Looking Glass

The Scribblers

KRISPY is a sporadic and erratic scribbler of thoughts, plots, and sometimes stories. At least part of this has to do with the vast amounts of caffeine and sugar she consumes. She is an introverted extrovert (or perhaps the flip), who currently resides in the space between wakefulness and sleep.

ALZ, says Krispy, is a veritable Wort Ungeheuer (word monster), who crunches out wordage the way a chocoholic in withdrawal hacks through a box of king-sized Crunch bars. Otherwise, Alz is a slacker of grandiose projects multitudinous that have, so far, yet to see either completion or even the light of day, though the dark of night is more likely considering her nocturnal habits.

Associate Scribblers

THE SISTER is Krispy's sister, who oft appears as a source of humor and pop cultural knowledge in our blogging adventures. She is also our resident music guru, so look out for her Guest Posts where she recommends new music.

LOKI is our puppy (and named after a certain Asgardian trickster god). Krispy and the Sister adopted him in May 2012 when he was but a 2 month old ball of cuteness. He has since made regular appearances on the blog and has lived up to his namesake when it comes to mischief and manipulation.

The Writing

Krispy and Alz usually write apart, but sometimes they write together. Their interests tend towards the supernatural, the magical, and the whimsical. In other words, they like fantasy, complex characters, and subtle themes. For an idea of what they're working on, check the Curiosities page.

The Blog

Welcome to A Nudge in the Right Direction, which originally began as an evolving documentation of our journey into the realm of collaborative novel writing. It has now become something a little less focused but still revolving around the writing process, books and reading, pop culture, story-telling, and a mishmash of Real Life and geekery.

As for the title of the blog itself, it could be interpreted to have layers of hidden meaning, but mostly, it's just an inside joke in reference to one of our characters, Val. Clearly, Val is for us as he is for his character-associates in this new novel a nudge in the right direction.

Here's a sampling of our most interesting posts: