Guest Post: Why One Style Won’t Fit All

Can you believe we're already almost halfway through the year? I've got a few blog post ideas in the works, so hopefully things will be a little more active here soon. Until then, I'm pleased to have this guest post from Ashley Lipman, who runs a blogger network called The Blog Frog!

Since A Nudge has evolved to cover topics outside writing/reading to include geek fashion, I thought it'd be appropriate to have Ashley write a little bit about personal style. So without further ado, here's Ashley on style.


Why One Style Won’t Fit All

Photo credit/site- https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-casual-collection-fashion-296881/
It goes without saying that all people are different. Even people who wear the same size clothing wear them differently. This has been a challenge for fashion designers for generations. While they provide their styles with various options, it's up to the wearer to select the right style and size for them. Herein lies the problem.

How do you know if something doesn’t fit?

This sounds like a silly question, but it is a very real issue. People often go for style and comfort without stopping to see if the clothing fits them properly. The fact that you can put it on doesn’t mean you should.

The very first thing you must accept is that the size printed on the tag means nothing. Designers and brands are often sized differently. If you get hung up on the size on the label, you will miss out on some fantastic looks. Use the size printed simply as a starting point and nothing more.

The trick is using fashion to accent your best features and to camouflage your problem areas. Fashion is the tool you use. You do not conform to fashion; it works for you.

Below are some easy tips to help you determine if your clothing fits you well:

  • You cannot hug someone with your jacket on. 
  • Your shirt gaps open between the buttons. 
  • The waistband of your pants or skirt is so tight that you cannot slip your fingers behind it. 
  • Your shorts (or underwear) are continually riding up.
    • There is never a time where your clothing should be overlapped with your flesh. 
  • When you sit down, your skirt doesn’t cover your undies.
    • If your skirt doesn’t cover your panties when you sit down, you need a larger size.
  • Bra fit
    • Your breast should not bulge over the cups of your bra or dig into your shoulders. 

Photo credit/site https://pixabay.com/en/jeans-tee-t-shirt-white-blue-1234687/
The World of T-Shirts

Everyone loves tee shirts. People collect them and wear them for years. They are great for branding and advertising. If you have a corporate event, family reunion, or charity happening, you should consider personalized shirts for your event.

Tee shirts are the one item of clothing you can wear in a size or two larger than you actually wear. People wear them casually and as cover-ups over swimwear, dancewear, and with just about anything. Even so, if your tee shirt will not stay tucked in it is too small.

In conclusion, you can wear fashions that are current and stylish. But you must be honest with yourself. Do not try to impress anyone with the size or cut of the latest trend. Instead, commit yourself to finding clothes that are fashionable and fit you well. If you do, you will always be stunning and beautiful. You are worth the effort.

About the author:
Ashley Lipman is a super-connector who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.


Year in Review: Whirlwind 2017

In some ways, I'm getting a late start into 2018. We're already nearly through January and I'm just doing this 2017 review. I almost didn't do it this year, but I do like having a document of the year before - and 2017 was the first year of the Resistance. And we're still here! The world has been a weird place.

So without further ado: 2017 - a year.

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  • Celebrations: Kicked off the new year with Rogue One & hot butterbeer at Wizarding World. We celebrated Founding Daddy, Gennia's upcoming bb with a pinterest worthy baby shower. Unicorn birthday treats. Lunar New Year.

  • Resistance: the first annual Women's March - 750K showed up in Los Angeles, and I couldn't have felt more inspired and hopeful. Getting a crash course on active democracy & calling my reps all the damn time. Protesting travel bans at LAX.

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  • Author friends: Saw so many of my favorite writer people this month & met a few others. Worked on writing with the LA YA crew. Received a lovely pre-order gift from Julie. Finally met my writer-crush poet-sister Roshani.

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  • G's baby arrived in the world!

