World Cup Wednesday!

Welcome to World Cup Wednesday, AKA Alz is Jon Snow and Knows Nothing!

For 'tis true, I know very little of soccer (or sports in general) except that the World Cup is some kind of international soccer (or football as the rest of the world calls it) shindig and a bunch of teams kick a ball around.  Exposure to Krispy and her Sister as well as some general tutoring from the latter has enabled me to grasp that there's some kind of point system and elimination that goes on based on it.  Other than that, the only other thing I know is that Uruguay's team has a member who is overly fond of biting people, which doesn't seem like either a good idea or good sportsmanship to me.

So in celebration of things that I don't really understand beyond "Alz, USA is still in the World Cup and so is Germany and they're going to fight it out on Thursday", have more World Cup Pup Loki!

It's about a cup?  And a world?  Does the cup hold the world?  Can I drink from it?

I've got German Shepherd genes so that means my ancestry is German, right?

I can totally kick this ball and catch it in my mouth!  Can I play in the World Cup?

What about you?  Are you following the World Cup or are you as lost as I am?  Regardless, I'll be cheering for Team USA 'cause, you know, USA USA USA!


Miss Cole said...

With England out, I'm finally free to sit back and enjoy some football...

...Or controversy as one player bites another :P

Katy Upperman said...

I'm not following at all (I know nothing about soccer!), but seeing Loki all decked out sort of makes me want to watch tomorrow's game. :-)