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"Currently..." updates will be every 2 weeks or so. Going to try to update on Tuesdays when Katy Upperman posts hers.

I found the Currently post at Kate Hart's blog, who got the idea from Amy Lukavics, who found it here. Please join in and link me in the comments if you do!

  • My second trip to Coachella~! This time, I was more prepared to have my allergies destroy me, so I took the appropriate medication. It was also windier than last year, which made taking a fashion cue from Star Wars' Rey kinda prudent. Oh and the reason we ended up going to Weekend 1 when we hadn't bought tickets? The Sister won tickets! I think this must be her super power...

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  • Being able to share this poem with you for National Poetry Month! I'd written the poem for a contest/challenge in February, and I really liked how it turned out. It was written during my February flurry of poetry writing. In any case, when the poem came back to me, I didn't really think about sending it elsewhere and since I wanted to share it, I did. :) If you haven't read it, I'd be delighted if you took a look: "Well-Met"
  • Poe Dameron Day / The Force Awakens - this was at the beginning of the month, but obviously, we bought all the comics, wore our T-Shirts, and watched the Force Awakens again - with our (sphero) BB-8! BB is actually not a good person to watch the movie with. He beeps at all the most dramatic moments but is so cute! And yes, we still love TFA a lot!

  • Meeting up with Tweeps - especially the writing kind. As I mentioned last time, I got to see long-time Twitter friend Lydia Kang when she was in town for a conference. It was also great finally meeting Jessica Love in person! (We now have matching Hamilton-Schuyler Sisters shirts.) Bonus! Seeing Elizabeth Briggs again and commiserating about Comic Con Hotelpocalypse. :P


The HAMILTOME! This book, guys!!! It is BEAUTIFUL. Great content aside, I just love everything about the design of Hamilton: The Revolution. It's bound like a history book, has deckle-edged pages, and the inner layout - the photos, how they're presented with the lyrics and text - is just gorgeous. I love it so much, and I'm loving all the stories about how this crazy thing came about.


The Jungle Book - so beautifully done and a classic family film.

The Night Manager - only one episode has aired as of my writing this, and I can't tell how much I like it in terms of plot so far. BUT my goodness is Tom Hiddleston just wonderful to look at and listen to, and basically, however this show turns out, it is still a gift to me because I get to see TH on the small screen once a week for 6 episodes.

Game of Thrones - Yes, this show continues to upset me with how it chooses to handle certain characters and story lines, but I still desperately want to know what happens - and there are still aspects of the show I enjoy. So really show, stop pushing me away!

Lemonade - I wouldn't say I'm part of the Bey Hive, but Beyoncé's visual album for her new album Lemonade was all kinds of amazing. It's visually stunning, but her music and choice of visual is so powerful. It's intimate, gorgeous, political, introspective, and moving.


  • YALLWEST! It's the West Coast companion to the much loved book-fest YALLFEST that takes place in South Carolina. Anyway, this is Yallwest's second year, but it'll be my first year going! I'm excited because I'll get to meet up with some blogger and author friends AND there's a Hamilton sing-along.
  • Also, it is almost time for Captain America: Civil War - and given how much I loved Winter Soldier, I am so excited for this.
  • TURN: Washington's Spies - we're getting really into the Revolutionary spy game now. This season? Benedict Arnold's betrayal! (Also, I hear we're finally getting some Hamilton!)
  • Roshani Chokshi's debut The Star-Touched Queen, which is out today! I've read her poetry and short stories online, and her writing is so beautiful! It's vivid, rich, and lyrical. I cannot wait to read an entire book by her!
  • And, of course, today is the release day of THE RAVEN KING by Maggie Stiefvater. It's the final book in the Raven Cycle series, which has arguably been my favorite on-going series these past few years. I'm already so sad to have to part ways with this magical world and amazing, amazing characters. I love them all so much! I'm so excited to find out what happens.

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What new Annotations posts I'm going to do next. Don't know what this is? It's a blog supplement to my new bookstagram Instagram account, Threadedpages. The first post is here: Annotations.


  • Hanging out with the Founders squad this weekend. We watched the boy-band zombie-Western flick Dead 7 (it was...really bad. Eck!), listened to Hamilton on vinyl (absolutely incredible - like the violins are in the room with you), and then re-enacted part of the opening number when we realized our friend's house kind of mimicked the stage. Here's a gif from our efforts.

  • Seeing Years & Years perform last night at The Fonda. We missed them at Coachella, so we were so glad we'd gotten tickets for "localchella." Every show with them is a party. Love it.

