'Tis the Season for Greetings!

There is a reason I'm blogging instead of sleeping off this cold. It's December! The holidays are upon us, and frankly, I'm in a giving mood.

I would like to send holiday Greeting Cards out to people this December. I did this once with some Critique Circle peeps, and it was quite pleasant. These cards will also be personalized - as in Alz or I (or both!) will doodle a little something in your card or scribble a funny anecdote or rec a book or fancily write your name on the envelope. I'm not sure yet what we'll do. It kind of depends on time.

Everyone will get a fancily-written-name though because I love doing that. No seriously. I do. It doesn't even have to be YOUR name that is fancily written. You can request a name for the fancy treatment.

So if you would like Alz and I to send you a greeting card this holiday season, please comment below with your email OR you can email us at nudging[dot]along[at]gmail[dot]com. We shall be in contact for a mailing address OR if you're afraid we're creepy stalkers, I will be happy to scan you a card.

You may also make a request like "Can I have an awkward turtle doodle?" or ask us a question like "how many times have you been to Disneyland?". BUT I make no guarantees those wishes will be granted. We're not Santa Claus. We do not have his magic powers or his flying reindeer. I don't even have a celestial quadruped, though there are a few cosmic serpents slithering about...

If you would like a book rec from us, please give us some idea of what you like to read. We might not be able to answer, depending on the genre.

Finally, you are in no way obligated to send us a greeting card back (though we would love it if you did, even if it's email/e-greeting).

Um, I want you to get your cards within the month, give or take a few weeks. So please let us know by Dec. 12, 2009.

And this is getting long, so I'm going to leave you with this contest my sister showed me where you can win AN AWKWARD TURTLE. I kid you not. It's cute too! Contest and turtle are from the talented and fun WongFu Productions, and you can check it out at Awkward Turtle Contest. What are your awkward moments?

P.S. How prolific is this whole awkward turtle thing anyway? Is it more mainstream now? During my internship in summer 2008, only fellow Californians seemed to have any idea what I was talking about when I busted out the awkward turtle hand gesture. Talk about awkward.

(P.P.S. There's also lots of other awkward things - snowmen, moose, turkeys, jellyfish... Yes, time for bed I think.)


Gennia said...

wooo me! can you draw me a picture of yourself so I can sleep with it next to my pillow?

Krispy said...

Gennia- I can't draw a picture of myself! It'll just look like Catherine! D:

Plus, I have that wall scroll from Taiwan. Weren't you going to hang that up in your house?

Alz said...

I'LL DRAW YOU A PICTURE OF KRISPY, Gennia. After all, as well Krispy should know, the more of her the merrier.

Krispy--you didn't think she'd have just one pic of you hanging around, did you?