Randomosity on Fridays: Unexposed Edition

Okay, guys, I've a confession: I was never a boy band fangirl. Yes, I was aware of 'NSync and Backstreet Boys and the ongoing rivalry between the two, as well as the other boy bands that sprung up in their wake and died away just as quietly. I heard their songs here and there, but I was so out of the loop (or rather didn't care) that I usually didn't know which songs were written by whom.

Krispy was somewhat aware of my ignorance, though only recently has she been fully exposed to my massive past indifference. Since she noted last month that she has gained a newfound appreciation for boy band dancing, she took it upon herself to show me clips online, which exposure eventually culminated in watching a DVD of 'N Sync's performance at Madison Square Garden (yes, despite Krispy being a Backstreet fangirl).

So! Without further adieu, here's 4 things I am (or was) unexposed to:

1. Boy bands! Seriously, didn't give a crap about them except that occasionally I heard a song that was nice. It wasn't that I was deliberately disliking or avoiding the, it was just that I had no interest because my taste in music was and is more of a sample-as-I-go like-a-song-here-and-there sort of deal, and also because I didn't think any of the boy bands were particularly hot. Krispy and our friend Luce were Backstreet fangirls, but I only recently acquired enough exposure to boy bands via their insistence (and sudden appreciation for oldskool boy bands) to learn most of the names of the members of 'N Sync (Justin Timberlake, JC, Lance…uh…Joey…andthatotherguy) and that the one Backstreet Boy who's still not back is Kevin.

2. Actually, this isn't quite in the same category of unexposure that I was intending to pursue, but Justin Timberlake has really sweaty knees.

Source: Bestweekever.tv

Apparently other random people have noticed too. Bizarre, eh? We asked our medical student friend about it and she was just as baffled as we were, but now if a patient ever comes to her concerned about his/her sweaty knees, she can tell them, "It's okay! Justin Timberlake has sweaty knees too!"

Skip to around 2:19 and look carefully at his knees. Looks like he dropped to his knees in a puddle of water, but that isn't water. It's sweat.

3. Horses. I know most girls love horses and generally between the ages of 4-16 have a period of all-consuming horse-crazy. I like horses okay, but I never particularly wanted one. I had more of a unicorn phase than a horse phase (a phase which I have not outgrown, I might add) but even then it was not to the level of thrill and passion that so many of my friends and peers experienced. I wanted a dragon more than I wanted a horse.

4. TV shows I've never watched, literally never watched, never watched to the point that I don't think I've ever seen half an episode or even seen them on TV at all: 90210, Dawson's Creek, Will and Grace, Friends, Seinfeld, and probably many others that I don't remember because I never cared. Now that I think about it, I'm not even sure what those shows are about. And yes, we DID have a TV in the house and no, I was NOT forbidden from watching these shows or anything. I was more into Star Trek, books by Mercedes Lackey, and assorted anime.

5. This one is unrelated to unexposure but relates to both Krispy and me: Krispy's sister has appointed herself our Task Master and is holding The Liar Society hostage until Krispy meets her writing goal. Incidentally, I met my writing goal (hint hint, Krispy) but was still denied the book because I already ceded it to Krispy in addition to having too many other books on my reading plate.

So that's it for this week, fellow blogtastic bloggers! What things were you unexposed to in your heyday or are unexposed to now?


Connie Keller said...

1. I've never been a boy band fan. In fact, when I was in high school I loved big band music. This was in the 80s and was very uncool.

2. I'm not a TV person. I've never seen most TV shows that people talk about. Though I do stream Burn Notice, Leverage (Timothy Hutton is a great actor), and Castle--yes, I know that fairly mainstream, but I can't resist movies/TV shows about writers.

3. I was never a horse girl--I was too busy reading. (And I didn't like horse books either.)

4. I'm pro-e books. I never thought I would be. I'm a Luddite and thought that I'd give up my leather-bound books only when you could pry them from my cold, dead hands. But I have a Kindle now, and (gulp) I LOVE it.

Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, I was always more of a unicorn girl, myself. And this was way back in the days when The New Kids on the Block were the boy-band du jour. Frightening, I know, but I survived by only pretending to be interested in their music, bodies, hair, etc. Someone may have called me on my TNKotB ignorance once or twice in fifth grade, but who's laughing now?

