5 Fandom Friday (18)

5 Fandom Friday is a geek-blogger community building project started and hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick. Every Friday, post a top 5 list based on a predetermined topic that can be found in this post which has topics through April- you can also find more info on the project there. Participate as frequently or infrequently as you like, and if a topic doesn't especially appeal to you, feel free to put your own twist on it.

This week's theme: 5 Magical Items I Would Love To Own

1) Time Turner

This is my absolute number 1 because, um, hello! I need all the time I can get! Not to mention, the time turner is super stylish!

2) Wand

In keeping with the Harry Potter theme, I would also like a wand because magic. This opens up a huge door of possibilities, not least of which is the ability to Apparate!

3) Kell's Coat (A Darker Shade of Magic)

I will always take the opportunity to post this book cover because it is THE BEST. But anyway, there's lots to love about Schwab's magical world of multiple Londons, but one of my favorite bits of magic? Kell's incredible and gorgeous coat. I love coats. I love pockets. And all this plus style points? WANT WANT WANT.

4) Brimstone's wishes (Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy)

Who wouldn't like a wish or two up their sleeves - literally since Brimstone's wishes come in the shape of beads. Like Kell's coat, these wishes combine magic with fashion. ;) Besides, I'm not being greedy here; I'm just asking for some scuppies and shings - although I would not be opposed to higher denominations. Now, I only need to find the teeth to trade for these...

5) TARDIS (does this count as magic or is it "science"?)

Basically, the ability to teleport anywhere (or any time) instantly is kind of my greatest wish. Think of all the extra sleep I can have without having to factor in my commute time! Think of all the extra travel I could do minus soul-crushingly long flights! Etcetera and so forth.

Also, it's bigger on the inside and is more or less a mobile home - but better!

Honorable mentions: The Marauder's Map because I just love the idea of it. A lightsaber (again "science" or magic...?) because it's flipping awesome, but let's be real, if I were given an actual lightsaber, I'd probably end up accidentally cutting off my own arm. So let's not do that.


Miss Cole said...

Re the TARDIS: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke



Seriously you are adorable in that TARDIS outfit! LOVE IT and you! Defo a Tardis and at Time Turner! xx

Katya Owu said...

Tardis & a Time Turner - YES! :D

Unknown said...

Ermahgerd I love your Tardis outfit!

ChikSolo said...

Great mix of fashion and magic!