The Holiday Spirit!

I should have paid attention when my horoscope said the start of this month for me would be a doozy. It seems after the excitement/stress of NaNoWriMo and Real Life, the universe decided to reward me with a kick in the immune system. Yes folks, I caught a cold in the afternoon today. I was really hoping I was just allergic to something in my cubicle. No such luck.

In any case, I did not win NaNo, but I did get more words down than usual. I'll probably do a Post-NaNo post later in the week when I'm not feeling so groggy.

The real reason for this post is to give you a HEADS-UP for a post coming later in the week. Why? It's December. The mini-tree in the office is decorated with office supplies and lit! I love the holidays and I'm in a giving mood! More on what this means in the next post. Later!


Tere Kirkland said...

Hope the holiday spirit makes you feel better!

Krispy said...

Thanks! I just need more time to sleep, and maybe some hot chocolate. :)