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I'm still reading both THE DREAM THIEVES and ENDER'S GAME. It's not that these books aren't gripping. It's more like I was too busy and tired this past week to do much reading.

Besides, instead of reading Ender's Game, I was kind of living it at Comic Con (SDCC)!

Check it out. We're inside the Battle Room!

More on all that later. I will say that I also spent a part of the weekend running away from book spoilers for Ender's Game since I wasn't finished. :P


I knew this week would be a bust on the writing front, though I did desperately hope I'd have time to get some words down. Unfortunately, this was not so. Turns out preparing for Comic Con and Comic Con itself is...just as crazy as you think it'd be.

Goal: Write something this week. Anything. (But honestly, I'm in such a post-SDCC haze that I really don't know if this will be possible.)


My fellow geeks and fangirls/boys, who made my sister and my first Comic Con so freaking amazing. The whole experience exceeded my expectations by like 100% - and my expectations were reasonable (not low/ not high). I was grateful and impressed by the nice people we met in line, who gave us tips and traded swag with us, and I got to spend quality ladygeek time with fellow Tom Hiddleston admirer Nicole, who was also participating in Ready.Set.Write!. Plus, I met Twitter friend Lauren!


I need a whole separate post for this because TOO MUCH happened. Before I begin posting a whole bunch of pictures, suffice to say, the Sister and I went to San Diego with reasonable expectations. We knew we weren't going to see everything we wanted to see. We knew we might not sight any celebrities. We also prepared for the possibility of not making it into certain panels. We had a few moderate goals:

1) See the Divergent panel (mostly THEO JAMES).
2) Go to the Ender's Game Experience.
3) Go to the Godzilla Experience.
4) Make it into Hall H on Saturday for the Marvel panel.
5) Make it into the Dr. Who panel on Sunday.
6) Get free stuff.
7) Maybe sight a celebrity / like see Harrison Ford at the Ender's Game panel or Jennifer Lawrence at the Catching Fire panel.

ALL OF THESE THINGS HAPPENED AND THEN SOME. In particular, I was in Hall H for...


Loki completely owned Hall H. He received a standing, cheering ovation the second he revealed himself on stage. And in a show of true power, he silenced a crowd of 6500 with just a finger to his lips. (Picture courtesy of the Sister)

And then we got to see the man behind the God of Mischief in a much smaller setting the next day (thanks to pure good luck and SDCC karma) with Zachary Levi. WHAT.

Photo courtesy of the Sister.

Guys, I like adore Tom Hiddleston and I was barely expecting him to show up for the Marvel panel (since it was more Capt. America 2 focused than THOR 2 focused) much less having him appear as LOKI. And that was enough for me. It didn't even cross my mind he might do the more intimate Nerd HQ panel appearance!

THIS WAS OUR FIRST COMIC CON, and it was basically so awesome I kinda think we shouldn't go again because I don't know what could possibly live up to this. (But we'll probably still go again.)

Ahem. Some pictures:

HARRISON FORD! I think someone just asked him a Han Solo / Indiana Jones question.

As the photographer said, "You guys are rocking the Star Wars." YEP! By the way, my grandma made Sister's skirt!

Not only did we make the Hannibal panel on Thursday (after Divergent/Ender's Game), we also randomly ran into them again on Friday. Look! Hugh Dancy!

Hugh Dancy was super nice & stopped for this pic. My hair is looking particularly pink.
So yeah, longer recap of Comic Con on Friday! I might have to do multiple posts. There was just SO MUCH!

Q4U: What's up with you? How was your weekend? What would be your dream Comic Con?

Edit: Here's my SDCC Recap No. 1.


Elodie said...

WOW!!! ComicCon looks like a LOT OF FUN! :D Thanks so much for sharing :D :D :D and good luck for your goal this week, you can totally do it!

Anonymous said...

These photos are totally epic. No wonder you didn't get much else done last week. LOVE the photo in the battle room. SO COOL.

Alison Miller said...

In my dreams, one of these years I am going to Comic Con. I would love to be that close to Harrison Ford! Love the picture with the storm troopers, btw!

Also, yay for meeting up with twitter friends!

Yeah, I probably wouldn't have written a word either. NO WORRIES! You look like you had a blast! Good for you!

Connie Keller said...

AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see more photos.

Also, I'm totally green with envy. :)

Julie Dao said...

SO MUCH FUN!! These pictures are awesome. I can't wait to hear more about your trip!!!

Tonja Drecker said...

WOW! ComicCon looks so AMAZING! Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Caroline Tung Richmond said...


That is all. :)

Unknown said...

Comic Con looks so fun. I totally want to go sometime. I'm not a huge comic book reader, but the last few years it seems like it's been moving away from straight comic books to incorporate so much more of pop culture. So yeah, I'm jealous. Maybe next year I'll go, and you'll go back, and we can meet and act like nerds together :)

Katy Upperman said...

I have loved following along with your ComiCon adventures via Instagram... Looks like you had a blast! Best of luck with your goal for the week -- you can TOTALLY write something. Join me on Twitter, 7pm PST. I'm writing almost every night. :-)

Colin Smith said...

Cooool!!! I would have loved to have been there for the Doctor Who events. In fact, that's probably all I'd have done... which I know isn't true. I mean, how could I *not* go to the Divergent panel, and many of the other cool things going on.

I'm glad you had such a good time and got to see all you wanted to see. :)

Miss Cole said...

Comic-Con looked SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing the awesomeness :D

Raven M said...

OMG! I wish I could've been a fly on the wall. I too adore Tom Hiddleston, he's one of my favorite actors, and he just seems like a genuinely kind, and thoughtful person. Also him appearing in the Loki costume and silencing an entire room?! Now that's cool!

I'm living vicariously through everyone's Comic Con posts/pictures. I've never been but I hope I get to go one day soon.

Unknown said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Tom and Hugh? Too awesome for words. One of these years I so badly want to make it to SDCC. Even better, I'd love to go in cosplay. How much fun would that be? Thanks for sharing all of your fun stories and pics so we can live vicariously through you. :)

amy said...

Comic Con looks so fun. One year I would love to go. Have a great weekend!

linda said...

ahhhhh awesome!!! so happy for you that comic con totally exceeded your expectations and that you had a blast and got to see your idols :D that is so great!!!

Alix said...

Ahhhh! You have an ARC of THE DREAM THIEVES!!! so, so jealous. I can't wait to read it.

Comic Con looks fantastic.

Lydia Kang said...

OMG, you met Hugh Dancy???? I am so jealous! And you saw LOKI in the flesh? Geez, I am so jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

*jaw drops* your Comic-Con experience looks epic. No wonder you didn't get a chance to write! I'm just a tiny bit *coughokaymajorlycough* jealous of all you got to do!
Whew. Post Comic-Con daze is also justified. So long as we get to see more pictures. :)