Twitter Dialogue Bloghop: Collections

Another week, another Wednesday! Yes, I've managed to wrest control of the blog from the manatees for the moment with the help of Sheepy, but we'll see how long that lasts. (Besides, I think Sheepy has domination aspirations of his own...)

Today, I'm participating in an impromptu Blog Hop hosted by Juliana Brandt. Here's the info:

The goal is to write a scene using only dialogue and everything has to be written Twitter style: only 140 characters per dialogue entry. Your post can be as long or short, funny or serious as you’d like. There are no rules other than keeping dialogue to 140 characters. Have your post up by Thursday night and add the link to your post to the linky-link. The winner will be chosen based on creativity and strength of dialogue, and will win a $10 gift card to Amazon.

So here's my entry.

THEME: In which a Rich Man meets a Collector...

CHARACTERS: @LordPriv, @CollectorW

@LordPriv: Ah, another good year. What's that now? Someone at the door?

@CollectorW: Lord Privilus Geld? I'm here to collect.

@LordPriv: A collector this late in the evening?

@CollectorW: I don't make the rules, sir, and I am on a very tight schedule.

@LordPriv: I suppose if you must... Come in then.

@CollectorW: Thank you. I only need to verify a few things in my book.

@LordPriv: Of course. Ask what you must.

@CollectorW: Privilus Geld, lord of Fairfield, 54, rotund.

@LordPriv: Excuse me, are any of those actual questions?

@CollectorW: I see, you've had a bountiful year despite the drought and poor harvest.

@LordPriv: Well, what can I say? I manage to keep a hold of my fortunes.

@CollectorW: How so?

@LordPriv: Smart business!

@CollectorW: Magic?

@LordPriv: Nothing illegal! A few charms bought here and there. For luck, fertility, rain.

@CollectorW: Hmm. It says here, you had a bad hunting accident some years prior?

@LordPriv: Ah yes, close one that. An excellent doctor saved me.

@CollectorW: You were also robbed while travelling? Two other men died.

@LordPriv: Yes, it was a terrible experience.

@CollectorW: You also escaped an inn fire unscathed?

@LordPriv: Yes, yes.

@CollectorW: You are quite lucky, aren't you?

@LordPriv: The truth, young man, is that anything can be bought. Are we almost done here?

@CollectorW: Yes, your time is nearly up.

@LordPriv: Excuse me? And what are you writing in that book anyway?

@CollectorW: The details for your Final Audit.

@LordPriv: Listen, I know I might not have been paying as much as I should...

@CollectorW: That hardly matters at this point.

@LordPriv: Hey, what are you doing with those scissors? There's no need for-

@CollectorW: These are for Collecting. Don't get excited.

@LordPriv: Put those away! I'll pay the damn taxes!

@CollectorW: I'm not here for taxes. You've cheated Death 3 times now. She doesn't take kindly to that.

@LordPriv: Then you're here for...

@CollectorW: Your soul.

@LordPriv: No! Ah, this pain in my chest...call for help!

@CollectorW: Snip snip.

@LordPriv: Help! Someone call for the doctor! The healer!

@CollectorW: Lord Privilus Geld, aged 54. Heart attack. 9:44PM.


Want to try your hand at it? Just get your post up by Thursday...or you can just play along in the comments for fun-sies!

What did you think?


shelly said...

Tax collecter turned Grim Reaper. Oh my...I'm sure plenty peeps feel this way around tax time.

Emy Shin said...

That is hilariously terrifying. :D

Shallee said...

HA! I totally loved this! Very creative. What a fun bloghop. I love how Death was a she, too-- nice little detail. :)

Anonymous said...

Terrific! I loved the grim reaper twist. :)

Anonymous said...

New follower here to your site! :) Love Juliana's blog hop!

Nice little twist in the end! Have you been watching a lot of M. Night Shyamalan movies lately? Beautifully written! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha! This is great!

Golden Eagle said...

I love the twist at the end! That collector isn't who he appears to be. :)

Lydia Kang said...

No Imposter here! That was amazing. I didn't see that coming at all!

Juliana L. Brandt said...

Bahaha! That twist was sooo smooth and well executed. You should turn this into a short story, if you haven't already. I would eat that story up.

Carrie-Anne said...

I loved the twist at the end!

Unknown said...

Creatively done! It was a fun challenge to participate in. :)

Unknown said...

Oooo, wonderful! Very crisp dialouge with lots of intrigue. Great job!