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Once upon a time, Alz embarked on a journey of masochistic curiosity.

She knew what she was getting into.  Even so, in the end, it was too badly written for her, and she stopped reading the last book of this renowned trilogy.

Until now.

When, on a whim, she resumed reading exactly where she left off.  She didn't remember 75% of what had happened previously, but that didn't matter.  What mattered was that she is now determined to eventually someday probably definitely finish what she started.

That's right.  It's time for me to FINALLY finish the last damn book of this amazingly stupid trilogy.  Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James will have a review, and by review, I mean haphazard summaries and copious doodles.  I make no promises concerning timeliness but it will happen.  It will.

As a token of catharsis (because omg holy crap the lulz I can't stand it), I have a few preview doodles for you, as follows:

BEHOLD!  Mr. & Mrs. Grey on honeymoon (yeah, I totally forgot they got married already) and Ana decides she's going to jet ski by herself!

The sexytimes continues and expands its surprisingly bland repertoire into territory you would have expected to have been covered a loooong time ago considering this is a decent chunk into book three!

That's supposed to be a super fancy old sportscar but I got lazy when drawing.
Also, nope, the Exotic Fun Times involve these things separately, not all at once.
That would have been too risqué.
Because remember, the books are surprisingly vanilla.
And, finally, a portrait of Christian Grey:

Yessiree, I am bound and determined to slog my way through.  It's been a couple of years, admittedly, and I totally forgot that the last book was trying its darnedest to have a plot (sabotage! stalkers! arson!) as well as forgetting other important things like Ana and Christian getting married or the fact that Christian was adopted, but whatever!  The series is so terrible that none of that matters.

This weekend though I'll probably be trying to finish Warrior by Ellen Oh rather than the continuing saga of Let's Do It Everywhere All the Time, but someday eventually, I'll get through it.  And then I will spend the next 24 hours drawing stick figures on my computer in order to expunge the books from my mind.

Have a great weekend!  Read a good book!  A GOOD BOOK, DAMMIT!

P.S. Happy Pi Day, everyone!  Eat some math pie!

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Connie Keller said...

I'm looking forward to the doodles. :)