Weekly Breakdown

There was a post I read last week by the lovely Elana Johnson about how she spends the hours in her week. It's pretty intense. Anyway, I thought it'd be interesting to break things down her way and see where all my time is going. (Unfortunately, I think I already know. That time black hole is something that starts with "Inter" and ends with "net.") So here goes!

7 days a week x 24 hours in a day = 168 hours/week.

Weekdays: 6.5 hours x 5 days = 32.5 hours
Weekends: 9 hours x 2 days = 18 hours

Hours remaining: 117.5 hours

I'm trying to increase my weekday sleep to 7 hours a night, but I'm really just not a morning person! It's easier for me to stay up late. Argh. I make up for it on the weekends (sort of), but *bad news alert!* sleep cycles don't work like that. You can't accrue them over the weekend or make up for what you've lost. Sad times.

Work day: 8 hours x 5 days = 40 hours
Commute: 1.25 hours x 5 days = 6.25 hours

Hours remaining: 71.25 hours

This is when I start appreciating my college schedule. This is when I also start missing those 7 min drives to and from the high school.

Socializing (ridiculousness with friends / make-shift book club)
Weekdays: 2 hours x 3 days = 6 hours
Weekends: varies (so I'm not calculating it in because it'd be too hard to say)

Hours remaining: 65.25 hours

Over the past few months somehow, a few of my friends and I have fallen into a weekly habit of imbibing delicious boba drinks and chatting after work/school.

Internet (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, stupid online games, AIM etc.)
3(+) hours x 7 days = 21 hours

Time remaining: 44.25 hours

On the weekends, it's either a lot less or a bit more than what I have here. Also, the time greatly varies depending on whether or not I'm playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. -_-' I have a horrible addiction to mindless/simple/stupid online games - a habit formed in college.

4-6 hours (give or take, depending on the season; I'll round to 5 hrs/wk)

Hours remaining: 39.25 hours

Hard to break down by days, since I watch a lot of my shows online. It's easier schedule-wise and also no commercials!

Family Dinner
Weekdays: 1.5 hours x 5 days = 7.5 hours
Weekends: varies

Hours remaining: 31.75 hours

I eat with and generally spend time with my grandma every weekday night, almost without fail, making this worthy of being calculated into my week.

So I have a little over a day leftover. Um, wow. I guess I should wean myself from the internet and possibly cut some TV shows. I already cut so many TV shows though, and I even multi-task while watching TV shows by also being online and often eating my meals! Truth be told, a lot of my TV and internet time overlap, and my socializing time tends to be always in flux. Maybe I should stock-pile blog posts the way I stock-pile Christmas presents months in advance. Also, reading faster would probably help, but I'm a slow reader. Sadness.

As for where "writing" falls, it's wherever I can snatch time to do it. I'm still struggling to establish a routine for it, which I think would be best in the long run. There would certainly be less scrambling and scrounging.

Never enough time in the day, is there? What are your time management tricks? Where do your hours go?


Gennia said...

This is an interesting idea...I might have to steal it. Although it'd be depressing to see all the time I waste driving and sleeping.

lisa and laura said...

This is fascinating! I am scared to look at how I spend my time. I imagine it rhymes with skinernet.

Unknown said...

I loved that post of Elana's, and I loved yours. What is it that's so fascinating about seeing how others spend their time?

Krispy said...

G- I'd be more sad about wasting time driving. At least sleeping is good for you. Driving in LA just makes your blood pressure go up.

LiLa- The internet is a procrastinator's playground.

Suzanne- So true. You either feel motivated to do more, feel like a slacker, or are just amazed by other people's time usage.

Merc said...

Innnnteresting... do you figure reading time in there at all, or is that lumped in wit something else?

*sighs but is not going to bother to tally her week since it would be weird with not-working right now*

Merc said...
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Merc said...

(sorry, double post!)

Krispy said...

Merc- OMG, reading. I don't even know. I sorta read whenever. I guess most of it goes into that "family dinner" time since it takes like less than 30 min to eat, and then we stay a while. Usually I watch TV, but since I've been on a reading binge, I do most of my reading then instead.