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Q4U: What's up with you Currently? Also, if any of you are going to YALLWEST, please let me know! I'd love to see you! :D


Geekchic OOTD: Looking for a Mind at Work

April somehow conspired to be a great month for my Hamilton interests. This month marks one year since I wrote this emotional and somehow coherent review of my experience of Hamilton at the Public in February 2015, and the Hamiltome is finally out in the world! (Deliver my book to meeee quickly, BN!)

And last but not least, one of my favorite geek ladies, Jordan of Jordandené, is offering a Hamilton-themed shirt (or tank) for her April Shirt of the Month. It features a quote from the song "The Schuyler Sisters," which is the show's introduction to the eponymous sisters - amazing women of the Revolution.

So in honor of all things Hamilton musical, I am making my first Outfit of the Day post, featuring Jordan's "Looking for a Mind at Work" shirt. (Stick around to the end for a surpriiiiiise~!)

A little background:

I'm an unabashed fan of Jordan's simple-chic, hand-lettered geeky shirt designs, and I love the Shirt of the Month feature because it means getting a new design on a monthly basis. So when Jordan reached out to me for Hamilton quotes for the April shirt, I didn't hesitate to, frankly, bombard her with quotes. Anyone who has listened to the musical can sympathize; it is brimming with quotable lines.

But I ultimately pushed for something from the Schuyler Sisters because I love these resilient, brilliant women and thought they ought to be represented on more Hamilton merch. I couldn't be happier that Jordan went with the quote "Looking for a mind at work!"

Full disclosure, Jordan sent me an early preview of the shirt for helping, and I was so excited about it that I resolved to do an outfit post for fun. And then once I started, I felt like I had to do 3 different outfits - you know, one for each of the sisters. :)

Note: The shirt I'm wearing in these pictures is an XS. I normally order T-Shirts in S for a looser fit. In the tanks, I usually order in XS because the S tends to run a bit big on me.

ANGELICA - I know her dress isn't really pink, but it's a warm and vibrant color. Angelica is a lady, but she's independent and strong too, so I thought this feminine floral skirt paired with bold lips and the sassier cat-eye frames would represent that well.

Outfit details: SHIRT (Jordandene) // SKIRT (Forever 21 N/A; Modcloth-similar) // SHOES (Eileen Fisher) // SUNGLASSES (HotTopic) // NECKLACE (Forever 21 N/A) // LIP COLOR (Bite Beauty custom coral; similar in 'pickled ginger')

ELIZA - Eliza's color palette is soft blues and greens, and her personality is more subdued than Angelica's. Hers is a quiet, honest strength. So I went with a sweeter look.

Outfit details: SHIRT (Jordandene) // SHORTS (Dear Creatures N/A ; asos- similar) // CARDIGAN (Target- similar) // SHOES (Forever 21- similar) // FAUX LACE COLLAR (vintage) // LIP COLOR (Bite Beauty custom nude; similar in 'meringue')

& PEGGY - The youngest Schuyler sister has become something of a fan favorite as perhaps the sassiest sister (and if you read about her, you'll find she was badass too - like saved her family by lying through her teeth to Redcoats & scaring them off). So I stuck with her yellow color palette and gave her my most youthful and work-work outfit.

Outfit details: SHIRT: (Jordandene) // SKIRT: (Forever 21-similar) // TIGHTS (Blackmilk) // SHOES (Nike N/A) // NECKLACE (Forever 21- similar) // BRACELET (BombDotComGeekery - similar) // SUNGLASSES (Ray Ban) // LIP COLOR (ColorPop in 'Beeper')

And as a gift to my wonderful internet friends for putting up with my endless Hamilton obsession, Jordan has given me a discount code to share with you!

You can get 25% off the entire Jordandené site, including the Hamilton shirt with my code workwork. The code is good through May 31st, but remember, the Hamilton Schuyler Sisters shirt will only be available until the end of April!

Already have the Hamilton shirt? No worries because there are other great options - like my other favorite, the Matt the Radar Technician/Kylo Ren tank.

HAPPY SHOPPING! (And special thanks to Jordan Ellis!) Huzzah!

Q4U: Which of these outfits was your favorite? What Jordandene goods are you getting?


Annotations on ThreadedPages

As I mentioned in my last Currently... post, I started a new Instagram for my book-related photos and I wanted to talk a little more about it. My personal account (akangaru) has always been a mix of everything I love - food, friends, fandom, fashion, travel (couldn't keep up the alliteration, I'm afraid). So it wasn't that I wanted to streamline my Instagram aesthetic (it's a thing) there, it was more that I wanted to have a separate, more themed account.

I like taking photos. I like books and clothes and have a lot of both. I've also done a few "bookstagram" posts before with outfits inspired by or matching books, and people seemed to respond well to those. It made sense then to make the new account themed to books + fashion with a dash of geekery (because I am that at heart, if nothing else). Besides, I hear having a theme to your bookstagram is a good thing.

