Randomosity on Fridays: Poetry (Or At Least Rhyming) Version

Krispy has returned from her vacation abroad,
Jetlagged a bit for which I applaud--
After hours of travel I'd plow into bed
With my pillow drawn tight over my head.

But Krispy you see is really quite tough
And certainly made of much sterner stuff
Than ever the Alz could manage to be,
For Alz you may know is absurdly lazy.

Yet despite Krispy's astonishing wakefulness,
She declined to blog in a fit of forsakefulness
And so it falls upon me to fill this empty post.
Maybe it's genius or maybe it's just the most

Random thing ever, produced by the late hour
And the Thai tea with boba that has me under its power.
Though I doubt my success, I shall now attempt slumber,
Counting out sheep to infinite number.

How well do you handle changes in time?
I must also ask that you comment in rhyme.

1 comment:

Connie Keller said...

Write things in rhyme?
It would take too much time.

For I am not a poet,
And I surely know it.

But I do what I must
'Cause I enjoy the post.

(The last two don't really rhyming. More like a near rhyme. Okay, not at all. But I couldn't come up with anything that worked with post besides "roast" and "toast.")