  • Iceland: I could write a million blog posts about it, but it was one week in the most magical place on earth. I could myself supremely privileged to have seen some gorgeous places in the world, but Iceland takes the cake. It is evocative, awe-inspiring, untouched, and straight up poetic. I danced on a frozen lake, floated in a hot spring under the dancing Northern lights, rode fluffy horses, hid behind waterfalls, and slept under the stars.

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  • Writing / Books: I wrote a lot of poems in Feb & March - quite a few fueled by rage. I don't want to hype it up too much because you might hate it, but I also finally finished a poem that had dogged me for a year! It'll be out in April! Also, SKIN was nominated for a Rhysling. Oh and I finally met Lori, who I've known online FOREVER, and Garth Nix, author of one of my all-time favorite books SABRIEL! EEEEEEEE!!!

  • Girl-time: Spent time exploring LA with the Daddies and ConSquad, celebrating birthdays and women's history.

  • YALLWEST: Maybe the most fun YALLWEST I've ever experienced. I was adopted by a group of sweet book bloggers, who helped me get in lines for signings and ARCs. I also got to hang out with and/or meet up with all of my favorite YA author people.
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  • Poppy super bloom: We didn't make it out there last time, but the Sis and I played hooky and drove out the Antelope Valley to catch a little of the California Poppy super bloom. It was windy and glorious.
  • Bodhi Brigade: some of us met up to see the Swet Shop Boys and our space bae Riz Ahmed perform at the Echo.

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  • Benvenut Wedding: my dear college roommate Shelly got married! It was nice to be back in NorCal, and it was so fun getting together with all my old apartment mates again. Benvenut love!
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  • San Francisco: While we were in the Bay Area, the Sis and I finally did some tourist-y things like see the Golden Gate Bridge, visit the Yoda Fountain, go to Pixar! Oh and we saw the touring cast of Hamilton, too - 3rd row seats right before the wedding, lol.

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  • Book releases: So many book releases from my writer friends, but I was especially excited about Maurene's I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE. Such a delightful, funny book!
  • Misc: Celebrated Mother's Day with my mom & also G's first Mother's Day. Commissioned my first icon portrait from the superbly talented Kate Trish & I'm in love with it still. Received my comp copy of the Rhysling poetry anthology. Museum of Ice Cream!! (It needed more ice cream)
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  • Disneyland: First Disney trip of the year was courtesy of a friend. Thanks to her we got to try the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which replaced The Tower of Terror.

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  • NIGHT SWIM was published in Liminality's SUMMER ISSUE.
  • Geekery: Wonder Woman happened, and it was actually mostly good, and I was definitely all kinds of emotional about the Amazons and Diana. It was so wonderful to see. My dear friend Jordan sent me a bunch of Jordandene shirts and I ended up briefly as a model on her page!
  • Founding Daddies Las Vegas trip: Middle school dreams come true - we went to see BSB, and it was the best night ever. It was so. much. fun. The rest of our time in Vegas included a visit to the small but lovely Neon Museum, the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show LOVE, and food (best lasagna ever). Oh, and after the trip, our Mr. Burr-lesque, Eva, got engaged!

  • Convention season: kicked off the summer with Spider-Man: Homecoming with our line-friends turned real friends Esther and Laura. We also just resolved to see more of each other since we live in the same area.
  • D23: our first time at this Disney convention! We went for 1 day, and though we didn't make any panels, the show floor was fun to explore. The random parade down the center was weird, but brought me weirdly close to a handsome pirate (Colin O'Donoghue), and we got to jump into Scrooge's money bin.

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  • SDCC: my worst Comic Con ever in that nearly everything that could go wrong did the first day we were there. However, the best part of SDCC is always meeting up with friends and dressing up and all the photo ops. Most of the Bodhi Brigade assembled (and we were acknowledged by Riz Ahmed weeks later online, like OMG), and I met so many of my geek fashion gal pals - like Jordan, finally!

  • Game of Thrones: For the first time, I watched this show at a weekly watch party with a few of the ConSquad girls. Such a fun time! We ended the season with a game of epic pies.

