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  • Meeting my aunt and uncle's new puppy Nina. She's a mastiff, so she's going to be huge! Loki wanted to play with her, but she was scared by his energy and speed, lol.

  • Friends wanted to try one of those escape-the-room experiences, so we went to one over Memorial Day weekend. We had an hour to get out of an "asylum" by exploring the rooms and finding clues to help us unlock doors. It was pretty fun and only a little creepy. Luckily, the Sis and I were more prepared for the creep factor thanks to going to Sleep No More in NYC.
  • A highlight of this past week has been the return of my good friend, Nancy! She's in Michigan for most of the year doing her doctor's residency, so it's always a treat when she comes home to visit. Mostly, this means late night chats, board game playing, and lots of snacking. She also read and loved one of my favorite books ever while she was here (The Song of Achilles, if you're curious. Highly, highly recommend).
  • After going to Disneyland with friends, and then again with just the Sis for the new 60th Anniversary stuff, I've been obsessed with the whole candy minimal photo effect again. Candy minimal is a pop-art photo style created by Matt Crump, and it's so pretty and fun. So, here are my recent Disney minimals.

  • Convincing my sister she needed to buy P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU, despite her protests that she could wait. (She's currently devouring the copy we went out and bought.)
  • Sunnier and warmer weather. Fun lipstick colors (like the custom coral I had made at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab!).

Mad Max: Fury Road - saw this with friends and loved it! It was visually interesting, unabashedly over-the-top, and had pretty great female characters. Furiosa = everyone's favorite.

Sorta watching, Sons of Liberty - that History Channel mini-series from a few months ago. The DVD just came out, and of course, I bought it. I watched 2 of the behind-the-scenes docs already and fully plan on doing a re-watch. (I also just learned from Tracey that I've been pronouncing Concord - as in Concord, Massachusetts - wrong. It's not Con-CORD!)

TURN: I'm so sad the season is ending next week! I have loved this season because we're in the thick of the spy games, and I am loving all the maneuvering and manipulating - not to mention all the little historical details (like the submarine!).

Ms. Marvel Volume 2 - I am loving the voice and Kamala herself. She's such a teen and geek girl, but she's also doing pretty great as a superhero.

A Court of Thorns and Roses- so addictive! So far, my favorite is Lucien.

Starting a beta read for a tweep. Looking forward to it.

Thinking about
Which of my neglected writing projects I'm going to work on for Ready.Set.Write! Need to start really thinking about Comic Con prep.

Hannibal, Hannibal, Hannibal! My favorite on-going show returns this Thursday, and after the bloodbath and dire straits they left practically the entire cast in at the end of Season 2, I am dying to know when/where/how they pick up in Season 3. This dinner date is on. I'm ready for this twisted, beautiful feast.

Ready.Set.Write! Again, click for more info! Thanks again to the wonderful hostesses!

A haircut because that is overdue, though the color is fading out nicely. I want to keep my length but kinda want a different look?

My cold would go away already! That I had more energy. That 3-day weekends were the norm. Also, go away June gloom! You've been hanging around since May!

Making me happy
Pie and random adventures.
  • The pie was actually payment for helping a friend with a video shoot. Unfortunately, he needed us to ride bikes and the bikes were too tall for short me and the Sis. So we ended up just hanging around and taking photos while the bike-riding was happening. And we still got pie out of it!

  • We also checked out a bar arcade, where we didn't drink and mostly played pinball. My friend and I used to be pretty good at the one machine at our local theater in high school. Alas, looks like our skills only applied to that one machine.
  • Loki 3-year anniversary! I can't believe he used to be this little and that it's been 3 years since the Sis adopted him!
  • He used to be so little! He was also a big old snuggle bug this weekend, so he was particularly cute and cooperative when we took these selfies with him.

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Kristin Hackett said...

Lucien is my favorite too!

ChikSolo said...

Awww sweet Loki! Happy anniversary! We'll be celebrating Stormageddon's 3rd in July.

Jaime Morrow said...

So many great things to comment on here, I don't know where to start! I have been loving your candy minimal pics on Instagram. So pretty! I keep meaning to get back to doing that, but keep forgetting. As for Mad Max: Fury Road, I'm so happy you loved it too! I went in prepared to not like it (the hubs dragged me), but came out loving it. It was just so bizarre, but so good! I keep meaning to check out Turn since it's on Netflix and all. It looks good, and I'm a Jamie Bell fan, so it's sort of a win-win. Will have to check it out now.

Looking forward to doing RSW with you again this summer! :D