (NaNo 2005): It is said that many ages ago, a brash and clever thief made to steal the eyes of Aerizé, Grandmaster of Time and Lord of Luck.

Therapy and Thievery: It began with a dagger.

The Aegis Letters: Dear Cousins: First of all, I want to tell you that for being a pair of angels, you two are certainly the craftiest and most bastardly and knavely (is that a word? It is now) angels I've ever had the misfortune to meet.

NaNo 2006 (aka Abbadon&Yarn Story): In the 12,039th year of the Lucifelian Era, beneath the quarter moon and the dancing scarlet sweep of the bicentennial inferno borealis, Yarn was born.

Two Lives: "I live two lives," Leeza shrugged.

Shadowswept (Nano 2009): Sincère Vrai was a Royal Knight and a Lord in his own right, the head of the family, although currently his immediate family consisted solely of himself and his little sister Ciel, their mother having breathed her last many years ago and their father having disappeared at sea a few years later on.

Lastlight: A Love Story: This is a story about love.


Evidently I like my first lines to be nearly the same as the title of the piece, or else I like to have long wordy descriptions of place or character or something with a mythological bent.

In a final note, I did sorta-semi-kinda participate in Write Your @ss Off Day. I wrote a decent bit and polished a tad and revised some, and vaguely planned where I wanted the story to go next, although I did not sit down and make a concentrated 8-hour effort to work/write. I was distracted by stupid computer games and actually did some real homework and suchlike and so on.

Let's keep those first-liners coming and share the love! Remember your old works, look them over, cringe if you must and cry if you will, and then buckle down and finish 'em. These WIPs need to reach completion someday!


lisa and laura said...

I LOVE "It started with a dagger."

Merc said...

Lovely! I may have enjoyed the trashy romance one a little too much. O:)

On a serious note, I really really like "Chronos Sonata" opening. B-)

Alz said...

Lisa and Laura - Sadly, I had grandiose plans for Therapy & Thievery--I'd even toyed with the notion of trying it out for NaNoWriMo 2009. But then I chickened out and went with something more spontaneous instead. Someday (hopefully soon) though I will resume work upon it!

Merc - The trashy romance one is actually a gloriously shameless mish-mash melting-pot crossover story involving characters from all of our stories thrown into an overly clichee regency romance setting. It's probably one of my (as well as Krispy's) favorite pet projects.

I still have great plans for Chronos Sonata...I just have to sort out timelines and some plot points. Whic I've been saying for the past, er, five years.

Elana Johnson said...

Great first lines. I can't think of one off the top of my head, so I'll just say it again: Great first lines!