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  • Disneyland again: Thanks to Jenn, we did an all-day trip where we were Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. It was fun having people recognize our Ducktales Disneybound. Got to see the new Fantasmic, which is always wonderful, though I do think some of the sequences in the older version were still better.

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  • Birthday: I went lighter with my hair, turned 31, and Hamilton opened in Los Angeles on the day of my actual birthday. I went out to the Pantages to enter the lottery and be part of the live Ham4Ham crowd. It was lovely.
  • Misc: There was a solar eclipse! I fell in love with porgs and Rose Tico. A Star Wars heroine played by an Asian American actress?! FUCK YES. My overseas lipstick gal Rebecca Barrow had her book debut: You Don't Know Me but I Know You.

  • Force Friday: I only mention this because I was so excited to buy Star Wars Action Figures of not one, but TWO Asian women characters, and they're sisters!! *weeps*
  • Sriracha: We joined Esther and Laura on a trip to Huy Fong Foods for their seasonal open house for sriracha sauce's chili grinding. We met the founder and had spicy ice cream!
  • Disney Halloween time: the Sister's favorite holiday is Halloween, and September is her bday month. So we went to Disney to enjoy all the fall and spooky decor. I took my first pair of hand-made ears from @twodapperdames for their park debut and did an appropriate Disneybound. We also found out later that night our space bae Riz Ahmed won an Emmy.

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  • Level-up adulting: we closed escrow on our first home!


  • Apple-picking: we missed New England fall, and especially the apple cider donuts. So we found out where there was apple picking out here and went with ConSquad to pick apples and eat donuts and BBQ. It was way too warm for Fall but a lovely time.

  • Geek fashion: I joined a geek fashion group - the Geek Fashion Blogger Alliance. We do style challenges every month, and I've loved the challenge. (January's theme is Disney!) The first challenge was, appropriately, Stranger Things, which also gave me my Halloween costume.

  • Halloween: Esther and Laura invited us a Yelp event, and the Sister super last minute DIYed a brilliant costume to go with my Eleven; she was an Eggo waffle. I wore the same thing to work, and we made Loki into a demogorgon. We hadn't watched Season 2 yet, so we didn't know then how on-the-nose that costume would be, lol.
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  • New neighborhood: started doing house stuff - fixes, furniture, checking out the neighborhood. It's how we discovered one house nearby builds a pirate ship every year for Halloween. We visited on the 31st, and it was incredible.

  • Geekery: I also went to Stan Lee's Comic-Con, my hometown convention, for the first time thanks to Danielle of Little Petal! It was great meeting her IRL and seeing her incredible convertible dresses in person. Also got to say hi to Tony at Hero Within and Katie at Elhoffer Design - all wonderful geek fashion small businesses doing awesome things!

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  • Ragnarok: My most anticipated Marvel flick and it was amazing. Taika gave us so much. We went to see it opening night at the El Capitan. It also gave me an excuse to wear my ElhofferDesign Loki dress. Thor was also the style challenge for the month, so 2 birds.

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  • Hamilton: 5th time at the show, 1st time in my town. How lucky we are to be alive right now.
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  • Thanksgiving: I celebrated a lot of birthdays in November, and I celebrated Thanksgiving. November was a month of reflecting on 1 year since the election and a month of joy for my friends. I changed up my traditional hedgehog potato dish for Porg-potatoes.

  • Infinity Rooms: reunited with the Mischief Managers to stand in mirrored rooms and look at polka dots at the whimsical Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Broad.

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  • Taika Waititi: I was going to put this as part of the Ragnarok bullet point, but OMG I MET TAIKA WAITITI AND IT WAS AWESOME. So it's here by itself. He is hilarious and charming, and 3 times over, Ragnarok was still so freaking funny. Thanks IMAX and Collider for the screening.
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  • Puppy party: Diana's birthday was in November, but we threw her a surprise puppy party / tea party in the first weekend of December. Definitely one of the most successful parties ever.
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  • Hamilton again: Hamilton for the 6th and final-planned time. Who knows what 2018 will bring, but 2017 is the year I saw it 3 times, and I'm still not over it. I will never be satisfied.

