Before What's Up Wednesday (which has now concluded), I used the weekly update format of "Currently...". So I'm going to go back to that and will be posting every other Tuesday with Katy Upperman.

I found the Currently post at Kate Hart's blog, who got the idea from Amy Lukavics, who found it here

Since I'm going back to this format for the 1st time in a long time, I'll use all the headers - in case you want to join in (please do!). You are, of course, welcome to use and not use whichever headers you want.

The epic fun times I've been having in April.
  • 2 weeks ago I went to my first Coachella ever, and while there were some truly infuriating (i.e. the uber rude staff person and "parking lot" from hell at an off-site party) and grating (i.e. terrible allergy attack aka "desert sickness") moments, there were also really great and magical moments.
    Loved spending time with my girl friends under the California sun, sitting on the grass and listening to music.

  • This past weekend, I went to the LA Times Festival of Books and hung out with tweeps like Sarah Enni, and I finally met the stupendous Kate Hart! Bonus: briefly met Kirsten Hubbard and the adorably sweet Emery Lord.
  • Also, we made the Jon Klassen signing at the Gallery Nucleus booth, and as always, he was the coolest guy ever. He even drew the Sis an extra doodle in her book because he couldn't pass up the opportunity to draw a cat for Cat. (The book we had signed at this bookfest is the doodle in the top left - with the dog and cat. The others were from a previous signing.)

  • The fan-freaking-tastic new STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS teaser trailer they released last week! No details in case there are those among you who want to go into the movie as un-teased as possible, but it was so good. It felt like a Star Wars movie (the original ones), and I cannot wait until December.

Game of Thrones is back and man, has it felt like forever. So excited to be back in Westeros! Since I've been riding a wave of US Revolutionary History geekery since February, I am thrilled by the return of TURN: Washington's Spies. This season promises to be much more exciting than the last with more spying, more Washington, and the introduction of Benedict Arnold! Of course, Orphan Black and Outlander are back as well - need to catch-up with those.

I am also, of course, semi-binge-watching Marvel's first Netflix show Daredevil, which I am loving! I like that it operates as its own thing instead of overlying on its connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (which I think Agents of SHIELD does too much, though some of that can't be helped given the fact that it's about SHIELD), and I love how different it looks and feels from the movies. Daredevil is what Marvel TV should be - edgy, clever, engaging, thrilling, and complex. Even my friend who isn't a big fan of the MCU is into this show!

A Darker Shade of Magic - yes, still! I'm going at it slowly because 1) I've been way busy, 2) it's just so good, I don't want it to end, and 3) I'm reading another book too.

The other book I'm reading is Washington's Spies by Alexander Rose, and it's about the spy ring that helped win the Revolutionary War. The AMC show TURN is based on this book and this bit of history.

Listening to
James Bay, George Ezra, Hozier, and Florence and the Machine.

Thinking about
A trip I'm planning for the Fall. I hope I can make it happen! Fingers crossed. Anyone good at planning road trips?

The next big thing on my list? Avengers: Age of Ultron! I can't believe it's already time for another Avengers movie. This is the age we live in, geeks!

(We already have our Casual Cosplay ready.)

Oh, and I'm looking forward to the next Geek Girl Brunch! The first one for the Los Angeles chapter was at the beginning of this month; casual cosplay was the theme, hence our outfits above.

I still had summers off. People still in school, CHERISH these built-in vacation months! As usual, the struggle is time and lately, energy! I am so exhausted recently.

Making me happy
The sunshine! I'm a summer-child, so I'm always happier when the sun is out. It means more ice cream and more puppy play time.
I'm also happy to be seeing my friends more often, and of course, all the tweeps I've been finally meeting up with!

Update me on your currently in the comments or in a blog post!


katyupperman said...

Um, I'm kind of excellent at planning road trips, actually. I've been on tons, and I planned a fictional trip down to the most ridiculous details. Check out roadtrippers.com. And best of luck!

I love your beautiful Coachella pictures, and the LA Times Festival of Books sounds amazing. New life goal, for sure!

Have an awesome week, Alice!

Jaime Morrow said...

Hubs and I started watching Daredevil and really enjoyed the episodes we saw. I like that it's edgier than the regular network Marvel and DC shows. I've been wanting to check out TURN because it sounds great. Totally my cup of tea. Will do that soon! So, so looking forward to the next Avengers movie. Not long now! Have a wonderful week, Alice! :D

Miss Cole said...

Life in California looks as beautiful as ever ^_^ Sorry to hear Coachella wasn't entirely brilliant. Rude people are the worst.

I love Jon Klassen's children's books. They're so dark, and totally brilliant ^_^