Randomosity on Fridays

It's Friday!  Hooray!  I have done little this week other than slave-labor over jewelry (pictures forthcoming someday), suffer abuse at the paws of Loki, and read.  So here's the Friday Five!

Dreamhunter (The Dreamhunter Duet, #1)1. I finished Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox this week.  It was pretty good though it was a little slow and plateaued more than once.  Unfortunately, it is absolutely not standalone.  Fortunately, I borrowed the sequel from the library along with the first book.

2. I've been sampling assorted brands of canned milk tea.  On the whole they're not bad, although the ones with boba in them are a little strange because the boba is pretty small and more firm-tapioca-textured than chewy-soft.  Also, you can't really drink boba milk tea out of the can with a reasonable expectation of actually getting boba while you drink--unless you have a straw.  The boba is tiny enough to fit through a normal-sized straw, by the way.

3. I found this bag today which I don't really need but it was pretty and maybe I can store stuff in it since it's too small for typical daily usage because, well, I keep a lot of crap in my bag, like a little notebook, pens, a camera, colored pencils, flashlight, gum, mirror, mints, polished rocks (hematite and agate), mini screwdriver, etc.  I also found this cute fox mug that will probably end up holding pens or tools of some sort.

If only the leaves on the bag were metallic-shiny, I would experience
paroxysms of joy.
4. Not too long ago, Krispy's sister lured me into watching Adventure Time.  It has made me into a monster.  I can't stop watching.  I can't!

5. One my rats occasionally likes to sleep with her face mooshed up against the side of her cage.  It doesn't look very comfortable but the way she snoozes you'd think it was like slumbering upon a bed of unicorn silk stuffed with baby phoenix down.

Blurry pic but see! That's the bottom of her face.
On the left is her ickle paw wedged under her chin/against her throat.
And now, although it is late at the time of typing this, I may indulge in a boba pop and watch some more Adventure Time.  Because I'm an Adventure Time monster.

What's your favorite frozen treat and what's your favorite canned drink?


Connie Keller said...

My favorite frozen treat is frozen blueberries drizzled with Cointreau. YUM. And my favorite canned drink is V8--yeah, I know, very lame. But I love salt and V8 is chock full of salt.

Angela Brown said...

Um...lol...I couldn't help stopping at the end of random # 3 thinking, "mini screwdriver in her purse?"

I just let it be lol!

As for my favorite canned drink, give me Wild Cherry Pepsi please!! I am an addict of WCP. I know. I won't deny :-)

Golden Eagle said...

My favorite frozen treat is any kind of fruit. Though especially mango and blueberries.

That's a cool bag!

Lydia Kang said...

Loki is such a man-dog now. No more puppy! And OMG, you have a rat? I've seriously considered getting a pet rat. I hear they're so smart and so affectionate!

linda said...

Love the fox cup! And wow you keep a lot of things in your purse. I think I used to keep more things, but now my phone can work decently enough as my notebook/flashlight/mirror. (Though sometimes I bring an actual pen and notebook if I think I'll have time to write more.) Maybe one day my phone will work as a mini screwdriver, too, haha.