Randomosity on Fridays: Loki Doodle Edition

Krispy is gone forever and so I've been looking after Loki, Overlord of Cuteness.

When I go to see him in the afternoon, he's a little whiny but pretty mellow.  He likes rubby-rubs and returns the favor in kind by rubbing all over my pants, back and forth, because in his previous life Loki was a cat.

Loki and Lokitty.
He'll lie down after a while and roll over.  As I pet him, a gingery-tan mist arises to envelope us with dreamy slowness...

... and this mist is his hair. 
He's shedding! Why is he shedding his undercoat when winter is coming? Has he learned nothing from the Starks? Or is it his Frost Giant heritage coming into play in defiance of this mortal concern known as weather?  Would he be okay if he were a magic dog with stretchy powers?  How many pop culture references can I cram into this paragraph?

I switch from petting to brushing and combing, and after a while, I depart and leave him forlorn.

In the evening, energized and ready for play and excited that my return has healed his broken heart, Loki is more openly enthusiastic about expressing his love for me.



I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm in an abusive relationship.

Have a happy and hopefully injury-free weekend, folks!  Have you ever pet-sat before?  Did you come away with battle scars?


Angela Brown said...



"Uterus Punch!"

I don't think I can fully recover from the sheer gut-punch-laughter of this randomosity.

And I can't believe I'm typing this, but this is Loki, the Cuteness Overlord we're talking about. What you call a possible abusive relationship he calls "love." A painful love...but love. And is it just me or has he really started to grow into his once-over-sized-paws?

Connie Keller said...

Loved your post!! Give the Overlord of Cuteness a tummy rub from me.

(My Lab sheds at Christmas time every year--I hate it--like there's not enough work to do during the holidays.)

Golden Eagle said...

That was hilarious. I literally had a laughing fit in front of the computer.

Sophia Chang said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are comedy genius.

What are you talking about, children are not in any of our futures!

shelly said...

This was soooo funny! I'm still laughing.

Hugs and chocolate,

Julie Dao said...

SO CUTE. That puppy could headbutt me and punch me in the uterus as much as he liked, just because he's so cute!!

linda said...

Ahhh I love your doodles! So awesome! :D And I've totally gotten scratched by my bunny before. But not as badly as my friend was scratched, lol.

Katy Upperman said...

This made me smile... Love your little illustrations! I have two dogs of my own, so NO, I don't pet-sit. My girls keep me plenty busy and do tons of shedding all on their own. I don't know what I'd do with ANOTHER dog around here!