  • 29 Rooms: this was mostly an Instagrammer's heaven, but it definitely had cool installations - like the Dreamer's Den and Make Yourself the Masterpiece.

  • Christmas: Long-awaited catch-up and farewell with Maurene before her temporary move. Caught-up with another friend and saw her new house. Annual Founding Daddies holiday brunch and gift exchange. Family Xmas potluck. Work gift exchange, which resulted in the face-off of BB-8 and BB-9E at my cubicle.

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  • STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI WORLD PREMIERE: I blogged about the experience at Girl on the Roam (In a galaxy far, far away post), and it is still the most ridiculously epic thing that has ever happened to us. Red carpet. Early screening. After party. WHAT.

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  • Geek Blessings: Other geek blessings included going to Wizarding World for hot butterbeer and seeing the new light show (super cool!). When we were there, we were chosen for the wand ceremony!! At the end of the year, the Sister won the lottery for the Broadway show SOMETHING ROTTEN, which I'd been wanting to see. So we got to see that from like 4th row center. It was SO FUNNY.

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So yeah, it was a WHIRLWIND end to 2017. I'm still catching my breath from it, and to be honest, the beginning of 2018 has been nothing short of non-stop. So it's appropriate that my newest jacket arrived just in time for the New Year.

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Because that is exactly how I feel. But I'm grateful!

Head over to Girl on the Roam next week to see what my One Word Resolution for 2018 is!

Q4U: How was YOUR 2017? What do you hope for in 2018?


ThreadedPages Booknerd Gift Guide

We are getting down to the final days before Christmas (if you celebrate)! If you're still looking for ideas for your gifts for your favorite booknerd, may I make a few suggestions?

If you follow my bookstagram account on Instagram (threadedpages), you know it's themed around books and fashion. I love coming up with themed outfits for books or clothes book lovers might enjoy. Likewise, this gift guide will follow that trend.

1) Literary or language-themed sweatshirts.

I found this sweatshirt at Target and I had to have it - literally.

2) Out-of-Print Clothing shirts

Out of Print has been providing shirts and small home goods for the book-inclined for a while now. They've expanded their catalog of book designs, and I fell in love with this THE ODYSSEY shirt from their The Gilded Collection of shirts. Look at that gold!

3) Bookish looks for your Baby Bookworms

It's never too early to get those kiddos into enjoying written worlds or to at least dress them like they are. The designs from Equip Clothing* are fun, literary, and empowering - and they're a new small business with a great mission statement! You think I could fit into a kids' size XL?

4) Statement Enamel pins

Pins are all the rage right now, and they're fun an easy ways to nerd up any of your outfits or bags. There are so many great book-related ones, but I loved these clean, vintage-y ones from Rather Keen.

5) Bookworm tees

And of course, I have to mention Jordandene's Bookworm shirt because I love her shop and this shirt. It makes a simple statement that you love books and are proud of it.

Equally fun are the designs from The Colorful Geek, whose tees range from book-loving to pop culture. The orange Camp Halfblood shirts look like they're straight from the Percy Jackson book covers, and I got one of my very first Harry Potter shirts here (oh, so long ago!), featuring the Marauders' names in the now ubiquitous Helvetica List design style.

Hope this helps you with those last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. Even if the gifts arrive a little late, I'm sure your resident reader will love them!

Q4U: What are you hoping to get for the holidays this year?

*Disclaimer: I know the folks behind Equip Clothing and think this new venture is awesome and wanted to share. I'm not otherwise affiliated or sponsored by them.


Geekchic OOTD: Ready to Ragnarok

November is upon us, and with it, Ragnarok! Of course, I don't mean the Norse mythological End of Days/ Twilight of the Gods. I'm talking about the 3rd THOR movie, and by far, the most colorful and funniest of them all.

By now, you should know I'm a Loki stan, and he's been a constant fashion inspiration for the past few years (but will someone please cut his hair?). I was punk rock Loki for Comic Con this year, and I think it's true that tricksters have the most fun.

