Picture Wednesday: New Bookcases!

As I mentioned Monday in my U.S. History bookshelf post, I did in fact get new bookcases to fit all many of my books. This was a while ago.

You may recall in July 2011 that I was cleaning out my bookshelves and that I'd reorganized my one case. Like so:

Anyway, probably in October 2011, I went to IKEA and bought two new bookcases (a full one and a smaller side case). Alz and the Sister helped me build them and then I went about removing all my books from the old case and putting ALL THE BOOKS onto all the cases at my disposal. This is the result:

Glass-fronted case on left is what Sis and I call our "Nerd Case" / "Geek Cabinet."

As you can see, I have an entire case dedicated to YA/MG. It's pretty awesome. I also meant to share this like in 2011, but that didn't happen. Please excuse the delay. Here's a tour.

  • Very top: geeky things on display - a sword (old birthday gift); a Godric Gryffindor letter opener (last Christmas gift); Bleach mug; stuff from Germany; keychains; fountain pen ink. 
  • First shelf: YA dystopian that goes into YA Fantasy/Paranormal; 2010-2011 Breathless Reads pins; Mockingjay pin; Legend pin; mini Daruma doll. 
  • Second shelf: YA Fantasy/Paranormal continues (Daughter of Smoke & Bone and The Scorpio Races are out on loan.); angel-atee (from Alz, of course); perfume (from my roomie); Tokidoki unicorns, Ulquiorra from Bleach.
  • Bottom shelf: MG series (Harry Potter, Heroes of Olympus, Percy Jackson, Narnia); LOTR Extended Edition DVDs (stand-ins as we buy the Heroes of Olympus books); Harry Potter from Page to Screen; Star Wars lunch box.

You saw the side-shelf on Monday. From top to bottom: Non-fiction/Writing craft shelf; Reference/Mythology (with Hello Kitty make-up brush set - another xmas gift); U.S. History /Mythology.

The close-up is from the top of the other shelf. It's a postcard of the archangel Michael casting the Devil out of Heaven and an eraser that says in German: "Life is like drawing without an eraser." Wise words. The Sister bought these for me in Dresden.

And here's the old bookcase newly reorganized.

These are my "grown-up" books. Top shelf is a mix of classics, humorous essays, and fiction. Also, that silver thing? It's a giant individual-person coffee filter.

Middle shelf starts with fantasy art books and fairy tale collections and turns into Fantasy books (and my lucky frog). Bottom shelf is dedicated to MG/childhood classics, picture books, and graphic novels/art books.

Aaand on Friday, I'll be back to give you a glimpse inside the Nerd Case / Geek Cabinet. See you then!

I decided to organize by genre and then alphabetical by author - more or less. How do you organize your book shelves?


Connie Keller said...

I love looking at people's bookcases! When we visit people, I have to force myself not to stare at their shelves for more than five minutes--it gets awkward after five minutes.

I organize my books by time period. Pre-Greek, Greek, and Roman stuff on two shelves. British on three. Shakespeare gets his own shelf. Lit Crit gets a half shelf. American gets another shelf. My YA shelves are a total jumble because they constantly get pulled out, re-read by me or the kids, and put back.

Julie Dao said...

You are SO cool! I love that your bookshelf is dedicated to YA and MG fantasy, and that you have genre-appropriate decorations on top. So full of awesome. I'm looking forward to hopefully buying a place in the near future so I can fill one room with tons and tons of books on beautiful shelves :)

Lori M. Lee said...

OMG I love your bookshelf. AMAZING BOOKS!!! And all your decorations XD IT'S AMAZING!

Barbara Ann Wright said...

I love that you did this. I think we may have been separated at birth. I organize mine by SF/Fantasy, then by "grown-up" books, then reference, with poetry plays and manga rounding out the set.

Sigh. I love books.

Angela Brown said...

I'm loving the book shelf. Great the way you have it organized.

The current book shelf situation at my home is interesting. I have half of it for me and the other half for my daughter's books. No organization though. Probably should do that :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Nice work. I like to group my books based on genre too.

Love your trinkets--Yoda!!!!! ;)

Ariana Ferrone said...

Is it weird that I can tell we'd get along even more in rl based solely on your bookshelves?

Golden Eagle said...

Awesome books and bookcases! :)

Lydia Kang said...

We have those extended release LOTR DVDs too. I recognized them immediately!

I'm like Connie, I love spying on other people's bookcases!

ali cross said...

Ooh the Nerd Case! Thing 2 is sitting beside me and looked at your pictures with me. He wants to know what those Pokemon-looking creatures were. Oh, he says they were unicorns or something. Or pretty ponies :)

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

So pretty! Few things make me happier than seeing a large collection of books on display. Love all the geeky collectibles. You should see my Harry Potter bookends. Hehe.

Unknown said...

I spend much too much time reorganising and creating new structures for my bookshelves. I like having books of the same height together and separating black or white covers from coloured covered books. Then all the coloured books can be arranged like a rainbow. I also spend too much time staring at other peoples' bookshelves.