"Witty Alliterative Title Here" Writing Update

So I said last Friday that I was doing the whole Write Your @ss Off Day thing. Well, I sort of did it (I'll explain), and here's how it went.

On Friday, I had work and was so excited for the weekend that I didn't do anything of consequence to writing. Anyway, my Day of Writing was technically Sunday.

On Saturday, I had a dentist appointment in the morning. I was supposed to go to a Glee watching marathon in the afternoon, but I wasn't feeling well. I took a nap instead. Then there was dinner with family friends. At night, I opened my doc and tinkered around a bit, realizing that Oh, Scene 2 really should NOT have been changed to Scene 1. I'll switch it back, but uh, okay, is this bit of information going to be mentioned in the re-established Scene 1 or should I leave it in here? Great, I've thrown my entire opening time line off. THAT'S FANTASTIC. I freaked out a little. Bright side? The enigmatic Midnight Sun revealed something about himself that is quite cool. Other than that though, I have the feeling he'll be a complete pain to work with once I get to him. I'm preparing myself.

On Sunday, I got up early (for me), went to lunch with Luce and the sister, and then wrote got talked into going shopping (for just a short time) by the two of them because we had discount coupons! Of course, we failed the read the fine print that said the discount was only valid on REGULAR PRICE ITEMS. Shopping!fail guys, except not because I bought a dress on a sale.

AHEM. Got home well before the start of the Super Bowl, and while the sister and Dad watched, I opened my doc and tinkered some more. You may notice I'm good at tinkering, not so good at actual writing. IT'S OKAY THOUGH because the rules were to just work on it. I researched some clothing and architecture and even some agriculture. Somehow I ended up on Etsy, where -not gonna lie- I wasted some time. Blah blah blah. After dinner, instead of having a Supernatural party with Luce, we got together with Alz and had a crafts/writing party.

So all in all, it was a productive weekend for me. I probably should've NANO-styled my writing (no Inner Editor), but Real Life sometimes gets in the way of writing (and delicious homemade cheese bread, which I missed out on since I didn't make the Glee party).

Random aside of the post: It is COLD, guys. I know I'm doing the whiny Californian thing again, but I can't help it! The coldness of my toes (I'm wearing socks, and I don't like wearing socks) and hands is taking up like 40% of my already limited attention span. Granted, my hands tend to just be on the cold side; some people think I'm a vampire. (No, I don't sparkle, and if I did, I'd join the circus to take advantage of my freakish physical feature. Wait, this sounds like a story... Alz? One of yours?)

I was going to watch Supernatural with Luce, but it's too cold for either of us to want to venture outside our houses. I'm the one with the episodes, but I've seen them (Luce is on Season 3); Luce hasn't seen them, but she can't watch them alone because they are scary, no lie.

End ramble.

How was your weekend? Fun?

See you peeps Friday for a special Friday Randomosity Work-In-Progress Edition Meme!

P.S. Coincidentally, Moonrat at Editorial Ass linked to a post about the racebending of The Last Airbender and the whitewashing of book covers that I found quite worth the read. Please take a look if you are so inclined.


XiXi said...

I feel productive even when I just open the Microsoft document. I mean...I'm working on it mentally, right?

...yeah, sometimes real life is a lot more appealing.

Dresses! I always feel more accomplished when I buy a dress (my priorities in life are totally straight).

Krispy said...

Icy- Yeah, mental work is still work! There is definitely something about buying a dress (or really great shoes) that feels more successful than buying any other article of clothing. Except for maybe a really, really cute jacket/coat (they are my weakness).

lisa and laura said...

A Glee watching marathon? How fun! Just the thought of that sounds productive.

Glad you got some writing in...