5 Fandom Friday (7)

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This week's theme: My Must See List of Christmas Movies

It's not so much that I have to see these, but these are movies that are either very XMAS-y or they remind me of this wonderful time of the year. Just glimpsing them on TV or in stores is enough to give me a jolt of holiday cheer.

1) ELF

Comedies are hit or miss for me because humor can be so subjective, but I loved Elf when I saw it in theaters and I love it now. Even in its most ridiculous, most obnoxious moments, it retained its heartfelt exuberance for the holiday season. That kind of good cheer is infectious.


There have been many imitations of this format, but none are as good as the original. All star cast, adorable intersecting stories, and ALL THE FEELS.


Nothing seems more magical than Christmas at Hogwarts. Plus, the books and movies have always had great winter scenes, and the ABC Family holiday marathons have helped cement these films in my brain as movies for this time of year. Not to mention, ALL THE MAGICAL FRIENDSHIP FEELS.


These movies were all released in December, and that's when my friends and I saw them. They were such a part of our high school experience, and we loved them (and love them still). Also, like the Harry Potter movies, the holiday marathons of these movies have also helped strengthen my association of them with Christmastime.

The Hobbit trilogy (why is it a trilogy?) isn't as good, but the friends and I have stuck with tradition and seen them in theater each December they're out. We'll be seeing this last installment this weekend - appropriately in a huge group.


I was going to put something more traditional here like Frosty the Snowman or A Charlie Brown Christmas, but those are kind of no-brainers. They're always shown around Christmastime, and of course, they're very seasonally appropriate and I remember them fondly from childhood.

Instead, I picked for my last entry, this episode of the TV show Supernatural. While it's not one of the strongest monster-of-the-week stories (though I liked the holiday monster twist), it's one of the best character episodes in the show and is one of my absolute favorites. It's funny, clever, sweet, and a little heartbreaking. Basically, it hit all the right notes for Christmas - warm and fuzzy with a hint of melancholy. And we get to see a Christmas with the boys as kids.

Happy Holidays, you freaks!



I LOVE Love Actually. It is ACTUALLY the only Christmas film I've watched this year so far! We usually do a LOTR marathon around this time of year too! xx

Katya Owu said...

Harry Potter <3

I've never actually seen love actually.. I feel like I'm missing something!

Miss Cole said...

I love that episode of Supernatural XD It's been way too long since I watched it.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love that episode of Supernatural! I could do another post of just TV episodes!

Meghan said...

I love the gif of Hugh Grant you included. I think that's my favorite scene in Love Actually! And I just saw THe Battle of Five Armies today and came home and started a Lord of the Rings marathon.