Of Jellies, Prongs, and Unicorns

Krispy and her Sister are off to Comic-Con, leaving poor Alz a waif in the wilderness.  But I am not alone!  For of late I have been crafty and produced from these, these human hands so fragile, a being of immeasurable power and beauty so great and terrifying that it is not meant for mortal eyes.  And then, inspired by this sight, Krispy's Sister requested my aid and together we made a second creation unlike anything this good green earth has seen before!


Each stuffed with two bags of shredded foam.
They are exceedingly huggable and giant.
They are shaped something like a jellybean so we have been calling them beans and jellies (not to be confused with the initially-cutesy but ultimately weird and slightly pretentious webcomic called Unicorn Jelly).

The Sister has lo, for many years drawn Prongs, a rotund little quadruped who has galloped across many a whiteboard, paper, yearbook, Christmas card, etc. during the time of his existence.  And now, now he has gone from a 2-D image to 3-D glory.

Which is the only thing I really remember from
my Magic & Occult Philosophy class.
We made a special trip to the craft store to select appropriate fabric for Prongs.  For the majority he is brown fleece with hand-appliqued black fleece details including his eyes and four little hoofies, lightly stuffed ears and squeezable tail, and fuzzy black antlers.

The whole process took a couple of days that involved much swearing and wibbling on Krispy's Sister's part, getting Krispy's opinion and approval of hoof and eye placement, and Alz stabbing her fingers more than once because she was also trying to watch True Blood, The Wanted Life, and Dexter (not all at once or even in the same evening, mind you).  The results are unparalleled in squishy gloriousness.

Prongs may or may not sneak along to Comic-Con.  He is rather large to sneak anywhere, all things considered, but I don't doubt that Prongs will do what he wants.

I find now that I do not have a decent picture of the unibean by himself and it's too dark now to take a decent pic, so you'll have to content yourselves with this possibly disturbing picture of what he looked like before he was stuffed:

The skin of a unijelly.
In the meantime, wish Krispy and her Sister happy funtimes at Comic-Con!  They go to Nerdlandia with my blessings and envy and encouragement to stalk as many attractive celebrities as possible and grab all the free swag they can hold.

While they are gone, I have charge of playing with the Loki (yay!) and have absconded with Krispy's holy arc of The Dream Thieves, which I will hopefully be able to rip through in her absence.

Have you been to Comic-Con?  Who would win in a fight between Prongs Jelly and Uni Jelly?


Julie Dao said...

Oh my god. I really want one. SO CUTE!

Connie Keller said...

So Cute!!

Do you use a pattern to get a general idea of construction?

Yahong Chi said...

OH MY GOD, these are so adorable it's not even fair. They're so big and squishable! Perfect companions. You guys' craftiness never ceases to amaze me!