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So with a new Thor movie out and the return of my favorite mischief maker to the silver screen, I had to do an outfit post. I ended up doing 3 outfits - 2 casual ones here and a fancier one over at Girl on the Roam. Plus, the Geeky Fashion Blogger Alliance fittingly made this month's style challenge all about Thor. Without further ado...

OOTD No. 1: Trouble Maker

I wanted to do something a little more toned down than what I did for punk rock Loki, so I went with something more 90s grunge for every day wear.

Outfit details: TANKS (Cotton On) // SHIRT-DRESS (Target) // SHORTS (Target) // SHOES (Nike- similar) // BRACELET (World Market - similar) // NECKLACE-collar (Sparkling Rampage) // NECKLACE-scepter (Hot Topic - similar) // SUNGLASSES (Ray-Ban) // LIP COLOR (Colourpop in 'Beeper')

OOTD No. 2: Thunderer

My Thor outfit isn't really decade-inspired, but I wanted to do something similarly casual. This outfit uses, I think, the first Thor shirt I ever bought. It's from years ago, but I still wear it!

Outfit details: TANK (Wetseal) // VEST (Target) // JEANS (Uniqlo) // SHOES (E8 by Miista) // BRACELETS (Forever 21 - similar) // LIP COLOR (Bite Beauty in 'Violet' - similar)

I'd (very last minute) fabric-painted the Ragnarok patch and safety pinned it to the moto vest for Comic Con for the punk Loki costume. So I just re-used it here.

And bonus:

What I wore to see Thor Ragnarok: check out the outfit details at Girl on the Roam.

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Q4U: What did you think of the new Thor movie?


Currently... (22)

I've been contemplating what to do with my little piece of cyberspace here as it has shifted away from its original intention to be literary focused, and we've gone from 2 bloggers down to 1 (me)! Things will continue to be on and off as I figure things out, but for those of you still here, you can expect to see more geek fashion (which I hope you like), some book reviews, and maybe more of those bookstagram Annotations posts I promised a while ago. I appreciate anyone who still even reads this!

Since it's been a while since last I was here, here's a quick CURRENTLY - for old time's sake!

I found the Currently post at Kate Hart's blog, who got the idea from Amy Lukavics, who found it here. Please join in and link me in the comments if you do!

LOVING: Reading spooky stories on the internet, even though it terrifies me. I know it just passed but Halloween - I think I love it more as I get older? What a hit our last minute Stranger Things costumes were!

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Lorde's latest album. Thor Ragnarok!! The Thor franchise will always have a special place in my heart (and not just because of Loki), and I am 100% here for Taika Waititi's humor.

READING: Gray Wolf Island by my lovely friend Tracey Neithercott! It's just the kind of magic I love to read. Empress of  Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza for Books & Boba Book Club.

WATCHING: On Netflix - Mindhunter, Stranger Things 2, American Vandal. This is a good mix of psychological darkness, scary-fun 80s nostalgia adventure, and on-point crime documentary mockumentary humor, respectively. (Technically, I have just finished Mindhunter and Stranger Things 2.)

THINKING ABOUT: What I'm going to do with this blog and with Girl on the Roam. I blog mostly for fun, but I also don't like to think I'm neglecting either of them. The fact that I'm going to see Hamilton next week for the 5th time, this time in my home city of Los Angeles. Wow.

ANTICIPATING: Looking forward to seeing my friend Melissa (@melfallorama) do a stand-up comedy set tomorrow night. She's one of the wittiest, funniest people (and writers) I know, and I'm so thrilled she's back on the same coast as me and living in the same region! If you're in Los Angeles on November 9th, tickets are available here: Funny Girls

In geeky anticipations: Star Wars Battlefront 2, Punisher, kinda even tentatively optimistic about the Justice League movie? Oh and seeing Hamilton again, of course!

