What's Up Wednesday (57)

(I'm using this un-seasonal button because that's what the weather's been like in SoCal lately...)

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I just finished the first volume of the comic book series THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, and I am hooked hooked hooked! My friend who recommended ODY-C to me also recommended this series because he knew about my deep love for mythology. Clever modern-day riffs on myth are basically my catnip.

I especially like this series so far because 1) fun premise 2) myth + pop culture 3) diverse cast 4) sleek and colorful art. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that my favorite (so far) is Luci. ;)

On the book side of things, I'm reading Marie Lu's THE YOUNG ELITES.


Nothing since the last time I blogged, but I hope to change that around this week with the Writer Recharge Challenge.

Writing Goal: Check out all my goals at my #WriterRecharge post.


Pinterest! Sometimes, starring at a story-related board will get me in the right mood or remind me why I love the story I'm working on.


This past weekend was Free Museum Day in Los Angeles, so the Sister and I plus a couple of friends took advantage and went to visit the Hollywood Costume Museum. No pics allowed, but it was cool to see iconic costumes up close and marvel at the detail.

That museum is on what's known as Museum Mile, so it was right next to the LA Contemporary Museum of Art (LACMA) which I have woefully never been to. Alas, it was too crowded, so I didn't actually get to go inside. But! I did finally get to see the iconic Urban Lights installation up close. We also spent some time in the sculpture garden where the Sis (of course) imitated things.

After lunch, we visited the La Brea Tar Pits and speculated about what might float on top of the tar (a ping pong ball?), and the Sis and I discovered this amazing bear sculpture.

And to end the day on another first for me, I finally rode the LA Metro! That's right. I have lived here all my life and have been on the BART in NorCal, the subway in NYC and Paris, the Taipei rail, and the London Underground, but I have never been on the Metro here. It's true what they say; you drive everywhere in LA.

What's up with you?


Miss Cole said...

I went on the Metro in LA with a friend years ago because we'd watched Alias and 24 and fangirled all over the place ;)

Best of luck with your recharge goals! :D

Jess @ Jessticulates said...

Free Museum Day sounds like so much fun! :o Glad to see you and your sister enjoyed yourselves.

Best of luck with your writing goals, and have a great week!

ELAdams said...

Best of luck with the recharge goals! :)

Unknown said...

Oh, wow! What beautiful covers! And yes, Pinterest is awesome for writing and all sorts of inspiration :)

Melissa Ann said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Connie Keller said...

I hope the Recharge helps you get your writing restarted!

Looks like you all had a great time visiting museums--perfect creativity recharge, just in time for writing challenge. I visited the La Brea tar pits years ago, and it was very cool. (Don't think they had the bear sculpture then. Or at least I don't remember it.)

Melanie Stanford said...

Those museums sound fun- I'd love to see the costumes up close and personal!
As always, love the pics you post!