Name That Book: Similar Book Covers Version!

It's time for another round of Name That Book!  This time it was inspired by scrolling through my Goodreads and noticing similarities between different covers.  There are, of course, tons of covers in girls in fancy dresses in various drowned/dead/dying or sexily-looking-over-the-shoulder poses, so I decided to skip those for now (maybe that'll be another round in the future).

The way it'll go this time is thus: I'll post the cover of one book along with the description of a second book that has a similar cover.  Have at ye!


1. This Spanish-based fantasy series features a princess who is the Chosen One.


2. This dystopian novel features a world where Native people's blood provides a cure for plague


3. In this dystopian, if you're between ages thirteen and eighteen, your parents can choose to donate all your organs are to different people.


4. In this American-Western-inspired fantasy, a girl considered an unlucky child moves to the frontier with her twin brother and learns that maybe she's a special snowflake after all.


5. In this dystopian, privileged humans live inside a protected dome while outside live the unfortunates who became fused with whatever random objects (or people) were closest when the apocalypse struck.

Try to remember those covers!  I tried to use some less immediately giveaway-y clues for the descriptions since my original description for #1 was as obvious as giving a clue for Lord of the Rings by showing Sauron with the One Ring on his finger.  Also, I think most of the covers are pretty much the same between hardback/paperback.  I think.  I'm pretty sure.

Take a look and give a guess!  And in the meantime, celebrate the fact that it's Friday.  Whee!

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linda said...

hmmmm i know 1 is girl of fire and thorns (i thought that was still pretty obvious XD), 4 is thirteenth child, and 5 is pure (the only one i recognized from the lookalike cover and not the description LOL), but i have no idea about 2 or 3! they sound fascinating, though, so google to the rescue (aka time to cheat hahaha). hm, i think i've seen these titles before, but had no idea that was what they were about. cool!