Writerly Wednesday

Dear readers, I see there are a few more of you than before. WELCOME! I wonder if it was Sophia's awesome guest post that brought you here or least randomosity's post full of 90s boy bands (well, mostly JT's peculiar knees). Alternately, our stats suggest it is more likely you showed up because you thought you'd see a Robot Unicorn kicking Anakin in the face, scarring him for life.

That was a huge tangent. Please forgive my spazziness. I'm operating on little sleep and lots of cortisol. Today's actual post is this:

The Perks of Being a Writer

1. Day dreaming is considered work.
2. Buying new office supplies is considered a work-related expense.
3. That Starbucks run is essential to productivity.
4. Among writers, talking to yourself is socially acceptable.
5. Among writers, talking about imaginary people is socially acceptable.
6. Among writers, talking to imaginary people is socially acceptable.
7. PJs, sweat pants, and yoga pants can be work appropriate attire.
8. Conducting socially unacceptable experiments is socially acceptable.
9. Reading books, watching TV/movies, and  generally toodling around on the internet is called "research."
10. All weird quirks can be attributed to your "inner artiste."

Got any more for me? Happy Wednesdsay!

P.S. If you hop on over to Sophia's blog, you may or may not see pics of us hangin' out in Real Life. I also may or may not be singing Lady Gaga.


Connie Keller said...

Your list is perfect. Except you're missing one thing: chocolate. Dark chocolate is absolutely essential to beautiful prose.

Tere Kirkland said...

#9 all the way!

Wait, is it wrong to eavesdrop on people in the park and use their entire argument verbatim in your WiP? ;)

Lydia Kang said...

I'm totally blanking but one of the writing blogs I follow is called "Socially Acceptable Schizophrenia."
That says a lot!

Lydia Kang said...

(And btw, Shoepunk was made up by moi.)

XiXi said...

YESSSS I use that Starbucks excuse all the time. :)

Angela said...

Wonderful list. I'm glad I get to do so many otherwise socially unacceptable things. :D