I asked my friend Jenn, who is incredible with puns, to help me come up with something that would reflect the theme, and she came up with my current handle. Thus, threadedpages was born!

Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to have a feature on this blog called "Annotations" to talk about some of the bookish looks I post - basically, behind the scenes or why I picked a certain pairing. For example, this can be a very short first post using my first new bookstagram pic of the account.

This came together very spontaneously. Since Daredevil Season 2 was premiering and my friend had leant me her DD comic, I wanted to do a post. Originally, it was just going to have the book + the shirt, but I remembered the Sister had a stained glass-print dress.

Matt Murdock's Catholicism is significant to his character motivations and is an important part of who he is, so the "cathedral dress" seemed to be a fitting way to reference that. Not to mention, the show itself has referenced quite a bit of religious art in its own promotional materials.

Outfit Details: T-SHIRT (Teepublic) / DRESS: (Blackmilk)

Hope you enjoyed that! Also, I wanted to end on a few bookstagram accounts I've discovered in my short time in that world that are similarly themed to what I'm doing with threadedpages.

TheWovenWord - where she's dressing for the novel (not the weather). I loved this Outlander outfit.

DressyBook - simply dresses & books, but oh, are they perfectly paired!

SuperSpaceChick - Kristin is a geek girl blogger and friend of mine, whose Instagram is mostly a bookstagram account now. She's always been great at mixing fashion with reading, and so I love that she's started a Book Look OOTD series on her blog.

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And special shout-out to another online geek girl friend, Alice of The Geeky Burrow, who always takes such gorgeous Lord of the Rings book pictures. I was so encouraged by her enthusiasm when I started my own bookstagram. :)

What are some of your favorite Bookstagram accounts?


Currently... (18)

"Currently..." updates will be every 2 weeks or so. Going to try to update on Tuesdays when Katy Upperman posts hers.

I found the Currently post at Kate Hart's blog, who got the idea from Amy Lukavics, who found it here. Please join in and link me in the comments if you do!


  • Um, my new Instagram account! I know, I have a few, but now that we can easily switch between accounts, I thought WHY NOT. My primary IG is still @akangaru, but I now have @threadedpages for my book-related posts aka a bookstagram account (with a fashion-y lens). Hope you'll check it out and give it a follow if you like it. :)

  • The Supergirl x the Flash crossover episode! Those 2 darling cinnamon rolls are so adorkable together, I love it. Please more Barry and Kara. It's the simple things people.

  • My continuing Nerd Travel blog series with Nerdcoolture. So far, we have posted about WHY we travel and HOW we travel. It's been so fun discussing my travel plans and hearing other people's perspectives on it. I hope you'll join in and stick with us!

  • An amazing video the Sister caught of Loki being his usual ridiculous puppy self. Will upload it to his IG account soon (@dogdaysofloki, fyi), but until then, have a Flower Bunki for Easter.


A Gathering of Shadows - still reading this because I am procrastinating getting to the end because I don't want to leave Red London yet.

Lucifer Vol. 4 - I'm fast approaching the end of this one too.


Daredevil Season 2 - I think I like Season 1 more in that it kind of felt more focused and Matt was less (as someone put it on Twitter) Harry-Potter-in-the-Order-of-the-Phoenix-ish. BUT the show is still so good (the follow-up to Hallway Fight Scene is another stunner), and Jon Bernthal's Punisher is tremendous - brutal and legitimately scary but also sympathetic. I was a little on the fence about Elektra, but she won me over as the season progressed, especially as the show took pains to turn her original hero's-plot-device type role and made it so that it was about her own character journey. Not to mention, she too appreciates pie and Matt Murdock's hotness. Woman after my own heart, tbh.

The Walking Dead - why. That's really all I have to say about the stress and dread of the last few episodes leading up to next week's season finale. Why.

Room - I don't know how the precious Jacob Tremblay didn't get nominated for a Globe or Oscar.

  • The Poe Dameron comic book - because obviously.
  • The return of my friend from her vacation + The Force Awakens DVD release! You bet there's going to be a viewing party!
  • Seeing my sweet Lydia Kang this week! Eeeee! We have been friends on line for a while, and the only time we have met in real life was at Comic Con 2013. It was a whirlwind.
  • Seeing Elizabeth Briggs and Jessica Love IRL this weekend at Elizabeth's launch party!


I had more sewing/crafting skills - or barring that more funds - because there is some truly glorious geek fashion out there. And I'm about to cut up some Forever 21 pants as a shortcut to getting a piece I need for a possible closet cosplay in the future. So really, wish me luck.


An upcoming trip! Oh yes, I'll be off again thanks to affordable airfares!

