What's Up Wednesday (18)

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Still reading ALL OUR YESTERDAYS. I think I maybe burnt myself out on reading, so right now I've slowed. The book is good though! I'm just tired. :P I hope to get to ALLEGIANT, FANGIRL, JUST ONE YEAR, and VICIOUS soon. Must get all the books in before the YA Superlatives Blogfest in December...


My NaNoWriMo project, which is old and new! I combined an old story I couldn't quite get off the ground (a former NaNo project if you will and mixed it with a new idea, which makes me really excited about all of it again. There's going to be magic and mayhem and I LOVE IT.

I'm actually waaaay behind in word count, BUT other than missing the first day, I have written at least a little each day. So it's been good for me in terms of discipline. Also, YA author Victoria Schwab's calendar trick has helped a lot since I guess I still really love stickers. That and I grew up being an academic over-achiever, so if I need to be earning stickers, there is something hardwired in me that makes me WANT THE STICKERS. It's only as an adult that I became a slacker. Schneizeleffort (haven't heard that in a while)!


Victoria Schwab's calendar trick! STICKERS!

What's the calendar trick exactly? Here's a handy-dandy video she made explaining it:


Other than NaNo-ing? Not much. I am, however, preparing for the deluge of November birthdays to come. Some have already happened, but there's some more (including the birthday of one Alz)!

We also saw Ender's Game, which was a decent book adaptation and fun. The Battle Room and Command Simulations were spectacular, and it was so cool to see that aspect of the books brought to life. Plus, the kids cast were great (e.g. Ender is played by Asa Butterfield from HUGO and BBC's Merlin if you watched that), and one of the best lines the character Bean utters is "Your mom's a cheat. That's why you look like the plumber."

We cannot wait to see THOR: THE DARK WORLD later this week! MORE LOKI. MORE BROTHERLY SNARKING!

Oh and here are our Halloween pics from the Sister!

I was Medusa with 12 snakes in my hair that I painted! I'll have to take a nicer pic of the snakes later. The Sister was a Lady Thor. She made her costume - bought a black dress, sewed some circles.

Loki got dressed up too...as HIMSELF! Or rather his Asgardian namesake. The Sister made the jacket for him a few months ago, but she made the horns for him for Halloween.

Q4U: What's up with you?

P.S. If you missed it last Friday, you should definitely check out Alz's TRUE tale of QUAIL MURDER!


Miss Cole said...

Awesome Halloween costumes!

Good luck with the rest of your NaNoing ^^

All Our Yesterdays is in my TBR pile. I'll have to read it next.

Have a great week!

linda said...

ooh, i saw thor 2 last thursday! guess it came out earlier in taiwan.

and i'm a november baby too! i feel like i've already been wallowing in my quarterlife crisis for a while, lol.

love the costumes! :D

Julie Dao said...

Okay, I love that calendar sticker idea! I have a entire box full of stickers (artifacts from elementary school) that I could use up!

Katy Upperman said...

Love Loki's costume, and LOVE your Medusa! I hope you're able to read all of your TBR books before the Superlative blogfest... I'm excited to see what everyone recommends! Also, best of luck with NaNo. I'm cheering you on!

Laura S. said...

Your Halloween costumes look fantastic! I'm looking forward to the Thor sequel, too. Sand I'm glad Ender's Game is getting good reviews. I really liked the book and I was concerned Hollywood was going to ruin it. Can't wait to see it!

Good job with NaNo! Keep it up!!

Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

Ronald L. Smith said...

Dogs rock.

Happy reading and lots of writing!

Looking forward to Thor, also!

Connie Keller said...

Yay on doing NaNo--and still finding time to blog!

I really enjoyed Ender's Game too. And I just finished reading Allegiant--I enjoyed it, but the pacing wasn't as good as the last two books. I just started reading Alchemy by Sheena Boekweg et al., and I'm really enjoying it--pacing and characters are great.

Lori M. Lee said...

I'm looking forward to watching Ender's Game and OMG THOR <3

Your costumes are awesome haha. It looks like you guys had a ton of fun with them.

Unknown said...

Okay, I'm investing in some stickers. I love this idea. Thanks for inspiring me.

Colin Smith said...

Wow--you've got some reading to get through, Krispy! And you're NaNo-ing? There are some superhero NaNo-ers this year, and you're one of them!

All the best with your word count this week. :)

Alison Miller said...

Dude. Your costumes ROCK. And I am VERY excited about Thor 2 - we probably won't see it until it DVDs, but still very excited. I love me some AVENGERS.

Congrats on all the writing! And I must check out the sticker thing. I gave stickers to my high schoolers when they scored a 90 on a test. Never got old.

Have a great week!

Stephanie Allen said...

But really, the important part of Thor 2 is MORE LOKI.

Speaking of, your dog's costume is awesome! As are your costumes :)