Randomsity on Fridays: Fall Music Edition 2013

It's been a while since we had The Sister - and our resident music guru - write a post for us about the current music that she's into. Some of the bands she has talked up and been listening to for a while now are breaking onto the scene (e.g. Bastille; The Neighborhood; Lorde; 1975), and so she thought it was time to drop some more recommendations.


Fall is a-comin' and that means FOOTBALL. But it also means new music and concerts galore (I'm already going to a show a week this month, so I'm a happy camper). After speaking to Krispy about music and realizing all these bands I should have posted about here earlier are now getting huge, we decided it was time for me to introduce you all to a new batch of artists so you can brag to people that you knew them first if they ever get huge. If they don't get huge, well, you can just bask in the glory of some sweet sweet tunes. Let's begin!


Banks or Jillian Banks, is the mysterious brunette that everyone is about to know very soon. She just started releasing music this year and is already generating quite the buzz. Banks can currently be seen opening for The Weeknd, which is the perfect match.

If you're into moody R&B over hip hop beats and synth, then you'll love BANKS. Her voice sometimes reminds me a bit of Lana Del Rey but less quirky and she totally gives me Fionna Apple vibes on her song "Before I Ever Met You." She doesn't have a debut album out yet but she did just release the London EP this week.

Songs: Before I Ever Met You; Fall Over; Warm Water

2. London Grammar

London Grammar is a trio from England. I don't even know how I stumbled upon them, but I was immediately hooked after one listen. Hannah Reid has such an enchanting and haunting voice that it demands to be heard. She kind of reminds me a bit of Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine. London Grammar also gives off a The xx vibe as well.

They just released their debut album last week and it is beautiful. If you are into something a bit more mellow, definitely check them out.

Songs: When We Were Young; Flicker; Metal & Dust

3. Haim

Haim is probably the most well-known band on this list. I saw them a few years back when they opened for The xx. I thought they were a weird match since they are not like The xx at all. Haim is made up of three sisters and they are total rockers. They totally have this retro but modern feel to them. I am 100% sure you'll be hearing about these girls in no time. They're debut album drops later this month.

Songs: The Wire; Falling; Forever

4. Alpine

If you're into synthy-pop goodness then Alpine is the band for you. These dudes come from down under and definitely fit in with all the indie/synth pop that's out there today. Fronted by Phoebe Baker and Lou James, Alpine is as dreamy as dreamy can get. Baker and James' voices blend so perfectly together and the airy, breathy quality just puts you in a nice trance. It's like your head is in the clouds!

Songs: Hands; Gasoline; Villages

5. Last Dinosaurs

These dudes are not only made up of mostly Asian guys, but they're Australian too. I think that's pretty awesome. Last Dinosaurs sound like a mix of Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club. They're fun and dance-y and you can't really go wrong with that. I mean just look at their latest tour poster. This band is pretty much flawless.

Songs: Weekend; Zoom; Honolulu

So these last two artists are as hipster as I can get. And I mean hipster in the sense that they only have either 1 or 2 songs out and are completely unsigned. No label, nada.

6. Bloom Twins

These twin beauties are from the Ukraine. To show that life really isn't fair, not only are they amazing singers but they're also models. HOW IS THAT FAIR? WHY LIFE? But let me get back to the point.

The Bloom Twins have such beautiful voices. They sound delicate but powerful, all wrapped up in this very eerie but enchanting vibe. They only have one song out and it's a cover but they do write their own songs as well.

Song: Fahrenheit

7. Hurricane Love

This sextet comes from Sweden and like some popular bands out here today (Of Monsters and Men & The Civil Wars), they have a male singer and female singer. They aren't as indie or folksy as the aforementioned bands, but they are great in their own right.

Hurricane Love definitely has a more accessible sound. They have about 3-4 songs out at the moment, but it won't be long before these guys get snatched up by a label.

Songs: Only Human; You Are the Sun; Free Ticket


Hope you enjoy the new music! Got any to share with us?

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Connie Keller said...

Thanks to The Sister. Now that my daughter has moved out, I have no one to update my music tastes. I can't wait to listen to some of the songs here. (Maybe I can recommend some songs to my daughter. :)