  • Celebrating one of my best friend's birthdays this weekend in almost the same way we did last year - with tacos and lipstick.
  • The return of Loki to the Marvel comics universe. I said no more comic books, but I caved and bought 1 issue of the new The Mighty Thor to see how post-Agent of Asgard Loki shakes out against the new (female!) Thor. I regret nothing.
  • Speaking of Loki, our pup turned 4! I can't believe we've had him for that long. Of course, we took a bunch of stupid Loki-themed pictures and made him wait for his birthday treats.
  • Organizing my make-up. This is not all of it, but it's the stuff I use most. (I might be a little obsessed with Bite Beauty lipsticks...)
  • Unexpected and lovely surprises in the mail. I had to stop my OwlCrate subscription briefly (to save some money), but I loved this last box, and my book fairy @Celeste_Pewter sent me a box of wonderful arcs, including Claire Legrand's upcoming MG SOME KIND OF HAPPINESS.
  • AND! Jordan of one of my favorite geeky clothing shops, Jordanene, sent me a package with a sneak peek of next month's limited edition shirt. I CAN'T WAIT to share it with you! For now, here's a pic of something else from her shop: Matt the Radar Technician Tee/Tank.

What's your Currently? Let me know what you've been up to in the comments!


Currently... (17)

"Currently..." updates will be every 2 weeks or so. Going to try to update on Tuesdays when Katy Upperman posts hers.

I found the Currently post at Kate Hart's blog, who got the idea from Amy Lukavics, who found it here. Please join in and link me in the comments if you do!

  • My awesome internet/Twitter friends - like Jessica who sent me a book in a Star Wars bedecked envelope and Tracey who sent me a freaking box of apple cider donuts straight from New England!!

  • The Wizarding World in Hollywood!!! OH EM GEE.

So thanks to the Sister's excellent internet sleuthing, we went to Universal Studios during a Wizarding World "technical rehearsal," which is basically a soft opening. And it was AMAZING.

We LOVED the Forbidden Journey ride. It is *so* cool, though I still think it didn't have to have the 3D parts of it (which yes, did make me a little queasy). You never really see pictures of inside the Hogwarts Castle because it's too dark to take good pictures, but going through it as part of the line for Forbidden Journey is kind of magic. You literally walk through the castle - talking portraits and classrooms and all.

This mini-park is tiny though. It only has 2 rides, one of which is a kiddie roller-coaster, and I can see the park getting really crazy packed once it officially opens. Still, it's pretty magic. And frozen butter beer is the ish.
Yeah, and I totally bought a wand - Luna's!

  • A Gathering of Shadows
  • Lucifer Vol. 3

  • Downton Abbey - I'm sadder than I thought I'd be now that it has ended!
  • Zootopia - Disney animation is really hitting these movies out of the park. Was not super interested in this outing until I heard that it's deeper than its "cute-talking-animals" premise would have you believe. Bravo Disney for taking a hard look at prejudice and not shying away from discussing it.
  • Bam4Ham - this is the hashtag for yesterday's super fun Hamilton cast event/trip to Washington DC and the White House. Part of it was live-streamed by the White House, including 2 songs from the show. If you missed the live-stream (like I did because I was at work, boo), here's an article with links to all the vids: Cast of Hamilton performs at the White House.
    • And of course, Lin-Manuel had to do a freestyle rap with POTUS in the Rose Garden.

Wait for it... ⬇️ #Bam4Ham
Posted by The White House on Monday, March 14, 2016

  • Lore Podcast - seriously, go listen to it! It's the frightening truth behind fiction!


The series of Geek Travel blog posts I'm working on in collaboration with Marlon of Nerdcoolture.

I don't even know where Marlon is here, but it looks epic. (Photo: Marlon)

Be sure to check out his first post: Why Nerds Travel (Pt 1) and mine will be up tomorrow at Girl on the Roam!


For that hour back, darn you Daylight Savings!

  • The truly amazing ways the internet has changed the way we connect with people. Really enjoyed meeting with and talking to these geek bloggers and creators thanks to Tony (@Crazy4ComicCon).

Photo: Tony (Crazy4ComicCon)
  • How all our favorites are problematic (in light of the not-so-great material generated by JKR for her Wizarding World universe's Magic in North America - linked to a pretty good overview of the issues), how we should remember we will all misstep from time to time, and how we should strive to keep learning and keep doing better.


  • Dinner with the First Draft Live gals. These ladies are so smart and funny. It was a whirlwind of conversation.
  • Con Squad Outings - We visited the Descanso Gardens for the Cherry Blossom Festival!
We were not disappointed. Though it was crowded, the flowers were beautiful!

What's your Currently? Let me know what you've been up to in the comments!