5 Fandom Friday (15)

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This week's theme: My Comfort Films

I've missed a few of these posts, but here goes!

1) DISNEY animated features - I know I'm cheating a little here with this (and with the next entry too), but I grew up with Disney (as many of us did), and so a bunch of the movies are definitely "comfort" films. Particularly, the fairytale movies of the 90s - The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin.

Ironically, Alice in Wonderland (despite sharing a name w/the heroine) was 1 of my least faves growing up.

2) HARRY POTTER (any of them): Like the books, the movies are dependable - filled with a great cast in an enchanting world. If I catch any of them on, I easily get hooked back in.

3) STAR WARS - Because it's Star Wars and it's fun! (Honestly, even the prequel trilogy holds a special place in my heart because my friends and I have so many stupid jokes involving those movies. It actually makes all of it so much better because it just makes me laugh.)

4) THE PRINCESS BRIDE - Who doesn't love the Princess Bride? It has everything: romance, adventure, magic, and sword fights! I saw the movie as a kid and loved it but appreciated it more as an adult when I could pick up on the satire and more of the humor. It's the source of so many cultural references, and uh has Cary Elwes as probably one of my earliest fantasy hero crushes - Westley! *swoon* P.S. The book is fantastic too (although quite a bit less romantic, shall we say.)

Source: EW.com

5) THAT THING YOU DO - I don't know what it is about this movie, but I adore it. Every time I catch it on TV, I have to watch it. Maybe it's the catchy pop songs or Liv Tyler's '60s cuteness or Tom Everett Scott's charmingly naive musician or you know, Tom Hanks! It's just such an ultimately feel-good movie. One of my all-time favorites (and not fantasy or SciFi or typically nerdy!) that always leaves me with a smile.


Have a great weekend, and happy first day of Spring!!


Cateaclysmic said...

I find is so hard to pick a single Disney movie to I love them all and I love The Princess Bride I watched it very recently when I was sick and it made me feel so much better xoxo

♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

Anonymous said...

I loooove That Thing You Do! I don't think it gets enough credit for being an awesome movie!

Rachael Jess said...

I absolutely adore 'That Thing you Do' :)

Usagi said...

I haven't seen That Thing You Do in such a long time! I think I need to buy it this weekend!!


Harry Potter of course!!!! We have marathon every Thanksgiving.

That Thing You Do!!! I LOVE that one, I always try to count how many times they play the song in that movie...I never get tired of it! xx

Unknown said...

Star Wars and Princess Bride make my list as well!!

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely with you on the Harry Potter movies. I cannot deny that the books are better (and those are definitely comfort reads), but there is something so satisfying about those movies. ...I kind of want to watch them right now!