Randomosity on Fridays: First Lines Meme

Happy Friday, friends! This is one crazy packed weekend. Percy Jackson movie opens today! Hopefully, I'll see it tonight. It's Valentine's weekend, and even though that doesn't really apply to me, it's a big deal for lots of other people. Plus, I used to work in a candy store, and let me tell you, Valentine's Day is like THE DAY of the year. All of one's candy-store-related skills are put to the test: making suggestions, restocking, balloon-inflating, box ribboning, box making, managing the cash register, curling ribbon, SPEED SPEED SPEED. It was worth the free weeks' worth of chocolate covered strawberries though.

This is President's Day weekend too, right? I'm kind of in love with some of the Founding Fathers, so I get excited about President's Day (the whole no-work thing aside).

It's also CHINESE/LUNAR NEW YEAR! It's actually on Valentine's Day, and in my case, totally trumps Valentine's Day. Good food, family, new clothes, and um, red envelopes. I'm looking forward to hot pot with the fam. Delicious! Year of the Tiger! My year, w00t! Though, I was recently informed by my dad that if it happens to be your zodiac year, it's not usually good luck for you - quite the opposite really; it's going to be a tougher year for tigers. *SIGH*

Our character, Val (the inspiration for the title of this blog) will be celebrating his birthday as well on Valentine's Day. Yay Val! Don't let Nuel bully you around!

Anyway, onwards to the meme! I stole this from Merc, who saw it floating around in LJ land. It seemed like a fun meme, and I rather liked Merc's lines. So here are mine and a brief explanation taken straight from Merc's LJ.

Below the cut are random assorted first sentences (even if the meme says "lines") from WIP and unfinished projects, short stories and novellas and novels and whatever else I dig up. The idea, I guess, is to poke the brain into working on one of them. I just do it for fun. ;)


"Horseman": As with many things, it started with a word.

"Thorns": Before Leander's father died, he had a moment of burning clarity after weeks of fevered daze.

"Clockwork Heart": There once was a man whose wife was in need of a new heart, so he endeavored to make her one - a better one of fine gears and careful enchantment.


NaNo2009: Cian searched for treachery in his shadow, but the dark figure against the wall remained as motionless as he was.

Cinders and Glass (NaNo2008): Another gust of wind rattled the windows and slammed into signs, shutters, and banners as it hurtled down the empty streets of town.

NaNo2007 (aka Candy Store novel): In the morning, Sybil found Sol perched on the kitchen counter.

Untitled (based on a 100 Themes meme): (This one actually has 2 possible "first lines" since it has 2 opening scenes written for it. WTF, I don't know.)

1. It was early morning, just before dawn, and a thin mist hovered in the empty, cobblestone streets.

2. There was nothing Casey loved more than sleeping in on a cold day, all bundled up in her goose-down blanket and fleece quilt.

The One Left Behind (stand-in title, argh): (Opening few lines because it doesn't work otherwise.)

A black and white portrait.
A hastily scribbled note with names unfamiliar.
A simple scythe leaning against the wall, plain and ordinary.
Her mother had been a woman of few possessions and so had few possessions to leave behind.

And that's it! I don't know why I start so often with description. Something to change and work on perhaps. Some of these are so old. Eck. I haven't even unearthed the really old stuff. Scary.

Anyone else up for sharing their first line(s)? And what are you celebrating this weekend?


XiXi said...

The description is really pretty. I LOVE the one for "Clockwork Heart." Really makes me want to read it, just from the title alone.


Ahem. Oh yes, and Chinese New Year. :-) My parents and grandma are tigers.

lisa and laura said...

Ooh, I love the first lines in THE ONE LEFT BEHIND!

Merc said...

*pets the lovely, shiny lines fondly*

Krispy said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! :D