Randomosity on Fridays: Magic of the Interwebz

OMG, you guys, guess what today is? FRIDAY! Yesterday was Thursday! Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, well, just take a look at this music video. It has the most literal song lyrics like ever.

It went viral this past weekend, and I've had this piece of musical genius stuck in my head for the majority of the week. Yes, I was looking forward to Friday and "fun fun, think about fun."

Ahem, thus opens this week's Interwebby-themed Randomosity on Fridays!

1. I recently discovered the Stats tab on Blogger. Yeah, I'm a little slow. Anyway, I was surprised and amused to find that the majority of our traffic comes from Robot Unicorn Attack and Anakin Skywalker scar google searches. I don't even remember writing...

Oh right, we did write those posts. I'm sorry all you google searchers who arrived here and found nothing REMOTELY like what you were looking for. The fact is I have NO IDEA why Anakin Skywalker has that scar, and Alz wrote the Robot Unicorn post. Edit: Oh wait, Alz wrote the scar post too, and apparently I DO know how Anakin got that scar because I say so in said post. Whut.

2. However, clearly the lesson of this discovery is that I need to write more about Anakin Skywalker, and actually, I do have a lot to say about him. I did my senior year speech project in high school about him.

You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

3. Okay, it was actually more about Obi-Wan (since I think Anakin's a brat), but where there's Kenobi, there's Skywalker, and OH GOD I did not just quote Clone Wars (yeah, I watch that too). But yes, I did. I'm going to stop myself now because this is turning into embarrassing word vomit, even though you all already know I'm an epic nerd.

Buuut Anakin on Clone Wars is voiced by this hottie, so yeah...

Matt Lanter <3

4. In less fun "going viral" internet video news, UCLA student Alexandra Wallace posted a video this weekend in which she goes on a racist rant about Asians, specifically ones in the library. To add further insult to injury, she brings up the tsunami. The tsunami. As in the horrific natural disaster that has devastated an entire nation and its people that only happened like A FEW DAYS before she posted her ranty vid. Girl, that is so not on, and um, I'm American too, thanks. (This whole thing extra riles the sister up because she goes to UCLA.)

Tons of response videos have since surfaced, but DavidSoComedy's vlog - Asians in the Library about it is the funniest I've seen. *Be warned: mild cursing and some "innapropriosity"

5. BUT the NUMBER 1 awesomest Internet-related moment of this week was our meeting fellow blogger & writer SOPHIA from Sophia the Writer IN REAL LIFE!!! Our mutual lamenting over the closing of Borders stores brought us to the realization that we're from roughly the SAME AREA.

So on Sunday, we met up for a late brunch/lunch, and we ended up chatting for the entire afternoon. Fun times. Sophia was totally sweet and funny, and we share a great love of boba, karaoke, and abusing CAPS LOCK WHEN WE ARE EXCITED!!! So it's pretty awesome. This was a big deal for all involved because this was the first time any of us have met other bloggers IN REAL LIFE. Yay!

Unfortunately, we have no pictures of the event since both Sophia and I forgot our cameras and Alz is painfully camera-shy anyway.

HOWEVER, as a souvenir of the meeting, we did wrangle for you, dear readers, a special GUEST POST from Miss Sophia. So look out for it on Wednesday! Sophia will be blogging about composing music and composing books. (Yeah, she's multi-talented!)

In the mean time, you can catch Alz's post about her experience as a Fantasy writer in an MFA program over at Sophia's blog.

Have a happenin' weekend everyone! After all, you know what day it is! ;) What are your Interwebby stories this week?

P.S. Here are some good posts with compiled links for how you can help earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan. Disaster like this can bring out the worst in people, but it can also bring out the best.

Huffington Post: How to Help Japan: Earthquake Relief Options
Hyphen Magazine: Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Efforts in Japan
League of Extraordinary Writers blog: YA/MG Community Mobilizes to Help Japan


Elena Solodow said...

No scar or robot unicorn!?? I'm out. Sorry. This is NOT what I signed up for...

Emy Shin said...

It's kind of mind-blowing how viral that video got. Everybody in my English class talked about that it's "Friday" today, and tomorrow's Saturday, etc. :D

Also! That Alexandra Wallace video is definitely offensive, though I loved the responses, especially the Asians in the Library song. Rather crude, but kind of great.

Elana Johnson said...

Dude, that song/video are my new faves! And I had no idea there was a stats tab in blogger... #doh

I don't get around the Internet as much as I used to. I have nothing cool. :(

Lydia Kang said...

What a horrid video (Wallace) and kick-ass response (Asians in the Library Song).

Thanks Emy and Krispy!

Another tip for getting a lot of traffic is write a blogpost like this:
Twilight. Edward Cullen. Rob Pattinson. x100, then add a picture. Works every time.

Sophia Chang said...

omg I died laughing at this post. That horrible song is still playing as I type this. It's causing me to narrate my day in lyrics

"Boy I need some breakfast
I just get so hungry
It's because I'm hypo
G-L-Y-C-E-to the MIC"

At least now I know who Lord Voldemort was talking about on Twitter.

And yes I said breakfast. I'm kind of having an insomniac week.

lolol I had no idea you also talked in caps lock.


David de Beer said...

Anakin Skywalker -- argh! the only noteworthy thing about him is that he became Darth Vader. At least then he got interesting. And I also seriously loathed that dude they got to play Anakin in episodes 2&3; he spent far too much time angsting and pouting and being just generally a kid throwing tantrums to ever be likeable.
I did like Phantomn Menace though. But enough of that.

re: Wallace and public suicide on the interwebs. yeah, you know, there is a bit of a disconnect with reality nowadays. Thanks to reality TV and the various internet forums that grant anyone the ability to have a platform. But some thoughts should stay, you know, thoughts. People still have a pretty rought time getting it into their heads that stuff you do and say can have repercussions, except if it happens by chance in a pub or coffee shop, life might forget and forgive. The internet immortalises all the dumbass moments you have.
That's just random musing on the topic, btw, am in no way excusing her. She's about to learn all about repercussions, and taking responsibility for your actions. That should be quite the epiphany, I'm sure.

best thing on the internet I saw all week:

being such a non-procrastinator yourself, I'm sure you'll appreciate it:)

I did watch Supernatural seasons 1-2 this week, actually the last few days. have only seen occasional episodes up to this point, but I'm totally hooked now. LOVE this show. must get seasons 3-5, MUST!

anyways, let me stroll over and see what Alz said.

Sherrie Petersen said...

Our entire family is obsessed with Star Wars, but I had no idea that guy was the voice of Anakin. He's even cuter than Hayden Christensen :P

I'm so out of it that whole offensive rant against Asians and the tsunami is news to me. I guess I need to crawl out from my writing cave more often and watch a news cast!