5 Fandom Friday (6)

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This week's theme: Presents I Want Santa To Bring Me

How extravagant are we allowed to get because I can go there... This is just wishful thinking, right? ;)

1) Maggie Stiefvater's Scorpio Races art print.

Source: society6.com/maggiestiefvater
Of the considerable number of YA books I've read in recent years, THE SCORPIO RACES is one of the few that I knew would be a forever favorite when I finished it. It is an atmospheric, longing book set on a fictional windswept island that is also home to the capall uisce - vicious, wild, flesh-eating water horses (perhaps more commonly known as selkies). So obviously, I want this print.

2) Shadowplaynyc's limited-time galaxy hoodies.
Source: instagram.com/shadowplaynyc
It should be no surprise that I love galaxy-print things, and I don't think anyone does them as beautifully as Brooklyn-based Shadowplaynyc does. So when they announced their special, limited line of reversible hoodies, I was super excited. Unfortunately, I've reached my quota on gifts-to-myself this year, but oh, those hoodies are nice to look at.

Over the holidays last year and this year, I took advantage of their sales and picked up a dress and some tights.

3) Vintage typewriter

I love old writing paraphernalia, so I'd love to have an old working typewriter to use when I'm feeling whimsical and to admire on the day to day. I saw one from the 1920s at a swap meet this weekend, and I was a tiny bit tempted - but I have absolutely NO ROOM for it, hah. But what can I say? I'm weird and like old things like books and fountain pens and writing in cursive.

4) Wonderfalls: The Complete Series

I love practically everything else by Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies and Hannibal are some of my favoritest TV), and there was a lot of love for Wonderfalls at SDCC this year that it got me curious. Plus, Lee Pace.

(I should probably watch Dead Like Me too, which friends have suggested I'd like.)

5) Books!

Because one can never have too many (although, someone get me more shelf space first...), and I especially love all the BEAUTIFUL books to choose from like anything the Folio Society prints or these collections from Penguin and Puffin:

Penguin's Drop Caps Classics collection (recently completed)

Puffin in Bloom series


If we're really talking Christmas miracles here, I'd like Santa to bring me some time off. The crush of holidays right at the end of the year really makes it so hard to be at work, so it seems like the best time to have like a 2 week vacation. That's why I think Winter Break might be the thing I miss most about not being in school anymore. No more mandatory winter vacation!

That's the kind of time off/free time I want. No consequences, non-work-affecting free time for holiday cheer, reading, crafting, hanging out, sleeping, and Netflix binge-watching. Make it happen, Santa! ;)

What's on your Santa Wish List?


Anonymous said...

That galaxy hoodie is amazing! It's so beautiful!

Unknown said...

I love the typewriter :)


OK LOVE you so much! That galaxy hoodie is GORG!!! I've been wanting a typewriter too! And those books are gorgeous!! xx

Natalie Patalie said...

Oh my goodness. That hoodie is so cool! Love love love it.

J said...

The galaxy hoodies are super cool! I would love a vintage typewriter too :)


Kristin Hackett said...

I LOVE those Shadow Play hoodies so much!!!

Gennia said...

Alice, I wish you wrote this post in November...keep that in mind next year!