Name That Book!

Hello, lovelies, and HAPPY LEAP YEAR! 'Tis Wednesday and I've been busy miring myself in reading multiple books at a time, which I try not to do. Library books stolen from Krispy, an ebook belonging to Krispy, and my own library books. They have ranged from fairly decent to meh to a steaming pile of unresolved WTFery.

Since I've only just finished a couple and am working on a couple more, I thought I'd pad out add to today's post with some doodles and a guessing game. I've doodled the covers and you get to Name That Book! No cheating by checking out my Goodreads page.

1. Never before have I read a book that tried so hard to fail its own potential.
And succeeded.
2. I'm reading this one as an ebook on Krispy's Kindle.
It is slow.  It took until 32% for anything of interest to happen.

3. A book that had a horrible description that sounded like bad fanfic.
In actuality, the book was decent except for the climax and conclusion.

4. I'm reading this one now.  I'm unimpressed but it's not as bad as I was expecting.

I'll probably finish book #4 within the next couple of days since it reads quickly.  The sequel is either out or coming out very soon, but my current feeling is that I will be uninterested in reading it unless Krispy happens to get it from the library and I can steal it from her.  I have my own fair portion of schneizeleffort too, you know.

So! What am I reading, folks?  And what are you reading?


Connie Keller said...

I don't have any guesses on the doodles, but I love them.

I'm reading Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy because the movie is out and I want to read the book first.

It's slow and complex enough that I have to page back in the book to remember who was who, but for some reason I have to finish it.

Emy Shin said...

3. I have absolutely no idea

I'm currently reading THE SCORPIO RACES and UNDER THE NEVER SKY. :)

Angela Brown said...

I'm guessing #1 is Under the Never Sky. The second reminds me of Amy Plum's Die for Me. The third, yeah, I dunno. The fourth has to be Wither, or at least it reminds me of it with that birdcage on there. Yeah, there's a birdcage, right? If not a birdcage, it looks like one with all those lines and whatnot sprawling over the cover.

Sophia Chang said...

hahahaha the covers are pretty dang good

I actually watched Tinker Tailor and it was the best movie in which nothing really happened

Lydia Kang said...

The last one is Wither, right?

I haven't read the others so my guesses are only half-formed.

I'm reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar children. So far, so good!

linda said...

haha great doodles! guesses:

1. under the never sky (haven't read it - will you be doing a review?)
2. entwined (yeah, i found it super slow too - gave up before i got to the 32% mark haha)
3. the space between (the only reason i know this is because i just finished the replacement and saw the preview for this at the end. the replacement was ok for me, i didn't love it as much as krispy did)
4. wither (i actually liked it more than i expected)

did i get them all right??? :D

the last book i read was patrick ness's the knife of never letting go. super intense!

Yahong Chi said...

Under the Never Sky!
Ooh, ooh -- The Space Between!

Hehehe. *feels smart* Funny how all covers seem to feature girls, eh? I wish abstract covers would make a comeback.

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