Randomosity on Fridays: It was late and I was tired

So, as per Krispy's insistence, I was supposed to post today about a Real Life murder mystery involving button quail, but I was busy and didn't have time to doodle it up.

Then I was going to post about a bargain book I bought this week contained source-cited research about unicorns and yet still managed to be ungodly boring.  Except I ended up making a fine silver chain instead and was determined to finish it, and by the time I finished it was quite very awfully late.

So instead of a post of any substance, I have two pictures.

First is Tiger Labbit, the best Labbit ever, sporting authentic Alz-made bling as well as the new glasses that I picked up today.

I was blind but now I can see!
And here is that damn chain that I banged out today.  Each link individually fused, shaped, hammered, and looped together in an exercise of patience and painful fingertips.  The S-hook ought to be in sterling since sterling silver is harder than fine silver and won't deform as easily, but I didn't have any on hand.  Since this is a necklace it ought to be okay though.

Took hour after tedious hour, but at least it's done.
 And with that, dear friends, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Q4U: Have you ever read The Far Side by Gary Larson?

PS: Nag Remind Krispy to write since she's participating in Ready. Set. Write!

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