Of More Unibeans

Sometimes I can't stop until I have one in every size.  Possibly this is why my unicorn Pillow Pet collection raged out of control, or possibly it's just because I utilize any excuse necessary to obtain more unicorns for my life.

Which is why today, in Krispy's absence, I made myself a new friend to replace her.

Medium size! Though you can't tell because there are no size references!
It would've been better if I'd scaled the pattern down using some kind of technical means but lacking such, I eyeballed it.  As a result, this unicorn jellybean is fatter and more bean-shaped as opposed to his more oblongly-long larger counterpart.

For kicks, I stacked 'em all together: topmost tiny felt prototype, then new medium-sized version, and finally the original large unijelly!  Did you know that in Japanese, the word for jelly is "zeri"?  So these guys would be unizeri!  Which, if you were reading that in Japanese, would be pronounced "ooh-nee-zeh-ree".  And there's your useless Japanese lesson of the day!

Stand tall, my friends, and be brave!
At first I thought the original large unibean was dirty because omg when I stacked the medium one on him, the medium was so white and the large was so yellow.  I mean yeah, sure, he's received a lot of lovin' from all of us 'round hereabouts, but holy crap!  I used the same fleece on both of them!  WTF!

Then it was with great relief that I realized the large jelly is stuffed with shredded foam (vaguely yellowish-whitish) while the medium one is stuffed with polyfil (bright white).  And since the fleece is white and not as opaque as you'd think, well, thank god, it's not all dirt even if we've had our grubby hands all over the large jelly.

And to celebrate Friday, have a picture of Loki.  He finally held still enough for me to put a peanut butter treat on his nose, but then he was oblivious to it.  He was startled when I flicked it off his nose and it took him a moment to realize it was a treat.  Loki, you were watching the entire time I put it on your nose.  How could you not have noticed?

What treat?
Happy Friday, folks!  Do you feel the urge to collect more than one or one in every size?

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linda said...

so cute!!! hehe i think the fatter shape actually fits the medium one since babies are chubby and it looks like the baby of the bigger one. also lol at loki not noticing the treat. reminds me of how my bunny is extremely cowardly, to the point that if we try give him an unfamiliar treat he's like DANGER!! RUN AWAY!!!