Resolution Pressure

Pressure, if not the road to success, is at least proving to be sufficient fuel to drive myself along it.

Krispy manned as manfully up to grading herself on her resolutions as only Krispy can do even though she is not a man. I blame the masculine descriptions on the fact that between the three of us—Krispy, our friend Luce, and I—we've been reading quite a lot of romance in the YA and regency genres. And the men are manly men, even when they wear skintight canary yellow breeches. Let's see how well I kept my resolutions:

1) Write more, and more regularly, and concentrate on a few projects: I have written somewhat more albeit not really on a schedule, and while I've concentrated mostly on a single project, I've also dabbled in miscellaneous others…and started a new one. ¬_¬ Grade: C

2) Finish Nanowrimo 2006/thesis story: There is something marvelous about the pressure of the "mustsubmitcoherentworkforworkshop" feeling. I wrote a tad bit more of the end, and revised and edited a decent number of pages from earlier on. I feel accomplished! Grade: B

3) Blog more: I have. Just not here. Sorry, Krispy. I will make an effort to blog here more though! Krispy has been doing such a marvelous job—I shall just have to emulate her. Grade: C+/B-

4) Read more: I have! The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter, Fallen by Lauren Kate, Duchess by Night by Eloisa James, and The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett, proofed a manuscript that will be published soon by our school, and a couple books of okay-ish poetry). Grade: B+ (I would've given myself a higher grade if half of these things—manuscript, poetry, and noir novel—hadn't been required for class.)

5) Get published: Uh, this wasn't really something I was exactly intending to accomplish precisely in January, so I'm just going to copy Krispy and give myself an incomplete on this one. Grade: I

6) Finish Nano 2007/2008: I didn't work on this at all, especially since I said I shouldn't until I'd fulfilled resolution #2. Grade: I/F (Incomplete because I didn't fulfill #2 yet, and Fail because I didn't think about it at all and forgot that I'd made this a resolution.)

7) Syldraverse Renewal: Didn't write so much as a single word. Grade: F

Overall, I did rather worse than Krispy, who at least has one sparkly A+ to boost her GPA. I'm just wallowing along in a sweltering welter of not-quite-mediocrity. Seems as though most of my drive to accomplish things is delivered via academic pressure—which, now that I think about it, actually isn't much of a surprise.


Krispy said...

LOL! OMG, are we going to give ourselves GPAs too?!! I guess that would necessitate some kind of point scale for the grades and possibly complicated calculations.

So important questions: 1) do +/- count in the grade calculations (like college) and 2) are GPAs weighted?

Sometimes, I disgust myself a little.

lisa and laura said...

I love that you guys are grading yourselves on your resolutions. Great for accountability. Genius!!!

Nayuleska said...

This was a funny post (even more so for not living in US and not really understanding GPAs!)

You haven't done badly though, all things considered.

Alz said...

Krispy - Alz does nor do math. You know this. There is a reason why she own multiple calculators. But I'd guess that if we were weighting them, probably the resolutions related to actual creative-writing-story production would be weighted more than, say, reading and blogging. In which case I still fall below you, curse you! (And the +/- count, although if we are being REALLY college-y, then your A+ wouldn't be any better than an A. XP)

Lisa & Laura - 'Twas indeed Krispy's idea of which I shamelssly leeched, although looking at the sad comparison between us, I venture to say that maybe I should've just kept my accountability under wraps. Alas!

Yunaleska - Don't worry--I live in the US and I don't really understand GPAs either. As far as I know, it's relateed to your grades and some mythological mathematical scale used to determine a magical number by which your fate will be decided. I may not have done too badly but--as I tend toward perfectionism--I didn't do too goodly either. *sigh*