Beating the Heat with Loki and Swimming

It's Friday and we are going through a heatwave.  It's supposed to spike over 100 degrees in ye elde Fahrenheit here.

In order to combat the heat, we dress appropriately (Krispy in shorts and tanks and flipflops, Alz still in black and long sleeves and jeans but summerweight rather than winterweight), eat frozen yogurt and fudgesicles, and indulge in iced teas and copious boba.  Tangerine juice tea and orange-kumquat tea with rainbow jelly are refreshingly delicious.

Poor Loki spends his days panting in the shade, eating ice cubes, and taking the occasional dip in the pool.  And by "occasional dip," I mean "prolonged torture session."

What it boils down to is this: our resident Overlord of Cute turns into Kentucky Fried Loki when it comes to swimming--he gets scared when his paws don't touch the ground, but at the same time he likes the water and actually seems to enjoy swimming, and would probably swim on his own if he wasn't too chicken to take that first step.  Or second step, rather, as he will willingly hop into the first step of the pool by himself and lie down in the water.  It's just that the second step is a wee bit too far down for his paws to reach and he cannot muster bravery enough to dip himself in a little further.

Krispy and her Sister even got him a life jacket to help him float, but I don't think he realizes that's what the life jacket does.

For your viewing pleasure, here is Krispy, her Sister, and Loki, Pool Version:

Swim, Loki, swim!  Look at him go!  I was his favorite person that day since I didn't drag or dump him into the pool, and he demonstrated his affection by rubbing all over my legs while still in his life jacket and freshly saturated from the pool.

Happy Friday, folks!  What's your favorite cold treat to beat the heat?

PS Love Star Wars?  Are wookiees your favorite walking carpets ever? Then you'll be pleased to know that there's something even better than Chewbacca!  Check out Krispy's Sister's article about how Chubaka is the new in-thing.


Jaime Morrow said...

Love the Loki in a life jacket video. So cute! My favourite treat for beating the heat? Probably a caramel drumstick ice cream cone. Yum! :)

Julie Dao said...

HAHA! I love how he's all "I've had enough of this" and just climbs out. So adorable! Maybe he'll get used to it before long and enjoy it more. Good luck staying cool out there. I love Welch's popsicles myself!

Yahong Chi said...

Oh my gosh, Loki is so adorably frantic! The doggy paddle is obviously a very aptly-named stroke, haha. But wait, you guys have a pool?! Jealous. Though I guess it makes sense if you regularly get temperatures over 100 F.

Hmm, I like any kind of ice cream, really. But "rainbow jelly" sounds amazing and way cooler (pun not intended)--am going to have to look for that!

Katy Upperman said...

We're having a bit of a heat wave too -- it's supposed to be 79 in Monterey today, which is pretty much SWELTERING.

As always, Loki is too cute! Love his little puppy life jacket. :-)

Hope you stay cool in the coming days. Eat lots of ice cream!