And I never watched most of those shows, either, if that makes you feel any better. I certainly feel like I benefited from not watching them. ;)

Have a great weekend, y'all!

ali cross said...

LOL, I love the relationship you two have ~ it's truly special!

And Alz, I was never a boy band fan, either. In fact, I never owned nor tacked up ANY celeb posters/whatev in my room, ever. I didn't have any actor-crushes or singer-crushes or anything.

But yes, I did love horses! :)

Emy Shin said...

I was all into Asian boy bands in high school -- but it was more because of how cool they looked than anything else.

Horses never interested me, either. I'd take dragons any day. :)

Krispy said...

REALLY?! None of you had a horse phase?! I'm extremely baffled. Some of my favorite childhood books are horse books! *SIGH*

CONNIE- I LOVE physical books, but I have a Kindle too and I feel like if I start to use it more, I will really love it. Eep! Oh and I totally want to watch Leverage, but I have too many shows on my plate!

TERE- You know NKotB and MY boyband BSB are touring together this year. We should go. ;) I kid, especially since it sounds like you were never really into NKotB, whereas I have like every BSB song known to man memorized. Seriously. Well, maybe not ALL, but definitely complete albums.

ALI- LOL. This relationship comes from having known each other forever and residing in close proximity.

EMY- One of our friends was super into J-Rock in high school and then Korean boy bands in college. It was crazy.
I wanted a dragon/unicorn too, but REALISTICALLY speaking, a horse was the next best thing. Yes? *grasping at straws*

Alz said...

I never thought I'd find such solidarity with so many! Sweeeeet.

Connie - RE ebooks: I've heard so many rave reviews and so many meh reviews for the Kindle. Yet I, like you, cherish my made-from-dead-tree books, and you converted to a Kindle believer, so I suppose I should give it a chance.

Tere - Even though I am absolutely not a boy band fangirl, even I was blown away by the awesome of NKOTBSB when they sang together.

Ali - I think the closest thing to a celebrity poster I tacked up on my walls was a poster of Optimus Prime from Transformers (1980s cartoon version). ;)

Emy - I liked looking at Asian boy bands and artists because some of them dressed so, er, bizarrely, and others dressed extremely coolly. But it was the same thing as with American boy bands--I liked a song here and there, but nothing overall enough to become a real fan.

Krispy - DRAGON PHASE. Patricia C. Wrede's Dealing with Dragons! I don't think I read any horse books in my childhood beyond Whisper the Winged Unicorn!

Lydia Kang said...

I've been exposed to boy bands (that sounds kind of creepy. wondering if I should delete that) but I was never fanatic about them.

I wanted to be a horse girl (okay, that sounds really, really weird too) but never succumbed. They're too big and scary. And they smell like horse s**t.

That's all I have to confess for now, LOL.

XiXi said...

I had a long, enduring horse phase, no worries. I loved everything horse-related, including unicorns and pegasi.

Um, I was never really exposed to '90s music in general, and people always make fun of me when classics come on and I'm like, I've never heard that song before. I guess I just lacked a childhood or something. I blame it on the Asian parents.

Sophia Chang said...

OHHHHHmygawd you guys, you have to get into the Wimpy Boy Band series if you haven't already:

I'm OBSESSED with this series. It makes me laugh so hard I cry.

Alz said...

Lydia – "I've been exposed to boy bands"—I STARTED TO TYPE THIS TOO, and then deleted it. In retrospect, I think I should've let it stand for the statement it is. Bravo to you! And LOL about the horses. I liked pony rides when I was little but never felt the desire (errr, such as it is) for a horse.

Icy Roses – Unicorns and pegasi are still up my alley. It's the shiny sparkly magical horn, and the feathery wings. Love 'em. Put a shiny magical horn and wings on nearly any animal and I'll probably like it more than the original. Horned winged magic mongoose? Woohoo! Also, it's okay about the music—I boggled Krispy by telling her I never knew etc. song was by etc. artist/boy band.

Sophia – OMGLOLWTF. Thank you for bringing this into my life. If only my internet would load these things faster so I could WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW.