What's Up Wednesday (19)

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ALL OUR YESTERDAYS. I know, I know! It's taking me forever, and it's not because the book isn't good. It is! I'm quite enjoying it, but it is also NaNoWriMo and I have ALL THE MOVIES and ALL THE BIRTHDAYS to attend to as well. I'm nearly there though!

Plus, it's getting to that time in the year when I start reading picture books in an attempt to catch up to my yearly reading goal. I'm currently 5 books behind. :(

I'm also re-reading HAMLET, which of all the Shakespearean plays I've read (which admittedly is not that many), it is my favorite. I think I like it even better now. It's so beautiful and DRAMATIC. Hamlet, you melodramatic diva, I love you. Though I could do with a little less misogyny. :P


NaNo story and it is SLOW GOING. I am no less excited about the idea, but obviously getting the idea to look anything like it's supposed to is frustrating. I know it's about quantity and not quality, but oh it pains me. Also, I'm just a slow writer. The sprints thing, it just makes me nervous - in the bad, overly tense way. But the good thing is I am at least writing EVERY DAY*, so yay for forming good habits.

The Lokis are my writing partners. Mostly, they judge my sad word count.


Everyone else's amazing word counts and all the energy and encouragement I see every day on Twitter from the community. I also had a very fun group texting session with Lola and Sarah this weekend that was inspiring in its own way. I mostly talked about taking Loki to the vet, haha, but Lola and Sarah had good writerly conversation!


As I mentioned above, we took Loki to the vet, but it's nothing serious! He just needed his yearly shots and it turns out he has allergies that make his ears itchy. So we have allergy meds for that.

We also got him a hat for no reason other than that it's cute. He didn't like it.

Like his namesake, Loki is good at making annoyed faces.

Aaaand we saw THOR: THE DARK WORLD and loved it! I'm actually not sure if I liked it more than the first (I know, weird opinion - but I thought there was more weight to some of the emotional character moments in the first), but it was a lot of fun and funny. As with the first movie, I appreciated having the Female Gaze represented in the movie rather than the usual Male Gaze.

And speaking to that, during the quiet scene where Thor is shirtless, this lady in the audience said into the silence "Wow." It was especially perfect because you could tell it wasn't done on purpose to be funny or obnoxious. It sounded like she just couldn't contain herself. Priceless.

For the occasion, the Sister and I wore appropriate attire.

[And yes, that is what my hair looks like now with all the pink & red faded out. It's a nice ombre, and I haven't even done anything to it since July!]

It goes without saying, NOT ENOUGH LOKI. He was fantastic and when he was having fun, so were the rest of us.

I mean, the Sister wrote up 10 Reasons why THOR: THE DARK WORLD is really THE LOKI SHOW.

And thanks to the Loki Show, more people are discovering the utter talent and delight that is Tom Hiddleston. Oh darlings, let me welcome you to the party. ;)

Lastly, if you guys are willing, please vote for our puppy Loki in this pet photo contest! Here's the info

Directions: Enjoy the slideshow (linked below) and then send us an e-mail at templecityanimalhospital [at] gmail [dot] com telling us which pet you're voting for. Please put "Contest" in the Subject Line, and please include "Loki says 'Hi'."

Furry Friend photo slide show

Thanks friends! What's up with you?

*Every day...if you don't count that I miss a day here and there. Like I missed writing to see Thor.


Miss Cole said...

I need to get to the cinema to see Thor. Maybe I'll squeeze it in this weekend.

Your dog's expression is hilarious XD

Best of luck with NaNo. Writing every day is a great habit to have ^_^

ELAdams said...

I can't wait to watch Thor! And Hamlet is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays, misogyny aside. Writing daily is a great habit to get into, even if you don't 'win' NaNoWriMo!

Unknown said...

I am so bad about getting to the movies. I haven't even seen the first Thor movie. I'm glad you enjoyed it though. Good luck with NaNo.

prerna pickett said...

So glad Loki is doing well and it wasn't anything major. I know what you mean about finding time to read and, well, pretty much anything when you're NaNoing, it takes a lot out of you. And I just got over the "I'm not feeling this' hump this week, so hang in there! I can't wait to see Thor 2, heard so many amazing things about it! Excited!

Jaime Morrow said...

I love Loki so, so much. He really does steal the show every time he's in the scene. I laughed out loud at the "Wow" comment about shirtless Thor. No doubt! This month is just full of awesome movies. As for what you said about word sprints, I couldn't agree more. They really don't work for me at all. I need to work on my own at my own pace without the expectation that I need to show something for the last hour of writing or whatever. Good luck with the rest of NaNo!

Stephsco said...

The best part about Nano is even if you "lose" by not making 50k, you at least have words to work with that you might not have accumlated otherwise.

Everyone's talking about Thor and I was out of town last weekend. I need to see it!

Melanie Stanford said...

I just bought my tickets to see Thor this weekend and I can't wait! Also, I need a rewatch of the first one, just cuz... you know.
Writing every day is such a good habit to have. I'm doing well with my NaNo goal but mostly, I think getting into the habit even on the weekends is great.

Laura S. said...

I have to rent Thor and The Avengers again because I kind of forget what happens in the movies. But I remember liking them!

Writing every day is awesome. And taking a day off here and there to see The Loki Show is more than acceptable! :)

Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

Sarah Goldberg said...

Aw, thanks for the text shoutout! I continue to be feeling my way around the research rabbit hole, but am trying to put in some words, too. I totally feel you on the slow writing business -- because it's really not my thing, I have written a lot of very, very terrible words this month. I think I have decided to slow down a bit to make the words count a bit more, but still trying to write daily.

LOKI IS SO HANDSOME WITH HIS HAT, and you and your sister are très stylish per usual. (Nerdy chic?)

If the birthdays + movies let up and you want to write over the weekend, text me!

Katy Upperman said...

Sprints freak me out too. I get all nervous and anxious and my hands shake -- like there's a real consequence for doing poorly. Yikes. Love your photos as always. Loki looks adorable, and I love your Thor-themed shirts. So fun! Best of luck with your NaNo project. You can do it!

Tracey Neithercott said...

For the same reason sprints freak you out, NaNoWriMo freaks me out. So the fact that you're even doing it is great. It makes me feel like a failure for not being fast enough, even though I'm a pretty fast drafter. Besides, it doesn't matter how quickly you write in the end. The fact that it's pushing you to write daily is awesome!

Can I also say that I love how you and your sister dressed up for the movie? Perfect.

Unknown said...

I need to see the new Thor movie! And that dog is sooo cute :)

Best of luck with your NaNoWriMo project. Mine is slow going as well. It's so hard to get the idea onto the page ... and to get more ideas out of my head too :(


Alison Miller said...

You made me literally LOL about the picture books. OMG - I have had a HORRIBLE reading month. But it's okay. Lots of other great stuff going on for both of us.

Also, I'm that woman in the movie theater who said, "Wow."

Okay, just kidding, but that would've been me. Thor shirtless? Hoo boy *fans self*

Have a great week! And good luck with the writing! You can do it!

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

Yes, thumbs down to the misogyny in Hamlet. Poor Ophelia. She never had a chance.
Good for you for meeting those writing goals!