WISHING: Time would slow down a little. Can you believe we're already approaching the end of 2017? I'm not even sure what to think, I'm so busy catching my breath! I'm also hoping for the weather to to stay cool, or at least stay consistently one thing or another. I'm not traveling this fall for the first time in 3 years, which is making me nostalgic for trips past.

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MAKING ME HAPPY: Meeting online friends in Real Life. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Danielle Ward, the brilliant founder and designer of Little Petal at LA Comic Con. She makes convertible geeky dresses, and they are just amazing.

My current hair color. Chats with Sarah Enni. Snuggling with Loki, even if he would rather not. Getting SDCC badges!! See you in 2018, San Diego!

My poetry getting published! This is never not wonderful and exciting. "Estate Sale," which I wrote last fall while getting frustrated with house-hunting was published this Monday in the online magazine Polu Texni. I'd love if you let me know what you think of it! Here's a little background: The Memory of Objects.

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My house. Furniture browsing. Sweater weather, finally. Informal ConSquad get-togethers. Loki- I told myself I wasn't going to be Loki-trash again, but well, here we are. Founding Daddies brunches. Porgs.

Q4U: What have you been up to? Tell me in the comments!


Geekbounding for Bookworms

Hello friends!! Sorry, it's been a bit quiet here for a while. The summer got away from me, and there have been some exciting things happening in Real Life. I haven't had much time for either reading or writing, which I've tried to keep this blog about (though I know, there's a lot of life updates here, too! Oops.).

ANYWAY, with Halloween around the corner, I thought it might be fun to share book character-inspired outfits with you. Who knows, it might prompt you to throw together a last minute costume, picked right out of your closet.

XIFENG from FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS (Rise of the Empress series) by Julie C. Dao

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This look is more of nod to the character than an actual costume. The green reminded me of the forest, the book cover, and the snake, and I loved the long skirt for a bit of drama. Gold accessories (and a snake necklace) because this outfit doubles as a Loki-inspired look. You can make this a little closer to Xifeng with a dress or long robe in a finer fabric and accessorize with flower hair combs and silk slippers. Don't forget to add a bit of blood (or blood-red color) to your lips for the final touch.

Put on you best defiant and queenly face, and be ready to embrace your destiny, no matter how dark.

FEYRE  from A COURT OF THORNS & ROSES (ACOTAR series) by Sarah J. Maas

With its decadent faerie courts, cruel curses, and masked characters, ACOTAR was easy inspiration for an outfit.

Although Feyre herself is not cursed to wear a mask, I had to incorporate one here given what a presence they are in that first ACOTAR book. I thought this dress had a romantic look to it, and while the color is more Night Court, the flower detailing on the sheer fabric is a nice callback to the Spring Court. Go barefoot in the grass and claim the one you love.

RHY MARESH from A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC (Shades of Magic series) by V.E. Schwab

Rhy is one of my favorite characters from Schwab's magical London books, and I had this gorgeous red dress and nowhere to wear it. So, I decided to do a genderbent take on Rhy.

Since Rhy is the beloved prince of lively Red London, I layered on the most luxurious red fabrics I could find - a velvet military-style coat over a gauzy, embroidered red dress over wine-dark burned velvet leggings. Accessorize with royal gold, a sprinkling of angst, and an enchanted tattoo.

ALINA STARKOV from SHADOW & BONE (the Grisha trilogy) by Leigh Bardugo

This one sort of fell into my lap because I'd just received this stunning Blackmilk maxi skirt. Then the solar eclipse happened, and I had an idea. The outfit is more inspired-by, but the black and gold combination and the "sacred fractals" of the skirt felt very Sun Summoner to me, especially in the first book when Alina wore the Darkling's colors.

To make this more Grisha-like, go with something long-sleeved and heavier materials. Maybe a cape or something trimmed in fur. Remember to shine; you're the Sun Summoner, after all.

