Randomosity on Fridays: Comic Con Edition (6/Final)

Yes, I swear this is the last of the recap. We're finally on to Sunday, the last day of Comic Con, which was awesome and bittersweet. SO here we go!

DAY 3 / Sunday

Sunday was another bright and early day since we had to get back in the Hall H line and also check out of our apartment. After trying very hard not to wake Lauren up as we scrambled all our stuff together, the Sister and I put all our stuff in the car and went to meet Nicole in the Hall H line. The panels that we were interested in on Sunday were Supernatural, Breaking Bad, and The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - basically, the first 3 panels.

While we were in line chatting, Misha Collins ran by on his morning run and briefly stirred us up out of our sleep-deprivation-induced stupors.

Since Nicole's group had slept over-night and we'd done the shifts thing, we were pretty much at the very front of the line. It was kind of awesome. It was even awesomer because we got really front and center seats. If only we had been this close on Saturday/for Loki!


The cast, show-runner, and producer!
As usual, the Supernatural cast was amusing and funny. Watching J2 joke around never gets old. Felicia Day was a surprise guest (and will be returning next season, yay!), and they showed us the gag reel. The SPN gag reel is always laugh-out-loud funny.

When Felicia Day came in as the surprise guest, everyone else was purposely making it seem like she was a diva and no one liked her. So when she stormed in, Jensen ran off while Jared and Misha tried to hold Felicia and Bob Singer back.


Confession, I only just watched the pilot of Breaking Bad this week, but the Sister is a huge fan of the show. So it was really cool for her to get to see this panel, especially since this is the last season.

I was kind of spoiled for all previous seasons since they showed a reel, but it's okay. I barely remember any of it and it was like flashes of everything. Then, they showed us the first 5 minutes of the 1st episode of the then yet-to-be-aired new season.

Bryan Cranston came in wearing that very realistic mask of Walter White's face. It then became a source of endless amusement during the panel...

...Especially, when Bryan Cranston put the mask over his mic and talked into it. Lots of making out jokes ensued.


Then, it was the panel most of the audience was the most excited for - Doctor Who! Before it started, all the Whovians in the crowd were holding their sonic screw drivers in the air. It was kind of sweet.

Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman were super cute and talked about how they cheered fans who were cosplaying as them, including one incident where the fans only recognized them later as they were driving away.

David Bradley, Mark Gatiss, and Marcus Wilson were there to also promote An Adventure in
Space & Time - a BBC movie about the making of the Doctor Who TV series.

Craig Ferguson was the moderator and told us not to hassle David Bradley about his character in Game of Thrones (don't mix fandoms!), but David Bradley made one funny comment about how recently, "the wedding invitations have dried up." HAHA (but also, I am crying!)

Of course, the best part of this whole panel? We got to see the trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. As far as I know, it is not online yet so please excuse me while I gloat just a little bit...because it was AWESOME. So much Matt Smith and David Tennant interacting and being AMAZING together. Also, the return of Billie Piper's Rose! Eeee, I can't wait! #sorrynotsorry

When this panel ended, we filed out of Hall H and went back to my car to put our stuff away. Then I had to walk the Sister back to Petco Park for her NERD HQ panel with Tom Hiddleston.

NERD HQ: Conversation with Tom Hiddleston

You may recall that she got a ticket on Saturday night from a fan with a pair of tickets to spare, but she only managed to get one. We tweeted all morning Sunday to see if anyone else had spare tickets but no luck! The Sister was very gracious and offered to give me the ticket (since she said I'm the bigger fan), but I insisted that she go.

So I dropped her off at the waiting area at Petco Park and was going to go explore the Nerd HQ stuff while she was at the panel. But then she waved me over before I walked off. Long story short, the girls with the extra tickets couldn't contact the other person who had tweeted for the ticket, so they gave it to me. We paid the Nerd HQ people and got in line. We were in Row 8.

We also found Nicole (who was in the front row) and freaked out with her over my good luck. She just kept saying "I had a feeling! I knew it would work out." And it did because as they had been all weekend, the Comic Con gods were so kind to us.

Zachary Levi moderated (since Nerd HQ is his brain child). Tom did a little dance when he came in, and basically it was an hour of listening to Tom being intelligent, charming, and adorable.

He quoted Shakespeare, spoke French, did impressions of people - including Zachary Levi (and it was freaky because he sounded just like him). He also joked about how he couldn't figure out how to sit in the chair; it's at once too low and too deep. It was pretty much like the best thing ever.

And he ended the whole thing by doing an impression of a velociraptor. He actually acted out the entire scene from Jurassic Park where the raptors are trying to get into the kitchen where the kids are hiding. It was unreal.

Aaaand all of this epicness was captured on film for you by the generous folks at Nerd HQ. So if you have an hour to spare, I absolutely recommend you watch this.

When this was over, Nicole, the Sister, and I fangirled about it for a little bit outside Petco Park before we parted ways. The sunny weekend had also given way to gray clouds and a slight drizzle. So the Sister and I got to my car and left San Diego for home.

This is also why we think we maybe can't go to Comic Con again because it's unlikely that any experience can top this. I mean, we got to see all the things we wanted to see, saw some celebs up close, saw Loki, and saw Tom. It was just TOO EPIC for our first Con ever.

But we're totally going to go again next year. Anyone want to join us? :)

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