Terrible Titles Bloghop

I so wasn't going to post this week since it IS Christmas Eve, but then Tracey tagged me in the Terrible Titles Bloghop, and I just couldn't resist. You should check out Tracey's titles because they're great and I can't wait to read her sure-to-be-gripping "Making War with Acorns."

Now first thing's first...

RULES: Writers scroll through their manuscript and stop in random places. Whatever words/phrase the cursor lands on becomes one of eight terrible titles.

My current WIP is the verse story, so the selection wouldn't be that great if I just used it because 1) it's in verse, so there's not a lot of words already and 2) I haven't written very much of it so there's even less words. So I'm snatching a few "titles" from a couple different files.

Could be an image from "To How She Moved."
(Source: Grace by bunnyjennyy)

Verse Story Titles

1. We Will Not Be Hounded
2. Light Upon My Worn Steps
3. To How She Moved

Equinoxal Titles

4. While His Hand Painted
5. No, That Is An Angel.

Cinders (A Cinderella Retelling) Titles

6. A Great Deal of Effort
7. We Are New to the Area
8. Pretty, Right?

I love how the Cinders titles are the least indicative of what the story is like, but hey, who wouldn't pick up a book called "PRETTY, RIGHT?" because I totally would! I like pretty things...

And now, I TAG Yahong Chi, Miss Cole, and Julie Dao, and anyone else who wants to join! If you're waiting for a tag? THIS IS IT.

Now, get thee to a nunnery WIP!


Miss Cole said...

Light Upon My Worn Steps is actually amazing and you should totally use that someday.

Sign me up to beta read We Are New to the Area ;)

Julie Dao said...

I would buy PRETTY, RIGHT? in a heartbeat!!

Tracey Neithercott said...

I can imagine a book with this cover and the title, NO, THAT IS AN ANGEL: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18216396-damselfly