ANNE LANSING from GRAY WOLF ISLAND by Tracey Neithercott

Anne is the girl who never sleeps. I'm still reading this book, but Anne intrigued me from the moment she's introduced. The magic that touches her is she doesn't sleep, so she sells her extra hours. I love that concept, especially since I've often thought about how much time I'd have to get stuff done if I didn't have to sleep (though I love it). I love the character card of Anne, too, and thought it'd be an easier, less intense outfit to put together because she's a regular girl -minus the insomniac thing.

Ideally, I would have been wearing a plainer shirt, but I did want a casual, summer-vibes feel since the book takes place during the summer (this picture does not, hah). The flower crown was taken straight from the illustration, and pants suitable for adventuring.

Pull some late-nights to get the somewhat sleepy look, or better yet, just grab some friends and go searching for treasure.

Q4U: Do you have good book character costume or outfit ideas? Let me know in the comments!

BONUS: Non-book, but suitably geeky and timely since Season 2 of Stranger Things drops at midnight tonight... my take on Eleven. See more of the outfit at Girl on the Roam: Stranger Things style challenge.


Fangirl Moment: The Last Unicorn

With San Diego Comic Con month upon us, I thought it'd be nice to revisit some of the magic of past cons in preparation for this year. This was one of the first unexpectedly wonderful moments for me at SDCC 2014, only our second year going.

While trying to figure out how to get into the Funko booth line (which is always badly managed and perpetually capped), I wandered through the neighboring Artists' Alley area of the Exhibit Hall floor. A The Last Unicorn poster caught my eye, and since that was my favorite movie from childhood and one of my favorite books ever, I went over to see what it was.

And then I freaked out because Peter S. Beagle, the author of The Last Unicorn was sitting right there at the table.

I flailed at the Sister, who was still keeping an eye on the Funko booth, and she encouraged me to go over there and talk to him. So I made my way over. He was speaking to someone browsing the book selection at the time, so I talked to the man at the table about the books and whether I could get stuff signed. I obviously did *not* have my copy of The Last Unicorn on me, so I did what any self-respecting fangirl would do; I bought a new one. There was no way I was not going to get my favorite book signed by the author. I also picked up one of his other unicorn books.

I'm going to pause here because I need to talk about The Last Unicorn. As a kid, this was my favorite animated movie - even above all the Disney princess films. I watched it so much, the VHS cover is wrinkled and crumbling at the edges and the tape itself has warped sound during the opening credits. I found the unicorn again in college when I finally read the book, and that deepened my love for the story so much more. My childhood love for the story was based on the gorgeous animation, my fascination with unicorns, the princes and romance and magic. It was just another fairy tale to love, albeit one that gave me nightmares in the form of fiery red bulls and witches who kept vengeful harpies. But the book...

The book moved me in deeper ways - partly because I was now old enough to understand the themes that were present in the movie, but also because as is often the case, the book had more. It was wistful and nostalgic, romantic and world-weary, tragic and hopeful all at once. I love this story so much, I wrote about the unicorn for my "hero story" for the geeky menswear brand Hero Within.

And can we talk about the prose? It's the lyrical but not purple style I adore, effortlessly evocative. Beagle can do so much with so little; he makes words sing. It's the kind of poetic prose that has you believing in unicorns. I still look at the world hoping to catch a glimpse of one.

Anyway, despite my word-vomit tendencies, I think I tend to keep it cool enough when I've had the opportunity to meet people I admire. I am definitely not a burst-into-tears-from-the-feels type of person (though I'm moving towards that in my older age). But I will confess to you now that I found myself inexplicably tearing up when I met Peter S. Beagle and told him how much his book meant and continues to mean to me.

He was so gracious and kind, and he took the time to have a little chat with me. Since there was no one else in line, he told me an entire story, which essentially turned out to be a fantastical explanation for the Lizzie Borden murders, over the table after he was done signing my books.

The whole experience was so delightful and unexpected. Meeting Peter S. Beagle is not something that had even crossed my mind, and to sort of just stumble upon him in the chaos of Comic Con was magical in and of itself. This year will be my 5th year at the convention, and this experience is still one of my favorite things that has happened to me.

Q4U: What or who have you freaked out about? What's a favorite convention memory?