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I found the Currently post at Kate Hart's blog, who got the idea from Amy Lukavics, who found it here. Please join in and link me in the comments if you do!


I'm loving the fact that Sarah Enni lives near enough to me now that we can have monthly food dates. We just had our June catch-up where she told me about her European travels in May, and we planned a little for upcoming SDCC! We had brunch at this hidden gem called The Cliff's Edge that Sarah had found.

We also talked about what the Twilight movies did well versus the hot(?) mess trainwreck that was the 50 Shades of Gray movie, which I had recently seen w/ friends on DVD. (It's...bad.)

I'm also loving...funnel cake ice cream sandwiches (mine was strawberries & cream) and pretty book mail!


HANNIBAL is back, and it is somehow even more bloody and beautiful than ever. Maybe it's because the show (so far) is set in Italy this year, or maybe it's just because no other show on TV looks as visually stunning as this one does.

Jurassic World! While the main human characters (except for the 2 kids) were kind of bland, the dinosaurs did not disappoint. All in all, quite entertaining! The raptors were our favorite. Never mess with velociraptors (which in actuality don't look anything like they do in the movies; they're supposed to have feathers!).

  • Ms. Marvel Vol. 2
  • Finishing a beta read, and will begin another beta for someone else after
  • Haven't decided what the next book I'm going to read is... Maybe Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking trilogy

Listening to
  • Florence + the Machine's new album. I love Ship to Wreck, but I'm currently in love with Long & Lost.
  • The song King by Brit electronica band Years & Years.

Thinking about

The craft projects I've decided to take on. One of them is another flower crown I hope to have in time for Comic Con. The other involves drawing and painting. It's been a long time since I've done either, but I do always enjoy it!


Comic Con is in less than a month! I can't believe it. San Diego, look out!

Making me happy

Trip planning with my best girls! I requested a trip for my birthday celebration and they enthusiastically hopped on board. You'll hear more about this in the future here, I'm sure.

I'm working on another project that I can't wait to share with you, but it's not quite ready yet. You'll be the first to know, and I hope you like it!

How's life going with you?

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Stephanie Allen said...

I've been listening to "King" on repeat, so I'm glad someone else knows about it! And I can't wait to see Jurassic World. I'm going solely for the dinosaurs, so I'm glad it didn't disappoint in that respect.