Break Any Resolutions Yet?

So guys, we're a week into the New Year. How are those New Year's Resolutions holding up? Mine? They're SORT OF HAPPENING but also SORT OF NOT. Allow me to explain.

I have some Overall Life type resolutions that included things like "more socializing" and "exercise" and "sleep." I also have writing specific resolutions/goals, which I posted here last week.

In terms of my Overall Life resolutions, I'm about in the middle. I did do some socializing this weekend when I would really have rather curled up with a book, so that's a big PLUS in my Resolution Success Column. For the sleep and exercise thing...I'm still working on it.

Now, let's take a look at my writing resolutions.

I'm already failing at #1 because it's been a week and I haven't written at all. In my defense, I'm about to! I think maybe I need to learn to turn off the internet first. I also almost failed my #5 resolution of blogging at least once a week here, but to my relief, I realized I made resolution post on the 4th, which counts as my once a week. Haha! See, positivity (also one of my Overall Life resolutions!)! But really, I'm going to work really hard to establish a reasonably consistent blog posting schedule here. I've actually got an idea for a post that doesn't involve my talking about how bad I am at keeping these resolutions! Yay!

However, one writing and Overall Life resolution I am absolutely kicking butt at is my #6 "Read more" because my book binge is still going strong! Actually, I'm waning a little because I'm tired and I read slow, but instead of letting the feeling take hold, I am pushing onwards! Mostly though, it's because I borrowed A LOT of books from the library by requesting them specially. Some of those books I had to wait a LONG TIME for, and I don't want to go through that wait again. So I am going to FINISH THEM dammit!

I'm currently reading Demon's Lexicon and Fallen, the latter of which took FOREVER to get (because it's new and in demand). This is after I impressed myself by neatly polishing off the rest of the Percy Jackson series, including the little companion book The Demigod Files in like 2 weeks. I love that kid and his snarkiness. I'm not gonna lie, the first (especially) and the second books were a little too juvenile for me - like I could tell from the writing the age group the books are aimed at and some of the humor would have been funny if I were, say, 11 years old. It's like how my friends and I remembered how we thought the Power Rangers Movie (the first one) was so funny/cool when we were at the age to love Power Rangers and realizing upon viewing the movie in our college years that LOL THIS IS SO BAD IT'S FUNNY AND WERE THESE JOKES REALLY SO LAME?

However, by the last Percy Jackson book, I was LOLing for real and wondering is this actually funny or am I just getting used to Percy/the humor? They were great though. Fun and interesting with fast, fast moving plots. I'm rather fond of them and quite fond of Percy. Okay, and also I think I've mentioned I LOVE Greek mythology. LOVE. IT. Apollo? Total hottie.

And now in an attempt to keep some resolutions, the ones where actual writing and getting enough sleep come in, I'm going to catch you lovelies later.

How are your resolutions coming along?

P.S. Alz has also posted more of her amazing craft-work at her Sparkling Rampage blog. I only mention this because she recently bestowed upon me a beautiful bracelet (with stars!) and cluster ring that is BLUE and has STARS, two things I like very much.


Nayuleska said...

I don't make resolutions any more - that way I don't break them! 2010 is going great so far (including the treacherous snow conditions we've got).

Merc said...

SORT OF keeping goals is progress! O:) I approve.

I'm, uh, *cough* almost keeping up with mine (writing 1k a day). It's progress! Really!

*gives you cookies*

Krispy said...

Yuna- LOL. I like your approach! I hope it warms up a bit soon for you - enough so that the snow is fun rather than treacherous.

Merc- It IS progress! Yay! Go us! *cookies!*

lisa and laura said...

So far we're doing pretty well with resolutions. We posted a vlog yesterday and our meeting one of our writing friends at a book signing tonight.

The whole patience thing though? Uh, yeah. Not so much.