Book Reading Udpate

It's almost Christmas! Is everyone excited? I am, even though I've pretty much opened all my presents already. I usually save them, but when your friends are badgering you to open them, it's hard to say no. Besides, it turns out one of my friends and I got each other the same thing. It was pretty awesome. LULZ were had.

In any case, I've got one more Christmas surprise in the works and a holiday message for anyone who drops by this blog whether by accident or choice or coercion. So that will be beaming its way to you come Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, depending on when I find the time. (I'm desperately trying to finish writing something for a friend. Shh.)

I've also been READING, which is surprising since like I said, I no longer have a Winter Break to slob around during - a fact that still troubles me greatly.

I have finished not one but TWO books already - The Titan's Curse and The Battle of the Labyrinth, both from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. These books really do get better, though I have to say I liked Book 3 more than Book 4. I hear Book 5 is the best, but I have yet to get my hands on it. I'm like 98 in the queue for the library copy, so I'm contemplating just BUYING the book. I was so desperate to keep my reading high after I finished Book 4 that I went to Amazon and read the first 6 pages of Book 5 through the preview.

Um, yeah. My sister rolled her eyes at me in disdain.

Anyway, I do have a huge pile of OTHER books I borrowed from the library, as I stated in my revised list of books, so I started to work at that while I wait for the last Percy Jackson book/contemplate buying it.

I've started Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon. Not far enough in it to really say anything about it, but so far so good.

Anyone else itching to read something?

Finally some plugs:
Check out Merc's story Hero's Choice out as a serial online.

My co-conspirator, co-writer, and co-slightly evil person Alz is not only a fantabulous writer, she's rather crafty too. Randomly, she gets it into her head to try new crafty things every once in a while like jewelry making and welding or something. I'm not sure. I just reap the benefits of her immense talent. Please check out her cute and pretty works at her craft blog Sparkling Rampage, which is also located in our sidebar. If you're a BBC's Merlin TV show fan (as I am), you'll like her most recent post.

Until Christmas then darlings!


XiXi said...

That's awesome. I started on a pretty decent run, but I've kind of bogged down in the middle of Wildwood Dancing. Long chapters turn me off, haha. But the book is good.

I liked Book 3 better than Book 4 too. You know what's lame is that we have two copies of Book 5 in my house. One that I bought the morning it came out, and apparently, my brother bought a copy a while later. So now we have two. Lameface.

XiXi said...

So I can flood your blog with ONLY MY COMMENTS: there is a gift for you on my blog.

Merry Christmas!

lisa and laura said...

Merry Christmas!!! I've been reading like a maniac too, but I had to take a break for Christmas movies over the past few days. I'm sure I'll be back at it by Saturday. Enjoy the holidays!

Krispy said...

Icy- I saw the gift! THANK YOU!!! I have two copies of the 7th Harry Potter book. We pre-ordered it on Amazon, but made the mistake of going to a Midnight Release party. Of course, we couldn't resist with the book RIGHT THERE for the buying. At least PJ Book 5 isn't as HUGE.

LiLa- Holidays are a great time for movies as well. For some reason, I associate them with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies though - probably because they were released around the holidays? Take care!