Holiday Gift Guide: Star Wars Edition

Hello friends! For those of you who still pop on by here, I thank you. It is December now, and it is the Season of the Force. Anyone who has known me for even a little bit of time knows how much I love Star Wars. It's been a huge fandom in my life and has truly connected me with some of the coolest people. The sequel trilogy and the entire Skywalker Saga is coming to an end in just a few days, and I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed. I'm excited and afraid, and even though an end is just another beginning, I'm still trying to prepare myself to let go.

So in honor of that, I put together this little gift guide of not overly expensive things you can get yourself or that Star Wars fan in your life for the holidays.

Galactic Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Jordanden√© Star Wars apparel - Of course, as an unabashed fan of the brand, I had to include Jordanden√© in this post, especially when she just released 4 new Star Wars designs on shirts, tanks, and bomber jackets. Just sort the apparel section by NEWEST first.

I specifically asked her for the quote "A thousand generations live in you now," and she made my wish come true. Some of the older designs are still there, too, like "Never tell me the odds" and "I Rebel."

(Full disclosure: I'm also a brand ambassador for Jordandené. If you use my code 'akangaru,' you get 15% off and I get credit, which may translate to a small commission for me at no extra cost to you.)

Black Series Rebels Squad Tags - these key chains feature fun references from a galaxy far, far away and are the perfect gift for your squadron. My fave is the FN-2187 with TR8TR on the back. Normally, I'd suggest you pick up some of BSR's pins, too, because they come in adorable Action Figure packaging, but they are sold out for the holidays!

Lantern Pins Snips Love pins - The enamel pins trend doesn't seem like it's going anywhere soon, and I have loved these heart-shaped lightsaber pins from Lantern Pins for a long time. The ones linked here are her newest, featuring Ahsoka's blades.

Javva the Hutt Mug - here's one for the really big fans. This limited edition mug is not only a great pun on one of the galaxy's most notorious gangsters, it's inspired by the coffee shop of the same name at Lucasfilm HQ. I bought one for myself, and it is my favorite mug right now.

Porg Mini Magnetic Shoulder Plush - for anyone who loves porgs (*raises hand*), these little space birbs are a must-have. You slip the covered metal disk under your sleeve at the shoulder, and the magnet inside the porg lets it sit fairly securely in place. The fun of these is that you can also dress them up! I've seen so many porgs in ponchos and little Mickey ears. It is TOO CUTE.

This is my porg Burble. His sweater and hat are repurposed tree ornaments.

Kyber Crystal - you can get Kyber crystals for $14.99 at Black Spire Outpost, and they make a cool souvenir even if you don't have a lightsaber or holocron (both much pricer) to put them in. BUT if you can't make it out to the edge of the galaxy for your gift-shopping, try these Kyber Crystal necklaces from Punch It Chewie Press! These are extra special because they're handmade, and you can read about the color meanings before choosing the one meant for you (or your loved one). I picked mine up at DesignerCon, and I admit, I never would've thought myself a Red Kyber girl, but the way the color in this one looked was just lovely - like blood drop unfurling in water.

Galaxy's Edge Exclusives

If you happen to be visiting Galaxy's Edge at Disney before you meet-up for your gift exchanges, here are a few not-expensive items I think your Star Wars fan friends would enjoy.

Puffer pig (Creature Stall) - these little guys look weird, but they make such a cute desk pet and make the most delightfully funny noise when you squeeze them. In-universe, their value lies in their ability to smell out precious minerals (think truffle hogs).

Restraining Bolt magnet (Droid Depot) - an easily recognizable souvenir, it's a magnet that looks like the restraining bolts put on droids to keep them from running off.

Sabacc Deck (Toydarian Toymaker) - ever wanted to try your hand at the most (in)famous card game in the galaxy? You can pick up your own deck, complete with instructions on how to play, at the Marketplace in Black Spire Outpost. Just don't go betting your whole ship on a hand, okay?

Yoda "hand-made" plush (Toydarian Toymaker) - there's a variety of adorable hand-made aesthetic plushes at the toymaker's shop, but the hot ticket right now is the Yoda. While this isn't the same as a certain beloved child in The Mandalorian, it's probably the closest you're going to get right now. If plushes aren't your thing, I also recommend the variety of wooden toys that also make neat display pieces.

Hope that helps you with finding the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan-people in your life! HAPPY HOTHIDAYS, my friends. May the Force be with You!


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