5 Fandom Friday (20)

(New Graphic by Darling Stewie)

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This week's theme: Characters With My Favorite Fictional Fashion (via @1CuriousWrite)

It's been a while since I've done a Fandom 5 post, but I was excited about this topic because I love clothes! My mind went to book characters first, but once I remembered TV counted too, picking my 5 was easy.

1) Felicity Smoak (TV: Arrow) - Felicity immediately popped into my mind because I love her clothes. They're colorful, fun, and cover the range of casual to cute to chic to sexy.

2) Celaena Sardothien (Book: Throne of Glass series) - Not only is this girl an assassin, she's also a bona fide fashionista. Whenever she has to get dressed up for a ball, her gowns sound like they're straight off the couture runway - and I love how the series' book covers reflect Celaena's dual sense of style. Badass assassin to style icon.

3) Joan Watson (TV: Elementary) - From the very beginning, Lucy Liu's modern, genderbent Watson has been effortlessly chic. Season 1's Watson mostly wore clean neutrals, but as the seasons have progressed, she's started wearing bolder patterns and more color. Whatever she wears though, she always makes me want to raid her closet.

4) Violet White (Book: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea) - Violet's wardrobe is perfect for what she is - a modern Gothic heroine. She lives in a crumbling mansion by the sea, has absent artist parents, and gets caught up with someone tall, dark, and handsome. Her clothes are a mix of paint-splattered coveralls and camisoles and her dead grandmother's vintage blouses and skirts.

5) Charlotte "Chuck" Charles (TV: Pushing Daisies) - Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite shows (gone too soon, alas!), and part of its charm was its unapologetic use of design and color. Particularly to-die-for (haha) were Chuck's outfits. Everything she wore was some combination of saturated color, playful patterns, and retro silhouettes, and it was all bright, bold, and bee-autiful!

This is basically my dream closet.

Which fictional character's wardrobe do you drool over?


Gennia said...

Do you watch New Girl? Obviously I love Zooey's wardrobe. The Pushing Daisies photos reminded of that a bit.
Helpful: http://wwzdw.com

Unknown said...

Nice picks :)


ChikSolo said...

What a neat mix of characters - I need to start keeping a list of the books you post about! Chuck is a great choice, I love vintage-inspired clothing, and fun colors and patterns too.

Unknown said...

I've always kinda wondered where I could get stuff like what Joan wears, didn't even think of her for this post though! Such a good pick!

Cateaclysmic said...

I love that you picked Chuck, I thought of her as soon as I clicked publish and was wondering if anyone else would mention her as I adore her style in fact the whole show was just amazin eye candy I miss it so much xoxo


Unknown said...

Great choices! Felicity made my list too and I wish I'd picked Joan Watson now too. I think I needed a 50 Fandom Friday today.

Alice said...

Love so much Joan Watson!

Usagi said...

Oh I love your list! Such a nice collection of characters. I forgot about Chuck and Joan but was totally happy to see the love every where.